10 Traits Of Successful People


10 Traits Of Successful People

In this post we will look at 10 traits of successful people. Success usually doesn’t happen by chance, and much of a person’s success comes down to how they think and act and what they are made of as much as anything else. There would surely be more than 10 traits, but we will keep it to 10 and these are in no particular order of importance.


#1 – Positive Thinkers

One thing is for certain. It’s extremely hard to be successful at anything while thinking negative thoughts. The two really just don’t go together. It’s like trying to mix water with oil. It just doesn’t happen. No one thinks perfectly 100% of the time, but you will find successful people have mastered the art of positive thinking and rarely let negative thoughts enter their mind. And they certainly don’t entertain any negative thoughts for very long.


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#2 – Persistence

Some hugely successful business people have been bankrupt in the past. Did they give up? Obviously not. They persisted. Business went bad, they lost everything, but persistence allowed them to find a way to try again. No matter how successful someone may be today, chances are they suffered failures and encountered obstacles along the way.


#3 – Visionaries and Dreamers

In order to achieve great levels of success, it is often preceded by a dream or a vision. Successful people first hold vivid imagery in their minds before making those dreams a physical reality. Effective visualisation is an important component and vital key to success.


#4 – Goal Setters

If someone reaches a high level of success without first setting goals, then they probably just got extremely lucky, or surrounded themselves with key people who basically set the goals and achieved success on their boss’s behalf. Goal setting is what makes dreams happen, and without defined goals there really is no roadmap to follow or destination to reach.


#5 – They Are Decision Makers

Success takes decisiveness, the ability to think and act quickly and actually make firm decisions. Being able to say yes or no and mean it is important to progress and leaves no opportunity for that dreaded success killer – double-mindedness – to come into play. Even a wrong decision is better than no decision at all, because when someone makes a wrong decision they will see their mistake and correct it with the right call.


Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It?#6 – Go Getters

Success requires motivation. Procrastinators very rarely go on to accomplish anything great. Inaction leads to zero results. Successful people get out there and make things happen. They don’t wait for perfect circumstances or for others to do things for them. They have energy and nothing will stand in their way.


#7 – They Make Their Own Luck

We’ve all heard this expression , that winners make their own luck. Much of the time this is dead set true. What may look like a stroke of luck could have only come about because that person placed themselves in a situation for those circumstances to unfold. Creating “luck” is often about simply taking action every day so that when opportunity presents itself, you will be there to seize it.


#8 – Flexibility and Adaptability

To reach success and to maintain success, people need to be able to adapt to changing circumstances and make the most of them. Many of us resist change, but someone thinking with a success mindset will often see change as a new opportunity. Flexibility is key to great achievements.


#9 – They Surround Themselves With Positive People

It’s hard to maintain a positive mindset if the people you spend the most time with are predominantly negative or not supportive. To achieve success and to keep the momentum going, then you really need to choose your friends, acquaintances and business associates carefully. People should be building each other up and offering encouragement. Not the opposite.


#10 – Always Be Learning

Anyone who thinks they know it all actually knows very little. There is always something new to learn, a different or better way of doing things. Success is often a case of streamlining and prioritising so that precious time is not wasted on dead wood. When we stop learning we cease to grow and improve.


The Wrap

There are many components that make up a successful person and we are all a little different. However, these ten points are vital elements that will virtually ensure success is reached if applied consistently.


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  1. I think your second point really applies to online businesses to be successful in partiular. Because things online come fast, like news and information, people expect that making money online is just as fast. However, as with all businesses, it takes time and persistence. Not haing persistence leads to failure

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