3D Wealth Machine Review – Instant $10k a Week?



What is 3D Wealth Machine? A scam? I’ve seen people wondering about this make money program so I thought I’d take a look at it. Coach Bob reckons people can be making $10k a week within days of joining, but is that really the case, or just a sales line?

Let’s take a look and discover the truth…



3D Wealth Machine ReviewCompany Name: 3D Wealth Machine

Owners: Coach Bob

Price To Join: Starts At $3247

My Rating: 2/10



~ 3D Wealth Machine Review ~



The whole purpose of my Many Income Streams website is to help people find legitimate and profitable ways to make money online. The reason I write reviews is so people can be informed about what’s a good deal and what to avoid; whether it’s a make money scheme, or training that shows you how.

While there is loads of great stuff out there, there is also stuff that’s mediocre, and a lot of make money platforms are just outright scams, unfortunately.

It’s great that you’re here reading my review, as it means you’ll do some homework first rather than just blindly joining something. You’re far less likely to fall for scams that way.

Let’s see what 3D Wealth Machine is all about and whether it’s any good.


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What Is 3D Wealth Machine?

3D Wealth Machine Coach Bob3D Wealth Machine is brought to us by a dude who calls himself “Coach Bob”. This guy makes out in the video that making cash with his system is dead easy. In fact, so easy that you’ll likely be making up to $10k a week within mere days of starting.

That’s one hell of a statement, and likely far from being true.

I mean, I’ve been in this online gig for about 15 years now and, apart from maybe online gambling, I’ve never come across anything that can produce cash like that within days of commencement. I don’t even know of many things that can produce just a few bucks online that fast, let alone $1000s.

Coach Bob himself claims to be nothing special and is making between $50,000 and $100,000 a month, every month!

Bob then takes things even further by stating that his system is a turnkey solution to making money, and that most of the cash is generated on full autopilot.

I’m hearing all the classic clichés here when it comes to sales pitches for make money online products. Big money, easy money, quick money and virtually no work required. It’s also top secret, and he doesn’t want you to tell too many people about it.

Classic “tell ‘em what they wanna hear” sales BS.

Why do so many make money online products go this route? Since when is the internet such an easy and supernaturally magical place to make good money?

Although there are certainly differences, making money online takes time and effort just like it does offline.

There is actually something else going on here with this website, something Coach Bob fails to tell people. In fact, his site doesn’t really offer anything of value at all. It’s just a feeder site for another scheme.


3D Wealth Machine Review


What This Scheme Is Really All About

Coach Bob, the dude making the big bucks, is actually an active member of another online money making system called “Leveraged Breakthrough”. His 3D Wealth Machine website is just a part of his sales funnel put in place to profit through the real program.

Why he doesn’t want to tell people this upfront, I don’t know, but this kind of bait and switch tactic is very common amongst affiliates of certain high ticket programs. MOBE is another classic one where its affiliates create these feeder sites, but keep the part about joining MOBE a secret until you actually join up.

Coach Bob earns commissions when he lures others into joining Leveraged Breakthrough. There’s nothing wrong with that, but he should be honest about what he’s really promoting here.

3D Wealth Machine is nothing. It doesn’t exist. It’s just a website name and nothing more than that.


Leveraged Breakthrough


What’s the Deal With Leveraged Breakthrough?

Is Leveraged Breakthrough any good or worth joining? How’s it work? What’s the deal?

Well, it works very similar to one program I already mentioned, which is MOBE. There are actually a lot of these high ticket (expensive) platforms that work along the same lines. Six Figure Mentors is another, so too is Aspire.

You can potentially earn huge commissions with these schemes, but they cost a hell of a lot to get started in, and you then have to be able to convince others to purchase the same expensive products you purchased.

Leveraged Breakthrough is mostly focused on products and training for self development, as well as leadership training and training in marketing and sales. They have a number of different trainings and products, all of which are sold separately, along with your initial membership and various membership levels.

Schemes like this one are all about selling themselves. They recruit new members who are then encouraged to recruit new members and sell them products for a commission. You don’t learn how to sell anything outside of the Leveraged Breakthrough product suite, so therefore you’re not really establishing a fully fledged affiliate marketing business.

The main problem with leveraged Breakthrough, MOBE and co is that in order to be eligible to earn a commission on a particular membership level, product or training module when you sell one, you must first purchase it yourself.

Some of these products are priced in the thousands, or even the tens of thousands of dollars.

That’s some big bucks you have to spend before you have a chance of earning anything. They also encourage you to go all in and buy everything so you can earn on everything.

That’s a very, very risky venture.

You could spend tens of thousands and not make a cent.

True affiliate marketing doesn’t require affiliates to buy any products first before they’re eligible to promote those products and earn commissions.

When you join you’ll be given your very own funnel website to recruit new members, just like Coach Bob’s 3D Wealth Machine.


The Target Audience

In my opinion this one is aimed at beginner marketers who obviously have quite a few spare dollars to play around with and test things out. Certainly not for anyone who is currently trying to scrounge out an existence.

While it may primarily be targeted at newbies, it really takes someone with experience and skills to be able to market such a high ticket platform successfully to others and recruit new, enthusiastic and spending members.


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What I Like

  • Leveraged Breakthrough is real
  • It’s possible to make some money with it
  • Some of the training is okay


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • 3D Wealth Machine is nothing, just a feeder site for the main program
  • Coach Bob tells a lot of lies and uses heaps of unrealistic sales hype to try and hook people in
  • Bait and switch tactics have been employed by this guy
  • Why is he not upfront and honest about what he’s really selling here?
  • Leveraged Breakthrough is mega expensive and very risky to get involved in
  • You’ll likely spend tens of thousands of dollars before you even have a chance to start making some money back
  • You won’t be making up to $10k a week within days of joining this
  • This won’t make money on autopilot like claimed


How Much Does 3D Wealth Machine Cost?

You never actually join 3D Wealth Machine, but rather Leveraged Breakthrough, and this is what the various membership levels will set you back:

  1. Gold Level – $3k + $247 Admin Fee
  2. Platinum Level – $7k + $447 Admin Fee
  3. Diamond Level – $14k + $647 Admin Fee
  4. Ultra Royal Level – $21k + $847 Admin Fee

The commissions you can potentially earn are as follows:

  1. Gold Level – $1500
  2. Platinum Level – $3500
  3. Diamond Level – $7000
  4. Ultra Royal Level – $10,000


3D Wealth Machines Members


Is 3D Wealth Machine a Scam?

3D Wealth System is scammy without maybe being a total scam. I mean, Leveraged Breakthrough does exist, and it is possible to make money with it. It’d be really hard and cost a lot of money upfront, but still possible.

To earn commission for a certain membership level, you must have already bought that level yourself. That’s just how these schemes work.

Look, I think Leveraged Breakthrough is way too expensive and far too limited in scope to be a viable online business. It’s really not worth your time or money as it’d be a really tough sell.

Plus, you never know when schemes like this will get shut down by the authorities, because they work like Ponzi schemes.

Too risky to get involved in, and I don’t like the way Coach Bob has used so many lies and deception to lure people in. Give it a miss.


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Lifestyle Freedom is Time and MoneyWhile I don’t recommend joining 3D Wealth Machine, the news out there isn’t all negative. The internet abounds with awesome money making opportunities, and many people have made fortunes online. It’s all a matter of doing your research so you can avoid the scams and locate the worthwhile stuff.

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