Is Ariix a Scam MLM or Awesome Business Opportunity?



Is Ariix a scam? Or a company with awesome products and a lucrative compensation plan? It’s another popular MLM company in the health and wellness niche, but is this one worth joining?

Let’s take a closer look and see…


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Ariix Is a ScamCompany Name: Ariix

CEO: Mark Cooper

Price To Join: $217.95/Month

My Rating: 5/10



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What Is Ariix?

This is yet another company peddling health and wellness products and skincare using the MLM distribution method. Ariix was founded in 2011 by a group of eight people and is currently headed by CEO, Mark Cooper. In fact, a lot of the founders used to be heavily involved with another MLM company called Usana, and they use a pretty similar business model to health and wellness MLM, Melaleuca.

Although the company hasn’t been around that long, the founders have all been involved in various network marketing platforms for many years. The company focuses on weight loss products, health supplements, beauty products and the like. Pretty common fare for many MLM businesses these days. They all jump on this niche because there is such a strong focus on being fit and healthy these days. Being fit and healthy and eating right are all good things, but there is an overload of MLM companies pushing products in this niche.

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Ariix Products

This review is about the Ariix business opportunity, so I won’t go into the products in detail, but we’ll have a brief look at what they offer.

  • Weight loss
  • Health supplements
  • Skincare
  • Body care
  • Essential oils
  • Water purification
  • Beauty

So Ariix do cover a bit more ground with their product range to diversify a little compared to other health and wellness businesses, which is a good thing.

As is typical of all MLM products, due to the very structure of their compensation plans, Ariix products are exceptionally expensive compared to similar products you would buy off the shelf in retail outlets. For example,  a bottle of Dark Spot Corrector and Brightening Cream costs a whopping $122.79.


Ariix Products


The MLM Business Opportunity

This is where all MLM businesses fall flat in my opinion. They advertise the opportunity as a way for people to have their own business, but you never own a business when you join a network marketing company. Generally you are just paying them for the right to be their sales rep. The company owns and controls everything.

These gigs are also sold with the dream of big money and an easy lifestyle, one full of opulence and luxury. In reality, only a select few people at the very top ever enjoy this kind of life as a result of being involved in MLM.

What I really find unfair about the MLM setup is all the benefits and advantages are actually stripped from the distributors. Everything is in favour of the company, that’s why so many companies choose the MLM model over traditional retail. Ariix don’t have to pay wages or even advertise their products. Distributors are all running around buying and selling products and spreading the word. In most cases it’s the distributors who purchase most of the company’s products, as they are often forced to in order to remain eligible to earn. It’s also the distributors who grow the business with constant recruitment, as this is also necessary to have a chance of earning bigger money.

Distributors are getting royally shafted in these deals while those running the show are laughing all the way to the bank.

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The Ariix Compensation Plan

The 2 main ways to make money with any MLM compensation plan is either with direct sales, or by recruiting members into your downline and earning from your team.

All MLM businesses focus heavily on recruitment, as this not only grows the distributor base, but the customer base at the same time.

In order to join the business and maintain your eligibility every single month, you either need to purchase for yourself or sell at least $217.95 worth of product every single month or you lose your active status. That equates to 150 PV.

While most MLM companies tend to go for the binary model of compensation, this company has come up with something new, which they call the “Ariix Multiline”. You can spread as wide as you like with your downlines and the levels deep are infinite.

Some other ways you can earn include:

  • Team lead Bonus
  • Base Commission
  • Income Position Bonus
  • Pay Line Bonus
  • Savings Bonus
  • Matching Bonus

There are also a total of 16 different ranks within Ariix to aim for.

For more details regarding the Ariix compensation plan, click here.


Ariix Ranks


Is Ariix An Illegal Pyramid Scheme?

Just about all MLM pay structures are based on a pyramid format, but that doesn’t classify them as illegal pyramid schemes. To be considered illegal, the company would have to rely totally on recruitment to survive, as well as have no products. Ariix has plenty of products which can also be sold at a retail level, so they’re not an illegal pyramid scheme.


Target Audience

It helps if you really love the company’s products, as you will be trying to sell items that are way over-priced. MLM attracts people wanting to start a business where everything is already set up for them.


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What I Like

  • The compensation matrix is a little different
  • They have more than just health supplements on offer
  • Ariix is run by people with loads of experience in MLM


What I Don’t Like

  • The product prices are super expensive
  • Health, wellness, weight loss and beauty products have all been done to death in MLM
  • Most people make no money in MLM
  • The average yearly earnings in any MLM venture is about $500 before expenses
  • You need to recruit, recruit and then recruit some more to climb the ranks and have a chance of earning some decent money


Ariix Products 2


How Much Does Ariix Cost?

To get involved you need to acquire 150 PV points, which equates to a product spend of $217.95. You can either purchase this amount of product for yourself, sell that amount to someone you know, or buy one of the business kits. And you need to achieve at least 150 PV every single month to be considered active and eligible to earn.


Is Ariix a Scam?

No it’s not a scam. The company, as far as MLM businesses goes, is not too bad, and the product range encompasses more than just the typical health and wellness fare.

However, it is typical MLM, which means most people are likely to fail at making money, and in order to do so, you will need to become a recruiting machine. That’s the only way you can rise up the ranks to have a chance at seeing bigger money.

Plus, these products are super expensive, so selling and recruiting based on that fact alone makes this opportunity that much harder.

Unless you really love the Ariix product range and believe you can recruit, I’d give it a miss. There are far easier and better ways to make a lot more money than most will ever make from MLM.


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