Bitcoin Advertising Is a Scam and Here’s Why



Bitcoin Advertising is a scam? That’s what some people have been calling this Bitcoin ad flipping program. But is that a fair assessment? Is Bitcoin Advertising really just a scam, or can it turn ordinary people into millionaires?

Let’s take a closer look and uncover the truth….



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Bitcoin Advertising Is a Scam

Company Name: Bitcoin Advertising

Owner: Unknown

Price To Join: $200 Minimum

My Rating: 0/10


~ Bitcoin Advertising Review ~


What Is Bitcoin Advertising?

Chances are you’re reading this review because you’ve heard about Bitcoin Advertising and have been wondering whether it’s real or fake, whether it’s legit or a scam. It’s always a wise idea to do some research before jumping into something.

Like so many make money online (MMO) programs out there, Bitcoin Advertising makes some huge claims. One of the very first things you are told when looking into this platform is that you’ll soon be making $13,000 a day every day.

Just to expand on that figure, if you times $13k by 365 days, that equals $4,745,000 per year!

That’s one hell of a claim to make right off the bat. Talk about telling people what they want to hear. To add further weight to the $13k a day figure, in large letters on their website they go on to say that Bitcoin Advertising is making people rich and you’ll become the next millionaire if you get on board.

But get this – To make the $13,000 a day you only need to put in 20 minutes of work each day.

This sounds like a dream opportunity, but really it’s nothing more than a fantasy.


Bitcoin Advertising Is a Scam


How Bitcoin Advertising Works

I’ve seen this kind of deal before. Free Ad Cash System is another one that basically offers up the same fare.

To get involved in Bitcoin Advertising you must first register your details. It’ll cost you a minimum of $200 to get started, and what you’ll be doing to earn all this fabulous money is “ad flipping”.

What the hell is ad flipping?

When you buy in with your minimum $200 investment, Bitcoin Advertising supplies you with special software for your 20 minutes a day ad flipping business. This “award winning” software is built with superior technology and is super accurate.

Make any sense yet?


Well, you’re not alone on that score.

The gist is that you use the software to buy ads and the software helps you flip those ads for a profit. However, if you click through to the payment scheme, you are redirected to BannerBit, which is a binary options trading platform that is definitely on the dodgy side. I’ve reviewed a lot of these binary options trading platforms on this site and just about all of them are scams.

Bitcoin Advertising is nothing but a backdoor way of funnelling people into a binary options scam, where they claim to have magic software that can accurately predict winning trades almost 100% of the time, which is complete BS.

If you invest in their binary scam they’ll just take your initial investment, lose it for you, then have a rep on the phone hustling you for even more cash, usually thousands more.


Who Runs Bitcoin Advertising?

I couldn’t uncover any information about who is behind the Bitcoin Advertising platform. No names, companies, nothing. To me that’s a major red flag, when the creator or owner doesn’t what to reveal themselves.

You have to ask the question: Why not?

Any business, training platform or make money venture that is legit will usually be very transparent about who actually runs it, and what the actual deal is. Scammers hide behind a veil of lies and anonymity.


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Target Audience

This is definitely targeted at people hoping the internet provides a magic pathway to instant wealth. I mean, make $13k a day for just 20 minutes work, but then don’t really tell anyone what they will actually be doing to make the cash. As much as I’d love to get rich quick with some scheme, they don’t exist, and anything that sounds like it’s a get rich quick deal is almost always a scam.


What I Like

  • I can’t come up with anything that I like about Bitcoin Advertising, in all honesty


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What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • They just tell people what they want to hear
  • The website is extremely vague on what Bitcoin Advertising actually does and how you make money
  • From what I can gather, this platform doesn’t seem to have anything to do with Bitcoin, other than maybe trading it on the binary options market
  • The owner of this scheme does not reveal himself or herself
  • The platform is deceptive and exists only to funnel people into the BannerBit binary options trading software platform
  • The trading scheme they send you to is a scam
  • If you buy into this, you will likely very quickly lose your investment money, and you certainly won’t be making an easy $13k a day
  • They make it sound all so easy, which is a huge red flag
  • There’s no such thing as ad flipping – it’s ridiculous


How Much Does Bitcoin Advertising Cost?

The minimum amount you are required to invest into the Bitcoin Advertising scheme is $200. When that vanishes into the internet black hole, you will be strenuously encouraged to invest much more money, usually in the thousands of dollars on the second round.

They make out that their “add flipping” software is free to use, but you can’t get started until you hand over some cash. In other words, to use the trading software they’re really selling you, you have to invest money to trade with.




Is Bitcoin Advertising a Scam?

This is a scam on several levels. For starters, the BS automated magic trading software they funnel you to is completely bogus and won’t be constantly winning you trades on the binary options market. If it did, then every trader on Wall Street would be using it.

Second, Bitclub Advertising makes out like it’s a stand alone platform, when it’s not. It does nothing of itself. The ad flipping concept is a hoax, and this all has very little to do with the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. More than likely that’s just a gimmick, a way of drawing attention because Bitcoin is so popular at the moment.

You really don’t want to go anywhere near Bitcoin Advertising. It’s nothing but a con job to get your money, and it gets a zero out of ten from me.

Schemes like this one are a lot like gambling, so you might have better luck with this lotto system.


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