Is Chew the Fat Off a Scam MLM? Can You Make Money Selling for CTFO?



Is Chew the Fat Off a scam or not? This is yet another in a growing list of MLM companies peddling weight loss products, but is this one worth joining from a money making possibility?

Let’s take a closer look and find out what this is all about…


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Chew the Fat Off Is a ScamCompany Name: Chew the Fat Off

Founder: Stuart Finger

Price To Join: Varies

My Rating: 3.5/10



~ Chew the Fat Off Reviews ~


What Is Chew the Fat Off?

This is a weight loss MLM that sells supplements and the like, such as protein drinks and so on. The niche is very crowded, just like general health and wellness.

Chew the Fat Off, which is a catchy name of sorts, is also often abbreviated to CTFO. It was founded by former “fat guy” (his own words), Stuart Finger.

The products seem to be pretty well received for the most part, and the weight loss industry is always a popular one. We’ll briefly look at the product range in the next section, but this review is primarily focused on the business opportunity and whether it’s a viable way to make money if you decided to get involved.

It’s possible to make money with MLM, but man it’s a hard way of doing it, not to mention slow. I’d much rather be doing affiliate marketing, where there’s no direct selling of products and no recruiting required. It’s actually pretty easy when you follow the Wealthy Affiliate training. It’s FREE to join, too!


The Products

There are 4 main products in the Chew the Fat Off range, as well as a bunch of kits and a shaker cup:

  1. ChewOff
  2. ShakeOff
  3. DrinkOff
  4. Super7

ChewOff – These are actually cherry flavoured, chewable tablets that act as healthy bite-sized snacks. They are designed to reduce your hunger, as well as increase your metabolism and energy levels.

ShakeOff – These are your typical meal replacement shakes and come in a variety of flavours.

DrinkOff – This is actually a water bottle with a filter attached, giving your body a regular dose of purified drinking water to help aid weight loss.

Super7 – These are more chewable tablets that provide the body with vital nutrients. They are more of a health and wellness product than a weight loss aid.

As is the case in this niche, especially in MLM, the prices are quite high. For example, 60 chewable Super7 tablets costs $49.97. That’s not far off being one dollar a tablet.

Chew the Fat Off Products

The Compensation Plan

As with all MLM compensation structures, the main ways to earn income are:

  1. Direct sales
  2. Recruitment

You are known as an “associate” when you join the business opportunity, but it will be hard work to make some serious coin. Generally the compensation plans are slanted in the favour of the company and those at the very top, and not those doing most of the work.

To become eligible as a distributor, you must first purchase at least one product yourself, as well as recruit 3 associates into the business. You also have to commit to buying products every single month.

The matrix Chew the Fat Off use goes down 7 levels in multiples of 3, and is a unilateral matrix – meaning it can be as wide as you like.


CTFO Compensation

As these compensation plans can get very confusing to explain, I’ve included the official video that explains it below.



The MLM Business Opportunity

The problem with the MLM setup is it totally favours the company rather than the majority of distributors. That’s why so many businesses are keen as hell to implement this type of payment structure. Everyone works on the promise of commissions and bonuses, but no wages are actually paid. This saves CTFO bucket loads of money.

Distributors also do practically all the work, such as recruiting and growing the business and spreading the word about the company and its products. Distributors are also the main customer source, as they are required to buy products every single month to remain eligible to earn.

It’s all a bit of a rort and not very fair in my honest opinion. Plus, MLM companies always make the claim that you’ll have your own business, when in actual fact you are nothing more than a sales rep for them, and have to shell out money for that right. You never own your own business with MLM and you certainly don’t call the shots.

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Is Chew the Fat Off An Illegal Pyramid Operation?

No, it’s actually not an illegal pyramid scheme, despite the pyramid nature of the compensation plan. To be classified as illegal, Chew the Fat Off would have to rely solely on recruits for its income and have no saleable products.


What I Like

  • The compensation plan is a little fairer than some other MLM companies involved in this saturated niche


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What I Don’t Like

  • Weight loss is a super competitive niche with many players
  • MLM is a notoriously difficult way to make money
  • Selling products that are way over-priced is a tough sell
  • If you can’t recruit, you can’t make any decent money with MLM
  • Some 95% of all people who join a MLM company fail in their first year
  • The average yearly income for people distributing MLM products is only about $500 before expenses


How Much Does Chew the Fat Off Cost?

You have to purchase at least one CTFO product or kit to become eligible as an associate. The cheapest product is the DrinkOff water filter bottle, which sells for retail at $29.97. You also have to commit to purchasing products every single month, and recruit at least 3 new associates.


Is Chew the Fat Off a Scam?

Chew the Fat Off is no more of a scam than any other MLM company out there. They are legit businesses with legit products, just way over-priced due to their compensation plans, and extremely tough ways to make a decent income.

Unless you can recruit consistently, and recruit people who are active, you have no hope of rising up the ranks into the higher earning brackets.

That’s how MLM works.

In my opinion it’s one of the hardest and most labour-intensive ways to try and earn a living there is. There are far better and far more profitable opportunities out there.


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