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ClickBank University 2 ReviewCompany Name: ClickBank University 2.0

Owner: ClickBank


Price To Join: $47/Month

My Rating: 8.5/10



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Firstly, I’d just like to say that I’m glad you found your way to this review. It means you do some digging and research before you commit to anything and sign up. On the internet, where many scams are mixed in with the good stuff, that’s a very wise course of action to take.

Now on with the ClickBank University (CBU) Review…



So You Want To Make Money Online

Multiple millions of people across the globe are already making money online in heaps of different ways, and everyday many more newcomers are looking to the internet as a way to earn money on the side, or replace their day job.

Making money on the internet really is the way of the now and the future. There are just so many endless possibilities online, you can tap into a market that is global, you can work from the comfort of home, and really the sky is the limit when it comes to your income earning potential.

Another huge advantage about the online space is that it’s often a lot cheaper to start some sort of online business than it is an offline one. As an example, setting up a virtual eCommerce store to sell products is way, way cheaper than running a similar store in a shopping mall, with rent, wages, and loads of other overheads.

So let’s briefly look at the benefits of making money online:

  • Lifestyle Freedom is Time and MoneyWork from home and be your own boss
  • No limit on your income potential/income sources
  • Very low overheads and running costs
  • Access to a global market of more than 3.5 billion internet users and growing
  • Make money while you sleep
  • Earn residual and passive income
  • Travel whenever you like and still make money
  • Choose which hours and days you work
  • No commute to work
  • Spend more time with those important to you
  • Live an abundant and free lifestyle
  • And so much more…


What Is Affiliate Marketing?

ClickBank is all about affiliate marketing. Even as a vendor on ClickBank who sells their own products, affiliates are the ones doing most of the promotion and getting those sales. Revenue is split between the vendor, the affiliate and ClickBank when a sale is made.

For those unfamiliar with how affiliate marketing works, here’s a very simple and brief explanation.

As an affiliate you are effectively acting as a sales rep for the product/company you are promoting. You don’t have to actually buy and sell products, or take orders and post anything out. Your main role as an affiliate is to make people aware of a certain product, and earn a commission if someone actually buys that product through your unique affiliate link.

As an example, when you join ClickBank as an affiliate, and come across a product you want to promote, you will be given a unique link to use for that product. This link can be used on social media, on your own website, in emails and so on. Someone likes the sound of your promotion, clicks the link and makes a purchase. A percentage of the total sale is then credited to your ClickBank account as a commission earned.


How Affiliate Marketing Works


What Is ClickBank?

ClickBank is one of the original affiliate platforms out there. It’s a place where vendors can list their goods (mostly digital products), and affiliates can find products to promote and make commissions. It’s a win-win type of setup for everyone.

ClickBank really acts as the middleman, offering a portal for vendors and affiliates to match up and make money. For their role, ClickBank take a small fee for each transaction that takes place on their platform.

Now onto the main focus of this review…To learn how to make money with ClickBank by going through the awesome training offered in their ClickBank University training program.


What Is ClickBank University?

ClickBank University – also often abbreviated to CBU – is a 2 fold training platform that teaches people how to become successful vendors on ClickBank, as well as teaching affiliates how to make money promoting ClickBank-listed products.

It’s really as simple as that. Everything you need to know about ClickBank and making money with affiliate marketing is covered in the CBU training.

ClickBank University has been around for some time, but as the internet is always evolving, CBU has recently been updated to reflect current industry trends and regulations, making it some of the most up-to-date training there is.


ClickBank Learn More Banner


What’s New In CBU 2.0

In this section I’m simply going to list some of the great new features that have been included in CBU 2 for quick reference:

  • 8 week affiliate classes
  • 12 week vendor classes
  • Expert classes every 2 weeks
  • Massive discounts on various tools
  • A CBU toolkit and traffic center
  • Surprise bonuses
  • Live events
  • Exclusive CBU community


ClickBank University 2 Updates


Imagine the Feeling of Seeing That First ClickBank Sale!

If you are brand new to making money online, imagine going through the CBU training, becoming a ClickBank affiliate, and then accessing your ClickBank account to see you’ve made your very first sale!

Everyone gets a real buzz when they make their first money online. Even if the amount is just a few dollars, it’s still a thrill, because it shows you that it’s truly possible, and that first sale is merely the beginning of bigger and better things to come.

Think of it like this: If you can make one sale online, then you can make 10, 20, 50, 100 or even thousands of sales online!


Some ClickBank Affiliates/Vendors Earn 8 Figure Incomes

Whether they be vendors, affiliates, or a combination of both, ClickBank has created millionaires. Some people are even earning as much as 8 figures per year.

Imagine that for a moment, starting from zero and now earning in the 10s of millions of dollars annually.

Of course, not everyone is going to achieve that kind of success, and many are happy earning just a part-time income online, but the point is that it’s possible, and that’s exciting.

There are a lot of so-called money making gurus online who are all trying to sell you some magical program that will make you thousands instantly and all on autopilot. These schemes are mostly fake and just want your money.

CBU, on the other hand, has trainers that are the real deal. These guys and gals don’t just talk the talk and tell you what you want to hear. They’ve actually walked the walk and are truly mega successful online entrepreneurs in their own right.

People like:

  • Justin Atlan
  • Adam Horwitz

To name just a couple.


ClickBank Expert Trainers


Some ClickBank Success Statistics

The ClickBank platform and CBU has always been about helping create online success stories, so here’s just a snap shot of a few interesting statistics about ClickBank.

  1. Over $3.5 billion paid out to affiliates and vendors
  2. More than 100,000 people have experienced true success on ClickBank
  3. ClickBank has helped create over 1000 millionaires so far


ClickBank Success


2 Part CBU Training

The ClickBank University 2.0 training platform is broken up into two main parts:

  1. Affiliate Mastery
  2. Product Publishing

Whether you want to be a vendor on ClickBank and sell your own products, or whether you want to become a ClickBank affiliate and promote the products of others, either is a great choice and both can be very lucrative.

Some of the things contained in the video and text training include:

  • How to use ClickBank
  • Affiliate niche research and finding products to promote
  • How to create a product to sell
  • Create landing pages
  • Build email lists
  • How to price and package your own products
  • Creating sales funnels for affiliates and vendors
  • Traffic generation techniques
  • Webinars
  • And loads more…

Keep in mind that even the most successful people were once where you are – Just starting out and yet to make your first sale. My point is, no one starts out as an expert. We all begin at the beginning. If others who have gone through the CBU training have managed to go on and be mega successful, then it can happen for you too.

Now let’s look at the two training platforms in a bit more detail.


ClickBank Learn More Banner


Affiliate Mastery – 8 Week Affiliate Track

Adam Horwitz is the chief instructor for Affiliate Mastery. Just consider this one important point about Adam. He made over 6 figures as a ClickBank affiliate when he was only 20 years old.

The course runs for 8 weeks and is considered the quickest, cheapest and easiest pathway to financial success. It’s perfect for people who:

  • Are just starting out and are yet to make money online (or haven’t made very much)
  • Want to learn all about affiliate marketing and what it involves
  • Don’t want to create their own product just yet
  • Want the opportunity to make some money as quickly as possible
  • Love the idea of working from home doing affiliate marketing
  • Are looking for a simple and easy-to-do online business

As I talked about earlier, there are loads of advantages to starting an affiliate marketing business, and promoting ClickBank products as an affiliate can prove to be very lucrative. You also have the option of having your affiliate commissions paid out weekly, directly into your bank account on a Wednesday.

Adam will run you through everything you need to know, so by the time the 8 weeks is up, you’re ready to take on the world of affiliate marketing and start earning some bucks.


8 Week Affiliate Track


Product Publishing – 12 Weeks Publisher (Vendor) Track

Justin will be the trainer for those wishing to sell their own products on the ClickBank Marketplace, and potential vendors couldn’t be in better hands. He became a millionaire selling digital products on ClickBank.

Under Justin’s expert guidance, if you partake in the 12 week Product Publishing course, you will be shown everything you need to know to successfully sell your very own products on ClickBank, and how to leverage ClickBank’s army of hungry affiliates to generate constant sales.

Imagine for a moment waking up in the morning, making a coffee, then sitting down in front of your computer to check your ClickBank account. You open it up and guess what?

You’ve made money while you’ve been peacefully asleep in bed.

That’s the beauty of the internet and marketing to a global audience. Somewhere in the world there is someone who is still awake and searching for a product like yours.

If you can sell one products, then you can sell 100s and 1000s of products. It’s all just a matter of scaling it up, and the easiest way to do that is by having ClickBank affiliates promote your product for you. They earn a juicy commissions, you get paid your share and everyone’s happy.

The 12 Week Publisher Track is perfect for people who:

  • What to create a full-blown and lucrative online business
  • Aim to earn higher dollar amounts per sale
  • Want to leverage affiliates to promote their products
  • Desire to take their success to the next level


12 Week Publisher Track


Other Trainings, Resources, Tools & Bonuses

Apart from the 2 core training modules covered above, there is still even more to CBU. The value doesn’t end with the above training. Let’s see what else there is.

Bi-Weekly Expert Classes – Once every 2 weeks an expert will come in and show you that the training does work. These now experts are people just like you and I who applied what they learned and our now experiencing success. These people are currently living the dream and they’ll show you how it’s done.

Special Curated Add-On Trainings – These trainings are very targeted and help you focus on a specific aspect of the training to truly master it. It could be something like video marketing or how to leverage the power of Facebook advertising.

ClickBank Toolkit – This really comprises a bunch of handy tools to help you run your ClickBank business effectively – whether you’re a publisher or affiliate – with things like PDFs, videos, starter guides, shortcuts and tech providers.

The Traffic Center – This is all about learning how to generate massive amounts of traffic, clicks and sales. Without traffic you have no business, because you have no visitors to your product or promotion. Traffic is everything in this game, so ClickBank’s Traffic Center is an invaluable resource.

Live Events – You have to pay for these events and seminars, but they are a great source of additional knowledge. Plus, you get to rub shoulders with those hugely successful in the industry and learn from them. Well worth attending if you can.

Exclusive ClickBank Community – Being able to freely interact with a community of like-minded people is one of the most valuable business assets you could ever have. As a CBU member you gain access to this exclusive community, where you can inspire and help each other on the path to success. You also get access to the ClickBank University 2.0 private Facebook group.


ClickBank Bonuses


What I Don't Like

  • There is no free trial
  • It's all focused on being a ClickBank affiliate


The Price

This is great news! You can get started with the CBU training for just $47 per month. Now that’s a really small investment to learn a business that could be making you more than that much every hour, even while you’re sleeping. There are some upsells along the way, but they're completely optional and not mandatory.


Just Do It – It’s Well Worth It!

If you want to make money online, then starting out with affiliate marketing, or publishing your own digital products on the ClickBank Marketplace as a vendor is the way to go.

Click the banner below and enrol in CBU 2.0 today. ClickBank offer a 30 day money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose.

It could prove to be one of the best decisions you ever made. Click below…


ClickBank Learn More Banner


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