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Many Income Streams is a source of information only. We do our best to maintain accuracy in all the material presented on this website. Let it be noted that any earnings or income statements mentioned on this site are done so in good faith from those that supply these details. When potential earnings are spoken about, these are estimates only and not indicative of what you will earn or are likely to earn.  There are many variables in earning income, so we make no guarantees of potential earnings, or what is considered to be average earnings if you partake in a particular platform or enterprise. Results vary from person to person and no results are typical.

Your results are unique and will depend upon many factors, based on things like your business experience and background, time available, dedication and perseverance in chasing success with an endeavour, desire, expertise, training and more. We cannot guarantee you any level of success as that is outside our control. Any testimonials or financial data quoted on this site is in no way typical of what you may earn, nor any sort of guarantee of what you will likely earn. The success of each and every person depends on a multitudes of factors, and at the end of the day, your success is governed by your own actions, motivation, education and skillset.

Likewise, past earnings are not indicative of potential future earnings, as things change all the time, competition becomes more fierce, and so many circumstances and changes can impact future earnings or business growth, either positively or negatively. The internet is forever changing and evolving. There are rewards, but there is also risk. We cannot foresee the future, therefore cannot predict the results you may achieve. You are entirely responsible for your own actions, and therefore your own success or failure.

It is important that you perform your own due diligence before taking action on a product or service we may mention or recommend on this website. Many Income Streams, its sponsors or advertisers are not responsible for your failure or success, nor are we liable in any way. It’s up to you to research any opportunity you wish to embark on and assess the risks and rewards associated with it.

For further information regarding this earnings disclaimer, you may reach us at: info@manyincomestreams.com


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