Do Get Rich Quick Schemes Really Work?



Making MoneyThe internet is a veritable breeding ground for get rich quick schemes. Never before in the history of mankind has there been so many offerings on how to get rich, making it big overnight, getting rich while sitting on your couch and checking your emails once a day, start today and make ten thousand dollars overnight. While I haven’t signed up for any of these scams, I can spot them when I see them.


The Appeal of Get Rich Quick Schemes

Easy money appeals to everyone, and that’s what these systems, programs and schemes pray on. Most of us could always use more money, and most of us would love to get that money in big chunks as quickly as possible without too much effort on our part. Let’s be honest; we’d all love to have easy cash and lots of it.

I’m always on the lookout for ways to make money; especially online.  I’m also always interested in ways to generate passive income streams and residual income. This is what this website’s all about, after all. It’s what I do, and what I know many others out there aspire to do as well. There’s nothing wrong with that at all, but it’s how we plan to make our residual and passive income that’s important.

I’ve looked at so many of these schemes and systems over the years that I couldn’t even begin to hazard a guess as to how many I’ve checked out. I’ll take a look at anything once, even if I know 100% that it’s a scam. You never know when you might find out something useful that triggers a good idea for yourself. Unfortunately, after sitting through endless hours of video presentations that tell you nothing, I realise there isn’t much to be gained by taking an interest in them, even just for research purposes. I’ll always take a quick look though, just in case something’s legit. One thing that’s very obvious to me: The guys that do these presentations have a real gift for being able to talk for hours and tell the listener absolutely nothing. That’s an art in itself. A misused gift.


Do They Really Work?

I doubt that any of them have any real substance. I think the only people getting rich out of most of these schemes are the self-professed gurus creating the facade.

There is one question that comes to mind every time I hear about one of these so-called money generating systems, especially the ones that are apparently a secret that no one knows about. If they’re onto some secret money printing dynamo of an idea, then why do they want to share it with me and everyone else? Why not keep it all to themselves? And if they’re making so much money with their brilliant little system, why do they then need to create all these videos and sales pages and squeeze pages to try to get money out of me to purchase their goldmine of a system?

Hell, if any of these programs could make me a millionaire in no time I’d be more than happy to throw a few hundred bucks the guru’s way to have access to my promised millions! Then I could live happily ever after in the promised land, the land of milk and honey. But it’s all hot air and sales BS to relieve you of your hard-earned cash.

Money Dominos 

Get Rich Quick? – No Such Thing Really

Look, there are ways you can get rich quick. I mentioned in another post that you could win the lotto or inherit a lot of money. They’re not the only ways to do it. Many people got rich quickly on Wall Street in the 80s, and thousands became instant millionaires during the dot com revolution in the early 2000s. It can happen and it does happen. But it’s never going to happen by buying into some scammy scheme. If someone needs to take your money to let you in on their secret way to get rich, then the only way they’re getting rich is by taking your money. Not from their so-called genius system.

I have a section on potential scams here, which I will add to from time to time.


I Wish It Were True

I really wish some of these systems, programs and schemes were legit, because I’d be jumping on them for sure. Why wouldn’t I? If there was a real get rich quick scheme out there I would have found it by now, because I’ve spent my whole life searching for one.

Some persistence, a bit of hard work, using your brain and keeping your emotions in check will get you further than buying into a scam. You can generate a healthy income online. You can even get rich online…eventually. It takes a bit of time and definitely some patience, but you will get there.

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4 thoughts on “Do Get Rich Quick Schemes Really Work?

  1. There’s really no such thing as get rich quick. Before I always looked for ways online in which I could get a lot of money. I will go through sites like millionaire blueprint etc. And am sure you know it already and it will tell you you can earn 1 million dollar in 3 months by just dropping money into your broker account and bla, bla, bla. Sites like yours have help me a lot in overcoming these schemes. Now am finally a website builder at wealthy affiliate. It’s really incredible. By the way, I love your site.

  2. I’m lucky for not falling to get-rich-quick scheme yet. I’ve followed several blog of successful people who are makin money online and I can see that they have similar pattern, it takes time and hard work.
    I’ve just recently read Pat Flynn’s story on how he created his first website. The key is great content, and the visitor will come, and the money starts coming as well.

    • That’s exactly the way to do it – follow what genuinely successful people do. It’s the best way. I’d love to get rich quick, but it just doesn’t happen without winning the lotto.

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