Is Global Affiliate Zone a Scam or Easy $1k Commissions?



Is Global Affiliate Zone a scam or not? There seems to be some mixed reviews out there regarding this make money online (MMO) opportunity, so what’s the deal? Is it any good and worth trying or not?

Let’s take a closer look and find out more…



Global Affiliate Zone Is a Scam

Company Name: Global Affiliate Zone

Owners: Julian Sherman and Mathieu Jang

Price To Join: $99/Month

My Rating: 2/10


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If you’re like me you probably heard about Global Affiliate Zone somewhere online, or you might have been approached directly by someone you know. Either way, I’m glad to see you here reading my review of this platform before just jumping in and joining up.

With so many make money scams out there these days, it’s always wise to do some homework first before paying anyone money to join something. On my Many Income Streams website I expose any scams I come across, as well as anything else that’s just not worth bothering with. At the same time, I’ll also write positive reviews on products, schemes and training I do recommend. After all, this is about making money online at the end of the day.

So how’s Global Affiliate Zone rate in the overall scheme of things?


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What Is Global Affiliate Zone?

Global Affiliate Zone is often shortened to GAZ. It was started by MLM exponents, Julian Sherman and Mathieu Jang, as a way for members to make money and build their own affiliate business. In fact, they’ll allow members access to a “big secret” that’ll make you $1000s! That’s per commission! Before you know it you’ll be earning over 6 figures per year with this scheme.

That’s the bold claim anyway.

The official sales video presented by the 2 partners is designed to get you excited enough to join and hand over your cash. They achieve this by telling you what you want to hear and dazzle you with promises of big money and a fancy lifestyle.

Now there’s nothing wrong with aspiring to those goals and hoping that a platform can help you get there, but the problem I have with it all, is it’s basically just a bunch of sales hype with no real substance behind it. So many sales videos for make money programs are like this.

How about cutting to the chase and telling us HOW we will make money if we join, not just that we will.

For a platform that’s totally trasparent regarding what it’s about, check out Wealthy Affiliate. They have some of the best affiliate marketing training around as well as an affiliate program.

The concept of GAZ is a tuition program basically, that teaches you how to establish a business and make money online. But it also doubles as a sales funnel into another high ticket (expensive) platform, which I’ll talk more about further on.

This is set up all very similar to a platform I reviewed just the other week called “Digital Genius Labs”. That program also funnelled people into the same high ticket program.


Global Affiliate Zone Is a Scam


How It Works

When you join GAZ you get access to their training and their mentorship and coaching, so you can readily earn an income and direct traffic to your own website. There is also access to an exclusive community of like-minded members, live events to attend, live workshops, video tutorials and ongoing support.

Once you join GAZ the idea is to learn how to then promote GAZ to others and earn commissions. So basically you buy into the program, then try and get others to buy into the exact same program you just bought.

The problem I’m having with Global Affiliate Zone is that they’re making out like they have their very own affiliate/MLM scheme going on, when their rather superficial website is nothing but a front for something these guys don’t even own. They’re not the ones paying commissions when you get other people to join.

They’re affiliates of another platform and have put GAZ together as a way of enticing people to join this other platform, rather covertly, through their website.

Although on the surface they appear to divulge a reasonable about of information on the GAZ site, when you read through it, it doesn’t really tell you much about anything, and certainly never mentions what the real objective is.



What’s Really Going On Here

What these guys really want is for you to join their downlines in a multi level marketing (MLM) company called Enagic Kangen Water. Read my full review of Enagic here.

It’s not a bad MLM platform, but the water purification products Enagic sell and want their distributors to promote are very expensive, as is the case with all MLM deals because of the nature of their compensation plans.

The people running Digital Genius Labs, which I mentioned earlier, are doing exactly the same thing; funnelling people through to Enagic’s MLM scheme.

Enagic Kangen Water is the big secret I mentioned earlier.


Enagic Kangen Water


There’s nothing wrong with trying to recruit people into your MLM deal. After all, with the way MLM is designed, you need to recruit hard to move up the levels and have a chance of earning decent money. But what I object to is people creating something that they try and pass off as their own company, own product and own compensation plan, when all they’re really doing is using bait and switch tactics to deceptively get people to buy into something else entirely.

Something that wasn’t advertised as being part of the deal.

I mean, why make out like you’ve created some platform where you pay people commissions to get other people to join it? These dudes haven’t created anything except a very simple website and a sales video. Why don’t they just make a website singing the praises of joining Enagic Kangen Water and get people to join through them and into their downline?

Why all the smoke and mirrors BS?

Does Enagic have a poor reputation or something, like MOBE and Aspire? Is that why affiliates don’t like to be upfront about what it is that they’re actually selling?

Anyway, the bottom line is, if you join GAZ, what you’re really joining is a water purification MLM scheme.

Copy how I make $1000s a month online.


Target Audience

To me this is targeting people who are new to making money online, or really just getting started and searching for their first opportunity. I don’t know if seasoned marketers would be too interested. Even if they were looking for a MLM deal like Enagic, that’s not even mentioned on the GAZ website, because they don’t want to be honest.


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What I Like

  • Enagic Kangen Water is not a bad MLM company and you can make some good commissions as a distributor


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • MLM is a very hard way to make money, and you as a distributor are forced to buy products to start with and pay monthly membership fees
  • GAZ is nothing but a bait and switch, smoke and mirrors website designed to do nothing other than funnel people through to a MLM scheme that wasn’t advertised
  • I don’t like the way affiliates of high ticket platforms can’t be upfront and honest about what they’re really promoting
  • These guys haven’t created any product or program, and they’re not the ones paying you affiliate commissions like they make out on their facade of a website
  • The sales video tells you nothing but hype about how much money you’ll be making and how easy it’s all gonna be
  • It’s far from easy making a profit with MLM, as 95% of distributors fail to make any real money


How Much Does Global Affiliate Zone Cost?

The fee to join GAZ is $99 a month, but that’s really your fee to be eligible to promote Enagic’s products and earn commissions. The owners of GAZ get an affiliate cut for every person they funnel through to Enagic.


GAZ Banner


Is Global Affiliate Zone a Scam?

I don’t know that I’d label Global Affiliate Zone a total scam, because the platform they send you to is real.

Look, if you like the idea of MLM, then Enagic isn’t too bad as far as MLM deals go. Their compensation plan is reasonable. If the guys running GAZ are willing to offer you extra help, then it might be worth joining up through them.

MLM is not something I recommend as a good way to make money, as you have to hustle people big time and recruit to earn, and a lot of it tends to happen offline, so not really a full on internet-based gig.

I’m personally just not a fan of MLM because it’s a super tough way to make a profit, and the compensation plans are slanted heavily in favour of the company running the show. There’s really not much of value in it for the distributors. They just do all the hard work for the least amount of money.


A Much Better Way To Make Money Online

Lifestyle Freedom is Time and MoneyThe online world is full of both good stuff and bad stuff when it comes to both making money, or training so you can learn how to make money. It’s just a matter of being able to sift through the useless stuff and find something worthwhile, and that’s what my site’s designed to help people do.

Affiliate marketing is my go to gig. I’ve been doing this (among other things) since 2015 and these days it’s become my main income earner. The concept of affiliate marketing is so simplistic that anyone who really wants to make a go of it can find success if you get some decent training that shows you how.

I make both residual and passive income from this, you don’t need any real capital to get started, and running an affiliate marketing business can be done on a shoestring budget if need be.

Do it part-time or fulltime. The choice is yours. Some people even get wealthy from it, so anything is possible.

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