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How To Get Rich Online

Many of us try to work out how to get rich online. It can happen. We see it everywhere. Bloggers making tons of money, huge and popular websites raking in the advertising cash, people and companies selling truck loads of products through the internet space. It happens. Many individuals, businesses and companies are making a killing online.

So how do you go out and get your big piece of the pie? That’s the eternal question.

In this post I’ll do my best to offer up a few options. Of course, there are no guarantees that you will make a lot of money with any of them. Some people get filthy rich from writing a novel and making massive sales, but countless others barely make a cent. That’s life, and that’s how it goes.


Essential Characteristics You Will Need

  • Can I Make Money Online FastDesire
  • Determination
  • Discipline
  • Persistence
  • Perseverance
  • Passion
  • A support network (preferably)
  • Training
  • Diversification (if necessary)
  • Adaptability
  • Drive
  • Flexibility
  • Vision

These are just some of the personal characteristics you will need if you want to succeed online and actually strike it rich with an online enterprise (or two or three). There is no easy route to online riches and without employing the above characteristics when going for gold, it will be very easy to meet with failure, or simply quit too soon.


Selling Products

Many people have made riches on the internet through selling products. These include digital products as well as physical products. Many times the online world is combined with an offline business, but loads of people have sold products purely online and nowhere else and made a fortune.

Digital products are even better still because you can create them once and sell them over and over again. Costs very little to make and sell digital products such as music downloads, eBooks, software and the like. There are also training programs and courses which also can be classified as digital products.

In fact, digital products can be sold by the maker without even having to have a website. Affiliates can sell them for you, or retail giants such as Amazon and eBay. To make it rich online, selling your own products is one of the very best ways to achieve wealth.


Become A YouTube Star

Actually, you don’t necessarily have to be a star on YouTube. Any video about anything at all that proves to be extremely popular or goes viral will lead to advertising dollars in one form or other, and this can mean really big bucks.

Video is also a fantastic way to promote your own products, or the products of others for a commission. Video is such a popular medium because people can sit down and watch a video without having to concentrate so hard. Reading lots of text can be laborious and boring, but videos are much more entertaining and easier to digest.

You just never know what will go viral and can lead to big dollars in the world of online videos. You could even launch an incredible music career through video. Just ask Justin Bieber. Even self help and instructional videos have the potential to go viral and rake in the big bucks in one form or another.

Become A YouTube Star



Yes, some bloggers actually make between 6 and 7 figures annually just from their blogs and the money advertisers want to spend placing ads on these blogs. Not everyone is going to be the next John Chow in the blogging world, but there are just so many things to blog about that you just never know what might happen.

Actually, if your blog proves to be mega popular, you will no doubt get some huge offers to sell it.


MLM and Network Marketing

I’m personally not a fan of these types of businesses. They just aren’t for me. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get rich by being involved – early on – in a good one. I’m sure the founders and early members of Amway and Avon are sitting quite pretty financially, to mention a couple of the older network marketing schemes that have been around for decades.

These days much of the networking in this business model takes place online, with some of it still being offline as well. The advantage of most of it happening online is you can target new members from all across the globe, rather than just your offline social circle.


Affiliate Marketing

Wealthy Affiliate Affiliate ProgramSometimes also generalised with the term internet marketing, affiliate marketing is a great online business to get involved with. One of the best things is it’s so cheap to get started. So long as you have a computer and internet you are pretty well good to go.

All you have to do is choose a niche (area of interest or passion) that you will focus on, create a website, write some content related to your niche and promote products that have an affiliate program attached to them. People read your content, click your affiliate link, buy said product and you get paid a commission.

Now, there are no guarantees you will get rich with affiliate marketing, but countless online marketers have over the years; especially marketers that have built up massive email lists that they can freely market to any time they desire.



There is no sure-fire or easy way to internet riches, but they certainly are out there, and with the internet allowing you to access a global marketplace, there is plenty of money to be made online. You just need to pick something, get started and give it your best shot.


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