Is Affiliate Rebirth a Scam or a Born Again Training Platform?



Is Affiliate Rebirth a scam? It’s a catchy name, but can it make you $5k per month all with free website traffic? Or is that just a sales pitch?

Let’s take a look and find out…



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Is Affiliate Rebirth a ScamCompany Name: Affiliate Rebirth

Owner: Grigory Kononenko, Stefan Ciancio, and Shahnawaz Sadiquee

Price To Join: $17.70 + Upsells

My Rating: 7/10




~ Affiliate Rebirth Review ~


What Is Affiliate Rebirth and How Does It Work?

Is Affiliate Rebirth a ScamWhat these 3 creators have made here is quite a good introductory course to affiliate marketing. Predominantly this is a video training package that shows users a variety of options to earn money online through affiliate marketing.

This is actually a relaunch, a new and improved and updated version of an older product. The owners claim you will be making $3000 to $5000 per month if you follow the steps and advice offered in their training package. This is all based on getting enough free organic search traffic to your website and not having to fork out cash for paid traffic.

These guys don’t even push you to do email marketing or any social media promotions. They base that income potential all on the organic search traffic your website will get by following their formula. They also claim much of the income will be passive, which can certainly be true after a while in this game.

Here’s what you won’t have to do, according to the 3 creators of Affiliate Rebirth:

  • No product creation
  • No shady marketing or practices
  • No constant blogging
  • No paid traffic or big budget required
  • No list building or email marketing

On top of this they make the statement that affiliate marketing has changed and the old ways of doing it are dead and buried.

Although cheap to buy into, you will be greeted with a few upsells after you join, but none of them are absolutely necessary to purchase in order to effectively complete the Affiliate Rebirth training or implement their methods. Some of the upsells could prove very handy, though. I’ll briefly cover the upsells further down.


Target Audience

This is definitely targeted at the beginning affiliate marketer. I don’t think those of your with previous experience will derive much from it that you won’t already know. The course has been set up in such a way that it’s relatively easy for newcomers to both understand what’s going on, as well as absorb and implement the information. It would appeal to people who want to get started online but don’t know where to begin.


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Tools and Training

After you’ve been introduced to the upsells you will gain access to the official training available at Affiliate Rebirth. This is comprised of 4 modules and we’ll take a look at what’s involved.

Module 1

This is made up of a total of 7 videos and essentially looks at niche selection and keywords:

  1. The first is an intro which shows us the kind of traffic the creators get with their sites and what students can expect in the future.
  2. The second video focuses on how to find and choose profitable niches to target.
  3. Video 3 looks at Google and how to recreate what’s in the search results for maximum profit.
  4. Keyword research basics – how to select the best ones to target.
  5. Targeting keywords that are further along in the buying phase.
  6. Researching targeted products on Amazon and nailing down specific keywords.
  7. Keywords that target people near the beginning of the buying cycle.

Module 2

This second installment focuses on the creation of content and is made up of 8 videos:

  1. An introduction to creating quality content for your chosen niche.
  2. SEO and tactics to get better conversions.
  3. Video number 3 covers how best to layout your homepage for conversions.
  4. Keyword silos,  categorising keywords.
  5. Learn about creating supporting posts that link to epic posts and ultimate guides.
  6. See examples of epics posts and discover how to create them.
  7. Learn how best to place your chosen keywords naturally within your content for best search rankings.
  8. Learn about the Google Sandbox and how to quickly get out of it. All new sites start off here where they don’t get any rankings.


Affiliate Rebirth Case Study


Module 3

This gets into the nitty gritty of getting your first website set up and functioning. There are 5 videos in this one:

  1. The first video is by far the longest and most in-depth out of the 5 in this module. Learn to select a domain name and URL, where to get the right hosting, find a suitable WordPress theme and so on.
  2. Discover how to monetise your site and content with Amazon affiliate offers.
  3. Here you will be run through a lengthy checklist to ascertain everything you need is on your site.
  4. This video is more about best practices when being an Amazon affiliate so you don’t get your account banned.
  5. Learn how to boost up your site’s speed for a better user experience and higher search engine rankings.

Module 4

The final module is made up of 7 videos and focuses on that all-important website traffic:

  1. Video number one looks at establishing evergreen traffic that lasts for the long-term.
  2. Quick traffic hacks for more instant traffic.
  3. Learn how to get some quality, relevant backlinks to your site.
  4. Educational institutions have links which are high PR (page rank), and you will be taught how to get these websites to link back to you.
  5. Links from infographics.
  6. Commenting on blogs and leaving your website link.
  7. Establish a link building plan for your website.


What I Like

  • Cheap price for the amount of training
  • It’s quite good training for beginners
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Many real life examples to demonstrate how everything works and shows why their training is effective


What I Don’t Like

  • In the 4th module about traffic, I think there is way too much focus on backlinks rather than the variety of other ways you can generate site traffic and rankings
  • Upsells
  • There is no member forum
  • The presenters in the videos have heavy accents, can be difficult to understand
  • The training needs more to it



How Much Does Affiliate Rebirth Cost?

Okay, so depending on what deal they are offering at the time (it varies), the price currently is $17.70 to get access to the training.

Now I mentioned earlier that there are a few upsells, so here they are:

Upsell 1 ($47)

10 done for you niche site websites you can immediately set up; including keywords, affiliate products and competitor information.

Upsell 2 ($47)

Includes a case study bundle as well as having access to copy and paste content from successful niche sites of the creators. This is kind of useless, as duplicate content won’t rank anyway, so it’s a waste of money really.

Upsell 3 ($27)

Receive secret link building strategies for your niche sites.


Is Affiliate Rebirth a Scam?

This is definitely not a scam and actually quite solid training for the beginning affiliate marketer. There are a few things lacking in the training, but for the price it’s hard to go wrong with this training package. Having said that, you will really need to learn more than what’s on offer here to truly have a financially successful website for the long-term.


You Can Make Real Money Online

Although the training offered by Affiliate Rebirth is pretty good starter training, it still lacks in a few fundamental areas.

One of the really great things about the training I undertook with the crew at Wealthy Affiliate is it covers so much ground for beginners, but is easy to follow and gives you the prospect of being able to earn money while you learn. Also, the community of members there is very active and helpful, as well as creating their own mini training on particular aspects of affiliate marketing and everything related to it. These mini trainings, along with the official WA training, are a real goldmine of extra information, tips and tricks.

If you would like to learn more about what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer, just read my detailed review by clicking on the banner below.


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2 thoughts on “Is Affiliate Rebirth a Scam or a Born Again Training Platform?

  1. I do like the name “affiliate rebirth” that was certainly one thing that caught my eye.
    I would be great to think that you can create a website that earns $3-5K by using organic search methods only. I am not 100% all of my social media accounts. I typically just focus on one or two of them at a time and build them up and then swing around to the other one for a while. As a blogger I use “constant blogging” as one of my tools for attracting website traffic. It is interesting to hear that these product creators don’t believe that is necessary anymore – interesting concept I must say.
    I was just wondering what was the #1 strategy that they spoke about that you were able to adapt and implement in your business to start making money right away? Cheers

    • I think it’s very hard to start making money right away from anything on the internet. I’ve done lots of different things online and none of them have made money instantly. Everything takes some degree of time, even with paid advertising driving traffic.

      $3-$5k per month through organic search traffic is definitely possible, but like you say, it’s about getting content out there on a consistent basis.

      The real secret to the Affiliate Rebirth method is to target keywords and customers who are likely all ready to buy and write product reviews about the products these people are wanting to purchase soon.

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