Is Click Cash System a Scam? Is $1000 a Day Possible?



Is Click Cash System a scam or not? The creator claims to have devised some cash machines that could potentially turn you into a millionaire virtually on autopilot, but is this really the truth, or just some hyped up sales talk to get your money?

Let’s take a look and find out…



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Is Click Cash System a ScamCompany Name: Click Cash System

Owner: Aaron Ward

Price To Join: $47

My Rating: 0/10



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It’s great to see you here reading this review of the Click Cash System. You’ve obviously heard about it and want to check it out further before buying into it, which is a really wise move. There are so many make money scams out there online that it makes it hard to unearth the real opportunities, but there are plenty of those as well. On my website I attempt to expose the scams I come across, as well as bring attention to the programs that are worth your while.


What Is the Click Cash System?

One of the main claims of the Click Cash System is that you can be making $1000 a day for life!

That’s a hell of a statement.

Also, apparently you only need to work for one hour a day to make all this money.

Talk about telling people what they want to hear, which is so common in the online space; especially when it comes to scams and other dodgy platforms that really can’t deliver on what they promise.

Sure, if you’ve got a system, talk it up a bit, but be honest about it. Most of these schemes are complete BS, stating you can make heaps of money with virtually no work. That’s a fantasy. It can’t be done in the online world any more than it can be achieved offline. No matter what you are doing, there is always effort to be put into something to make it pay off.

These scammers just spout crap like this so people will get excited and readily hand their money over, because that’s all these schemes are designed to do: take peoples’ money and not help them earn.

In the very long sales video there is virtually no mention of how you will make all this wonderful money. The guy just talks about how much you will be making with his cash machines and that’s about it. It’s all hype with a few hard luck stories thrown in and nothing else. The guy says how he hates scammers because he’s been scammed in the past, but yet he’s doing the scamming himself with this dodgy program he’s trying to sell people on.

The only reason he throws in the line about being scammed and hating scammers is to try and gain your trust and make you believe that he’s on the level and that Click Cash System is the real deal.


Is Click Cash System a Scam


How It Really Works

Aaron Ward says he has invented some internet cash machines that take advantage of online giants like Facebook, Google and Yahoo. He even has a formula for it, which goes like this:

F = G = Y = M

The “M” represents “money”.

Aaron’s friend Justin inserted some secret codes into these cash machines that enables them to make money for you completely on autopilot.

This is nothing but a get rich quick scheme that won’t work and is based on total lies, deception and ridiculous hype and stories.

Somehow these cash machines – which are actually websites – manage to hijack massive amounts of traffic from Facebook, Google and Yahoo and turn that traffic into money for you and I. Now that we have this massive traffic, the way we take advantage of it is to offer our visitors affiliate offers. If they buy something, we earn a commission.

Yes, that’s affiliate marketing, which is what I do for a living, but it’s still unclear how these guys can hijack all this traffic in the first place. Getting traffic even on a smaller scale is not easy, and to get massive amounts of traffic is really, really hard. Aaron and Justin claim you can do it quickly, easily and all on complete autopilot.

Sorry, but that’s complete bullshit!

To even add another level to this fantasy is the following claim, where they “guarantee” you will make at least $50,000 within the first 60 days of joining this system.

Good luck with that one. I know how this stuff really works and that’s just not going to happen with what these guys are proposing.

And again, they still fail to tell us how their cash machines magically extract all this massive traffic from the 3 internet giants mentioned.


Click Cash System Banner


On the Inside

If you were to join this, then reality would strike fairly quickly and you would know right away all is not how it was made out to be.

I mean, let’s think about this logically for a moment. Aaron and Justin have invented something that supposedly can pull in around $30k a month completely on autopilot. It only stands to reason that these guys would be loaded by now if their system truly worked and they’d be far too busy enjoying the good life than to spend time creating the Click Cash System website and trying to sell it to us for a paltry sum of just $47.

It’s a scam. They only make money from sucking people in and keeping their joining fee. Once inside, new members will be hammered with upsell after upsell, with the promise of that massive cash coming only if you agree to buy all these other expensive tools and products first.

It’s nothing but a con, a sales funnel to bleed you dry while Aaron and Justin get rich in the process. They will also have your email and sign up information now, so who knows what other dodgy companies and schemers they might sell your details to?


Target Audience

This has gotta be aimed at complete newcomers to making money online, and possibly even people who have no idea how platforms like Google and Facebook really work. Scammers tend to prey on newbies, because they don’t have the experience to tell right away that something is completely bogus and ridiculous.


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What I Like

  • I don’t like a single thing about this obvious con job


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • You can’t simply extract massive amounts of traffic from Facebook, Yahoo and Google – it doesn’t work that way
  • These “cash machines” (websites) are just some fantasy sales talk to sound like they have something really unique and cool
  • If these guys are making so much money from their magic system, then why bother selling the idea to us for a lousy 47 bucks?
  • This is nothing but a sales funnel to relieve people of as much money as they can squeeze out of them
  • Affiliate marketing is real, but not the way they do it
  • I’ve seen very similar scams to this one before
  • These guys are simply telling people what they want to hear
  • It won’t happen on autopilot – Far from it


How Much Does the Click Cash System Cost?

It only costs a very generous $47 to get your hands on these cool money making cash machines. Of course, that’s $47 too much, and the spending won’t end there. Once you’re on board you will be hit with more upsells, claiming you can’t make the promised cash unless you buy them.


Coffee Shop Millionaire Lifestyle


Is Click Cash System a Scam?

This one is most definitely a scam. Say bye bye to your money if you join, because you won’t get a refund and you won’t make any money with their fantasy scheme.

The only way to generate mass traffic from the sources they mention is with paid advertising, which will costs you bucket loads if you want to get tens of thousands of visitors to your website a day.

Click Cash System is not even real. Hell, buying lotto tickets would have a far better chance of making you some money.

Give this BS a total miss!


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Programs like the Click Cash System just tell the audience what they want to hear and believe. So many people want to make money online, but they want the dollars to be big, to arrive in miraculously quick time, and not have to do very much to earn this big money. The internet doesn’t work that way, but these scammers will tell you that it does just so they can take your money.

A better course of action is to do something that really works, just like I do. Most of my online income comes from my affiliate marketing business. Anyone can be successful at it with the right training, and it’s training that put me on the right path from the very beginning.

Affiliate marketing gives you lifestyle freedom, where you have no boss, can work from home or anywhere you like, and the income potential can be massive. It costs virtually nothing to do and can bring in multiple sources of passive income over time.

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