Is Instant Income System a Scam? Read This First!



Is “Instant Income System” a scam or not? The website claims you can start an amazing internet career working from home, but is this really the truth, or is there more to this offer than meets the eye?

Let’s take a closer look and discover the truth…



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Is Instant Income System a Scam


Company Name: Instant Income System

Owner: Karen Evans

Price To Join: $97 + Many Upsells

My Rating: 0/10



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Is Instant Income System a ScamWhat Is Instant Income System About?

There is a group of not so honest people out there who keep creating websites such as Instant Income System with the promise of a work from home job or amazing internet career. I’ve already reviewed quite a number of these sites and they are all the same thing. They just change the site name and sometimes the name of the owner of the platform. That’s about all.

The “job” apparently can earn you $379 a day (sometimes they quote as much as $500), and to earn this only takes up around one hour of your valuable time.

It would be totally awesome if it were true, but it’s not. It’s all a total sham. In a certain way the job is kind of real, but it’s also fake, as I’ll soon explain.


More Examples Of the Same Scam, Different Site

As I mentioned I’ve reviewed a fair few of these dodgy schemes now, but nearly every day lately I seem to come across yet another one. Today it’s the Instant Income System. Down below are another 5 that I recently took a look at and wrote a review on:

  1. Online Jobs Now
  2. Massive Online Paydays
  3. Paydays At Home
  4. Auto Home Profits
  5. Complete Profit Code

These are just a mere handful of the ones I’ve reviewed (or seen but am yet to review). The sites are all the same deal run by the same people. They even look almost the same. I don’t know how many of these sites there are out there now, but they’re popping up like mushrooms.


Instant Income System Banner


The Fake News Coverage

These guys love plastering CNN, Fox News and the logos of other famous television news channels on the header of their websites. They will say these stations have endorsed their product and even featured them on the channel. Often the site will have a video running some random bit of footage about how people are making money working online from home and claim the story is about their platform – in this case Instant Income System – when it’s not. It’s a blatant lie.

Of course, this is done in a bid to look credible so people won’t think the whole thing is a scam, when in actual fact it is.

Fake News Banner


The Names of the Site Owners Are Fake Too

While the majority of these work at home sites will use a different alias for the site owner name, or the person promoting the fake job, sometimes they will repeat the name.

Here we have Karen Evans, also noted as the owner of a sister scam site called the Complete Profit Code. Some other names that are commonly used include:

  • Cami White
  • Kelly Simmons
  • Michelle Robinson
  • Michael Anderson
  • Emily Hudson

The names are fake. We don’t know who is behind these platforms or who actually runs the show. No one has been able to nail that down yet to my knowledge. Even various departments of the law have been trying to shut these scammers down, but have failed to date.


Karen-Evans-scamKaren Evans Instant Income System


The “Limited Spots Available” Tactic

There actually is no limit on positions available, but every one of these sites – Instant Income System included – uses the ploy. Even legitimate businesses and retailers adopt similar tactics, all devised to get the customer to hurry up and take action.

With this particular website the scammers want you to buy your way in before you’ve had a chance to think about it and change your mind. They know if you research them you will discover that just about everything they say on their site is an outright lie.

They want your money and nothing more. That’s the name of the game here. They also want your personal details.


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Freelancers Write Their Testimonials

Once again they grab photos from stock photography sites and place them beside the person who has allegedly written a positive review of Instant Income System. What happens is they hire freelance writers from sites such as Fiverr to write these testimonials, then plaster them on their website with the stock photo beside it and a made up name.


So What Is the Fake Job or Internet Career?

It’s what they term as “link posting”.

In the earlier days of the internet this was actually a real gig. Companies did actually pay people to randomly post product links and the like on social media and in forums. They didn’t pay much, but it was real.

These days that’s a very ineffective marketing and promotional method so it’s no longer done like that. Today affiliate marketing is all the go, where marketers do place affiliate links in their content and social media posts, but no payment is made unless someone clicks through on that link and makes a purchase.

With Instant Income System and its relatives, they state they pay $15 per link posted. No action has to take place other than the member posting the link somewhere. They claim advertisers pay them to send traffic to their ads.

Um, no they don’t. Advertisers will spend their budgets on Facebook ads or PPC, not some dodgy link posting scheme.

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What’s the Real Deal With Instant Income System?

Apart from the money you pay when you join their “online job placement” platform, there are three main things these people need to really run their operation:

  • Your name
  • Your email address
  • Your phone number

Using the lure of earning $379 in quick and easy time each day, Instant Income System entices unsuspecting people to join their platform. What you’re really buying into is a massive sales funnel. Once in, your email inbox will be hammered with upsells for other products, training platforms and money making schemes. The same will happen with your phone. Aggressive telemarketers will be calling you, putting the pressure on to make other purchases. They will say you can’t earn the promised amount of money until you also purchase Product A or Product B or both. Some of the products may be legit and above board while others will likely be more scams. It’s also been suspected that they on sell your details to other marketing companies.


Their Target Audience

The target market for schemes like this is definitely newcomers to making money on the internet. Seasoned marketers will never fall for this. They wouldn’t even be interested in the first place. These dodgy deals are aimed at people who either need to make some extra money on the side that doesn’t interfere with their job, or those who are looking for a lifestyle change and get sucked in by the promise of good money for little effort online.


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Red FlagThe Instant Income System Red Flags

  • The incessant upsells for expensive products
  • The fake job offer
  • Link posting isn’t a real job
  • The news features are bogus, as are the testimonials
  • It’s full of false advertising
  • There is a plethora of other similar sites promoting the same scam
  • Same owners, different aliases
  • The so-called real people living the dream in the videos are actors
  • The site is full of false promises


How Much Does Instant Income System Cost?

They charge the same price here as they do on all their other sites – $97. For this you get the privilege of buying into a funnel of upsells that will milk you for thousands more. This company – whoever they really are – use very unethical and underhanded tactics to make money from victims new to making money in the online space.


Is Instant Income System a Scam?

This definitely fits the definition of a scam. The job offer is fake, the income potential is fake, the pretence they use to get everyone to join is fake, the owner is fake and the entire website and everything on it is fake. So yes, it’s a scam and should be avoided at all costs. Find somewhere better to spend your hard-earned money.

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  1. I researched many, many opportunities before I settled on Wealthy Affiliate! I was even stupid enough to buy a certain training system that consists of training and such with pretty much no support. So Being a complete Newbie, I was lost!
    I nearly gave up after that before a friend suggested Wealthy Affiliate. Since joining I’ve built 2 revenue making web sites that are growing! And I’ve just bought the domain name and started building the third site.
    If it wasn’t for Wealthy Affiliate, I would still be wondering !

    • I did the same thing, Mike. I spent over a year researching affiliate marketing and trying to glean information. I realised I needed some training, but then the process of researching that got even more confusing with so many options out there. I think it was the free trial that convinced me to try Wealthy Affiliate and I’m glad I did it.

      Instant Income System is just a classic deceptive scam that really has an ulterior motive. Everything they state on their website is false. Whoever created this site has done at least 30 or so more similar sites.

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