Is Lottery Dominator a Scam or Have You Hit the Jackpot?



Is Lottery Dominator a scam or does this lotto system really work? This is a software program and training that supposedly gives you a better chance of winning a major lottery, but is that true or just sales hype?

Let’s take a closer look and find out the truth….


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Is Lottery Dominator a ScamCompany Name: Lottery Dominator

Owner: Richard Lustig

Price To Join: $97

My Rating: 5/10




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What Is Lottery Dominator?

Lottery DominatorSome people have actually asked: Is Lotto Dominator a scam? Don’t get the two confused. They are the same thing. The official name now is “Lottery Dominator”, but some people shorten is to just “Lotto Dominator”, which is the previous version of the platform.

Lottery Dominator is actually a software program designed to help people lower the odds in their favour and hopefully predict the winning lotto numbers. There is a sales video on the main page that really hypes this up, which is pretty standard for all types of sales presentations.

The main gist of the sales video is that the program’s creator – Richard Lustig – has actually had the good fortune to win 7 major lottery prizes using his program and system.

Now, with Lottery Dominator, he’s willing to share his winning secrets with the rest of us.

It makes you wonder why a guy who has had big wins wants to sell his secrets. Richard says it’s because he wants to give something back, which is a positive gesture if that’s the truth, but he’s not giving his software and winning formula away, he’s selling it. However, that’s business.

When you arrive at the main sales page for Lottery Dominator, it’s basically just a sales video. You can either watch the video, or click the button below the video and be redirected to a lengthy page of text, littered with information about Richard, his program, and testimonials from others who say his software has helped them to win a major prize.

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Who the Hell Is Richard Lustig Anyway?

Richard LustigWhen you first visit the website for Lottery Dominator, it kind of looks like this Richard Lustig guy is just some fake dude pretending to be a big lottery winner selling software, but when you do some research on the guy, he is actually real, and his lotto wins are legit. He’s even featured in Ripley’s Believe It Or Not.

He has, in fact, seriously won 7 fairly major lottery jackpots. He’s actually quite famous for this feat, as this level of lottery “luck” is really unprecedented.

His big wins came between the years of 1993 and 2010, and all happened within the United States. I can’t find any information on his having a major win since then, though.

The very fact that he has managed to pull in 7 decent wins means the guy definitely has some knowledge of how to do it, and do it consistently. He started off writing a popular book detailing his processes. It’s called “Learn How To Increase Your Chances of Winning the Lottery”, and is still available for purchase. These days he really focuses on selling his Lottery Dominator software instead, as it’s far more hands-on and useful for lottery players across the globe.



How Lottery Dominator Works

Richard’s software can be used for playing lotteries in a number of different countries. In fact, people from all across the globe have had decent wins using Lottery Dominator. The idea of the software is to help players predict what could be the winning sequence of numbers in any given lottery. Utilising special mathematical algorithms, the software logs the history of the lottery games you want to play, then predicts which numbers are most likely due to appear, based on the very real laws of probability.

While many might say that the number draws are totally random, if you survey big lottery winners, you will find that the majority kept playing the same numbers, which, with the law of probability at work, actually increases a person’s chances of winning.

Try flipping a coin a multitude of times and I bet after around 100 flips, the totals for heads and tails will be close to even. That’s how probability works, and it’s a real science. So, if a bunch of numbers haven’t been drawn in a particular lottery for a while, then technically they are due to make an appearance.

Now, Lottery Dominator probably won’t predict all winning numbers for a jackpot, but it is possible. What’s a more likely scenario, though, is it will increase your odds of winning smaller prize divisions more regularly. If the software can achieve that, then it’s going to be well worth using.


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Will It Really Work?

As I said above, I personally believe it will increase your likelihood of winning smaller prizes more often. As far as jackpots go, well I’m not about to state that you’re going to win one if you use Lottery Dominator, but the possibility is there, and the software can help to reduce those odds astronomically.

There are two schools of thought out there on this. On one side, mathematicians will tell you that nothing will increase your chances of winning, while others will come up with a whole bunch of ways to lower the odds and increase your chances of hitting a jackpot.

I still think Lottery Dominator could help people win more often. Even if it’s the lower divisions, it will still add up.

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Lottery Dominator Mega Millions Winner


Target Audience

This is definitely targeted at anyone who plays lotteries regularly and wants to give themselves every chance of striking it rich by winning a major jackpot, or increasing the consistency of smaller prize division wins. It's also targeted at the majority os people on planet Earth who would love to get rich quick. Me included.


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What I Like

  • Anyone can use this software. You don’t have to be an analyst or mathematician
  • Richard Lustig is the real deal and has actually won 7 major prizes
  • The website has payment proof for Richard and other winners who use his system
  • Research Richard and you’ll find a lot of info out there about him
  • I believe this software will increase your chances of winning somewhat, especially smaller prizes


What I Don’t Like

  • There is a lot of hype on the video and website, which I’m not a big fan of
  • I can’t find a decent win for Richard since 2010
  • Predicting all winning numbers for a major jackpot is pretty dammed hard, but not totally impossible


Auto Lotto Processor Proof


How Much Does Lottery Dominator Cost?

It costs a one-off fee of $97 to buy Lottery Dominator. If it can consistently help you to win smaller prizes, then it’s well worth the price. If you win a major jackpot with the help of this software, then it’ll be the best $97 you ever spent in your entire life.


Is Lottery Dominator a Scam?

I don’t see it as a scam. If Richard was going around guaranteeing that his software can predict the winning numbers for major jackpots, then I’d say that’s BS, but he doesn’t sell it like that. He knows as well as anybody else that picking all winning numbers is super hard to do, but he does believe his software can definitely help, and based on his track record, I tend to agree with him.

There is logic in the process. I’ve seen the laws of probability work time and time again, so I can see why Lottery Dominator, as it uses historical draw data to pick its number combinations, does have some merit.


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