Is Mindset 24 Global a Scam? Not In My Opinion



Is Mindset 24 Global a scam? Is this MLM business opportunity a way to make good money while helping yourself and others improve the way they think, and ultimately their lives?

Let’s take a closer look and find out…



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Is Mindset 24 Global a ScamCompany Name: Mindset 24 Global

Owners: Brian McLane

Price To Join: $50 to be an affiliate

My Rating: 6.5/10



~ Mindset 24 Global Review ~


What Is Mindset 24 Global?

Mindset 24 Global officially launched on 3rd September, 2017. It was started by company CEO, Brian McLane, and also involves three other prominent figure heads in Jay Sergeant, Kevin Harrington and Paul Nash. Kevin Harrington is one of the panellists from the hit TV show “Shark Tank” and has been responsible for generating more than $4 billion in sales.

The premise behind this business is to provide products and training to improve your mind and improve the way you think. Not only do the makers sell various personal and success coaching plans, there is also the opportunity for people to become involved in the business. This opportunity is a hybrid in nature, with a mix of both affiliate marketing and multi level marketing (MLM) to sell the service, where affiliates and marketers earn instant commissions in the form of Bitcoin rather than actual cash.

There is a huge market currently for self development products and success coaching. In recent years personal and business coaching businesses and products have literally taken the world by storm. As a business opportunity, Mindset 24 Global could be okay to get involved in regardless of whether you believe in the self development and personal life coach world or not. Although it is easier to sell products and opportunities that you do believe in.


How Does Mindset 24 Global Work?

Most of the self development focus of this platform is geared towards NLP (neuro-linguistic programming). What NLP is about is teaching people how to change their behaviours by reprogramming parts of the brain that control the way we behave and react in given situations. The idea is to rewire our brains for positivity and success, and also to break the habit of self-sabotage.

The real positive about the business side of Mindset 24 Global is the products are digital in nature, so no need to purchase a bunch of wrinkle creams or magic youth potions for personal use or to on sell, and making sales over the internet to a worldwide market is entirely possible.

To get started selling this range of training programs as an affiliate, you first have to pay $50 (and pay this yearly) to be eligible to receive earned commissions on sales. On the MLM side of things, this works like any other MLM system, where you recruit others, build a down line and earn smaller commissions on the sales from your down line.

Mindset 24 Global TrainingThere are 4 training levels and affiliates are required to purchase each level themselves first if they want to be eligible to earn up to 70% commissions on sales of each level.

  1. Series 1 – $100
  2. Series 2 – $400
  3. Series 3 – $1000
  4. Series 4 – $2000

When it comes to your downline, you don’t earn commissions and bonuses on every direct referral you have. Mindset 24 Global utilises a pass up model which can get a little confusing to work out. Basically you only earn on every second person you directly recruit. Here’s a link to a PDF that fully explains their compensation plan.

Mindset 24 Global also offer various bonuses, matching retail bonuses and profit sharing pools.


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Who Is the Target Audience?

This system could be good for beginning marketers and seasoned marketers seeking new opportunities. It would also very much suit someone looking for some personal coaching and a business opportunity in one.


The Pros

  • Success coaching and personal development are huge and profitable industries
  • Learn how to think better
  • High commission payouts
  • Payout commissions in Bitcoin (could be a pro or a con, depending on how you feel about Bitcoin)
  • Lots of opportunities for bonuses
  • The guys running the show are all extremely successful businessmen
  • Instant commission payments


The Cons

  • The training programs are expensive
  • Some of the training materials have previously been available on the internet (as in not everything is unique for  Mindset 24 Global)
  • To be eligible to earn commissions you have to spend $50 to join, as well as purchase each training package yourself
  • You don’t earn on every direct recruit


Tools and Training

Apart from needing to buy the courses to be eligible for commissions on sales of those courses, it’s advisable to buy them anyway so you can confidently sell what you are promoting. So, the best training on offer to sell this opportunity, is the actual training you are hoping to sell to others.

You also have access to Mindset 24 Global’s powerful series of videos and marketing system.


Mindset 24 Global Bitcoin


How Much Does Mindset 24 Global Cost?

To fully get involved in this business opportunity and be eligible for commissions and bonuses on all levels, you would need to spend a total of $3550. That’s for the $50 joining fee and all levels of NLP training. You don’t have to outlay all that, of course. You can focus on just selling the first in the series, simply paying the $50 annual fee and $100 for Series 1 training, and focus on selling that alone.


Is Mindset 24 Global A Scam?

I can’t see any scam here. The products are pricey, but like I’ve said, personal development is huge business these days, so maybe it’s easy to sell. What I don’t like is that you can only earn in Bitcoin, and you are forced to buy the expensive training packages if you want to be able to earn commissions from sales of those packages. You’re basically being forced to pay to be an affiliate, which is the opposite from most other affiliate marketing deals.


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