Is My Home Success Plan a Scam or Easy $11k a Month?



Is My Home Success Plan a scam or a legit way to make an easy and consistent $379 a day like the site owner claims? I’ve seen so many websites very similar to this one in the past, but is My Home Success Plan offering something new, or just the same old shady scam?

Let’s take a look and see what’s really going on here…



Is My Home Success Plan a ScamCompany Name: My Home Success Plan

Owner: April Matthews

Price To Join: $97 + Upsells

My Rating: 0/10



~ My Home Success Plan Review ~



Never before have there been so many make money opportunities. The internet has given birth to a whole new generation of online businesses and money making schemes. And while there’s loads of great stuff out there, it’s also become the playground of online scammers who want to take our money off us.

It’s great to see you here reading my review of My Home Success Plan. It shows you’re smart and do your homework before leaping into anything, and that’s wise. You are far less likely to ever fall victim to an online scam.

My website is all about helping people find ways to make money online, while at the same time avoiding scams and worthless schemes in the process. That’s why I write so many product reviews

So let’s see if My Home Success Plan is any good or not.


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What Is My Home Success Plan?

I’ve been writing reviews of various make money programs and training platforms for years now. In more recent times I’ve come across dozens of websites that look almost exactly like My Home Success Plan. It’s really just the same old scam renamed under a brand new site name.

The sales pitch is also identical, where they claim you can be making $379 a day for doing easy online work from the comfort of home. In fact, you only need to spend an hour a day doing their gig and after a month you’ll have pulled in around $11K for hardly any real effort.

Of course, this is all lies, as you’ll soon see.

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Is My Home Success Plan a Scam


Same Scam Again

The count would have to be well over 40 now for the number of times I’ve written a review on a dodgy scheme brought out by these scammers. Usually the only things that change are the website name and the name of the alleged site owner. Most recently I reviewed one called “The Computer Teachers”.

Generally each and every site looks almost identical in every way. Most probably the same people are responsible for all these sites, and when one gets found out as being a scam, they change it up and come out with a new site promoting the same old crap.

Here are a few others I’ve reviewed very recently:


Is Computer Teachers a Scam


My Home Success Plan Has Never Been Featured On Major News Channels

Every single one of these sites – My Home Success Plan included – plaster logos of TV and news channels all over their website header. Even in the sales pitch video they’ll claim to have been featured on, and endorsed by, these channels.

It’s all a hoax designed to help gain your trust. You think they’ve been featured on the news in a positive light so they must be legit. Right?

Don’t fall for it. Anyone can put TV channel logos on their website and make statements like these guys do. It’s all fake.

Common channels they include are:

  • CNN
  • ABC
  • Fox News
  • CNBC
  • And a few others…


Fake News Banner


Yet Another New Alias

To be honest this is the first time I’ve seen the name April Matthews used as the person representing the website. Sometimes they repeat an old name over and over, but lately they’ve become less lazy and are dreaming up new aliases each time they reinvent this scam. Probably because other reviewers have been writing actual reviews about the alias names and not to trust anything you see represented by them.

Every time on the website you’ll read a story about a single mother who is really struggling financially until she happens upon My Home Success Plan. Then her life completely changes for the better. All they change in the story’s wording is the name of the person. Everything else is exactly the same.

Here are some of the commonly used aliases:

  • Kelly Simmons
  • Karen Evans
  • Cami White
  • Jessica Marshall
  • And quite a few others…


April Matthews Scam



“Limited Positions Available” – This Is Also Totally Fake!

This is a scarcity ploy that’s adopted by scammers and legit offers. The idea is to use it to get people to act. In some instances it might be a limited time offer, but these scammers always opt for the limited positions ploy.

They don’t want you taking your time or thinking about it. They also know that if you do your research you’ll discover it’s a scam and will never hand your money over.

There are no limited spots. They’ll take everyone’s money.

Copy how I make $1000s a month online!


Home Jobs Today Limited Offer


The Alleged Easy “Online Job”

The advertised gig is always the exact same thing as well. It’s an easy link posting position, where people get paid $15 for every affiliate link they post online for big companies. Sometimes they even have a calculator on their website so you can easily determine how much money you’ll make, depending on how many links you post.

This is a type of affiliate marketing, except affiliate marketing doesn’t really work like that. I do it for a living so I know a bit about it. Click here to learn how to do it right.

Companies and businesses promoting products and services do use affiliates in a big way to help spread the word. However, they don’t waste their money simply paying people to randomly post links everywhere and spam people. They only pay out a commission (which varies) when someone makes a purchase through your unique affiliate link.

Anything else is a waste of money for them, so this easy link posting job is totally fake and no one gets paid.


Accelerated Income Link Posting


Likely Promoting Other More Expensive Programs

Generally these websites are designed as big sales funnels for other programs and products. They lure you in with the promise of easy, regular money, take your joining fee, then hammer you with endless upsells for far more expensive products and training programs, some of which are also scams.

The claim will be that you can’t make the money they promised you until you spend up big on other things.


Target Audience

Many people are looking to the internet for easy ways to make some extra cash in their spare time, and what My Home Success Plan is offering will sound perfect to someone who doesn’t know any better.

Scammers have mastered the art of telling people what they want to hear, and usually target people who are newcomers to making money on the internet, as they’re more likely to fall for the BS than someone with more experience.


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What I Like

  • There’s not one single thing I like about this


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • April Matthews is nothing but a fake name
  • Also the link posting position is fake
  • Positions most certainly are not limited
  • I’ve reviewed more than 40 of these scams by now
  • Businesses and companies don’t waste their budgets on link spamming
  • You will never get paid the money they promise
  • Stock photos and paid actors are used for testimonials and videos
  • The TV channel endorsements are fiction
  • You’ll be hit with loads of expensive upsells once you join, as that’s the purpose of these websites
  • Your credit card and personal details may be compromised if you join


How Much Does My Home Success Plan Cost?

Firstly they take $97 off you for the privilege of joining their scam. After that, they spend the rest of their time trying to fleece you for as much money as they can get out of you. They will have your credit card details, email address and phone number, so watch out.

Anything that says it has a job offer for you, but wants you to pay before you can even apply is a scam in my experience. Applying for “jobs” usually doesn’t cost the jobseeker money.


Learn How To Link Academy Fake Job


Is My Home Success Plan a Scam?

Oh yes! This is most definitely a scam! Just another in a growing line of scams brought out by these anonymous scammers, so don’t fall for it. You won’t earn a cent, You’ll just be endlessly shelling out money while they promise a big payday down the road.

The day never arrives though.


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