Is NeuroGym a Scam Or the Real Deal?



Is NeuroGym a scam? Can John Assaraf’s mind retraining program really deliver positive results? And what programs does NeuroGym have to offer?

Let’s find out…



NeuroGym ReviewCompany Name: NeuroGym


Owner: John Assaraf

Price To Join: Depends on the Program

My Rating: 8.5/10



~ The NeuroGym Review ~



Who Is John Assaraf?

John Assaraf is possibly best known for his appearance in the hit personal development and law of attraction film “The Secret”. He claims to be a serial entrepreneur and over the years has worked as a life coach and mind trainer to help improve the thoughts and lives of people all over the world. Everyone wants to be able to achieve their full potential and live their dream life, and that’s what John has helped so many people be able to do. He has grown 5 multi-million dollar companies and written 2 best selling books. The super popular NeuroGym brain retraining program is his baby, so let’s take a look at what’s so special about it.


What Is NeuroGym?

Just about all of us would like to improve our lives, maybe in one area or several. All the programs created for NeuroGym have been devised to give us the mental tools and the right mindset to be able to achieve what we want.

Do you desire to:

  • Make more money?
  • Lose weight and get fit?
  • Improve your relationships?
  • Experience better physical and mental health?
  • Gain confidence and improve self-esteem?

On the list above are just some of the more common things we all would like to improve upon. In reality the NeuroGym suite of brain retraining programs can effectively help us improve any facet of our lives.


Because everything we do starts with the mind, with how we think.


NeuroGym Slogan


How NeuroGym Can Help You

As human beings we are constantly generating thought, both positive and negative. How we think will determine how we act and react, and ultimately the results in our lives will be a reflection of our most dominant thought patterns.

No matter how much some of us may have mastered our own minds, we will all think negatively from time to time. We are people after all. But the difference lies in what part of our thinking is the most dominant. That’s why things like regularly reciting positive affirmations and the like is so heavily pushed. It trains us to use positive thoughts as our dominant way of thinking and, most importantly, it retrains our subconscious minds to think, act and react positively rather than negatively.

And that’s really where the secret lies. Our subconscious mind is really what drives us in life and gets us the results we have, whether good or bad. Most things we do and learn, we accomplish on autopilot.

Think about the first time you tried to drive a car. You literally had to consciously think about every little thing you had to do. Put your feet on the clutch and brake, start the car, check the mirrors are adjusted, get your hands positioned comfortably on the steering wheel, have a look around, gradually easy out the clutch while putting pressure on the accelerator pedal, then start driving very cautiously.

We still do all those things every time we jump in the car, but the difference now is, we don’t even think about them. It’s all done on autopilot. In the beginning we had to really consider every single step. Now our subconscious mind knows what to do out of habit and just does it for us.

That’s how we learn anything. First we consciously strive to master a new skill, training the habit into our subconscious, then after a while our subconscious automatically knows what to do and just does what it knows best.

When we repeatedly send negative thoughts from our conscious mind into our subconscious mind, what do you think is going to be the result? Our subconscious is going to learn to think, act and react negatively because that’s the food we have been feeding it all these years. That’s exactly why training our minds to think positive and be positive is just so vital. Everything we ever do first starts with our thoughts, and if our thoughts are predominantly negative, guess what the results in our day to day lives are going to be?

What the programs in John Assaraf’s NeuroGym achieve is to go down deep into our thought patterns, recognising which thoughts are not serving us well and how to effectively eradicate them. This takes some time, because it involves retraining our subconscious to think differently, and the subconscious mind can be stubborn after years of learning the same negative patterns over and over.

But it can definitely be done if you are determined and have the right tools and coaching. That’s exactly what NeuroGym has been designed to do, and why you should seriously consider signing up for one of their fantastic brain retraining programs to get the results in your life that you desire and deserve.


Who Will Benefit from The NeuroGym Suite of Programs?

Unless you’ve completely mastered your own mind and have the results in your life that you desire, then NeuroGym is designed to help just about everybody. As an example, if you desire to become wealthy, you must first learn to think like a rich person. Your actions will follow on from your thoughts, and the more you think and act like somebody who is already rich, the more steps you will naturally start to take in the right direction and soon find yourself on the pathway to wealth and prosperity.

If you desire to improve any facet in your life at all, then there is a NeuroGym program to suit you. It would literally take me pages to explain everything that’s involved in each program, so below I’ll just offer a brief overview. After that, you can always click through to the official page on the NeuroGym website for further information. I’ll provide direct links in the title of each program.


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The NeuroGym Programs Explained

Annual Brain-A-Thon

Every year NeuroGym hold an annual Brain-A-Thon. It is a completely free live online webinar where John Assaraf introduces a selection of the world's finest minds and experts on neuroscience, achieving business success, abundance in life and generally improving your day to day life. For a free event it is worth everyone's time to check it out. The best thing is, even if you don't make the actual live Brain-A-Thon, every Saturday of the year, at 9:00AM Pacific Time, there is an encore replay. All you have to do is register your interest and you are free to tune in.

It could very well be a life changing experience, so for the price of free, why wouldn't you take a look?


Brain-A-Thon Banner 2


Winning the Game of Money

This program laser targets those thoughts and beliefs you have about money, so you can discover why you are not getting the results you want and learn how to turn things around in a big way. This particular program is the most popular in NeuroGym’s suite because so many of us struggle with this part of our lives and, let’s face it, we all need money to survive.

What happens with money and our thoughts is we put ourselves under immense pressure. We know how much our lives depend on having enough of it at the very least, so we tend to stress about money and almost find ourselves hating money and developing a toxic relationship with money.

But guess what? None of this will help us get more money. If anything, all we will do is repel money. So if our thoughts are blocking us from even attracting enough money even on a survival level, how the hell are we supposed to get wealthy?

It all begins with retraining the brain, and that’s what the “Winning the Game of Money” training program is all about.

Just some of what’s involved includes:

  • 12 Level Brain Retraining System – Video and Audio
  • The Million Dollar Success Training Library
  • 6 Months Daily VIP Coaching And Support + An Extra 6 Months Bonus (Bonus #1)
  • The 5 Pillars Of Financial And Wealth Success (Bonus #2)
  • Learn To Get More Done In Less Time (Bonus #3)
  • In Depth Personality, Strengths & Success Profile Assessment (Bonus #4)
  • Money2 –The Art & Science of Financial Success (Recorded 3 Day Live Event) (Bonus #5)
  • And loads more…


Winning The Game Of Money


Winning the Game of Weight Loss

This is another area of life that so many people really struggle with – maintaining their ideal weight. Although much of this has to do with our diets and exercise program (or lack thereof), our attitude towards weight loss and how we think about it will go a long way towards determining the results we get.

Again, effective weight loss, keeping the weight off, eating healthy and exercising regularly all starts in the mind. Until we consistently get out minds right in this area, we won’t get our physical bodies right.

Let’s take a look at just some of what’s included in this program:

  • Learn to recognise your excuses centred around weight loss and eradicate them
  • Learn from experts in the business
  • Gain access to a 12 levels of video and audio training
  • Discover how to lose weight from the inside out
  • Receive daily coaching and support
  • Gain access to a whole host of free bonuses to help with weight loss
  • And so much more…


Cloning of Business Success

This one is really a more targeted and in-depth extension of the “Winning the Game of Money” program, as it’s centred around achieving greater business success. You will learn how to grow your business faster and easier than ever before, seeing results way sooner than most would expect. It’s all about cloning proven growth processes and strategies.

There is just so much involved in this particular program that there’s no way I can remotely list most of it in this review, so be sure to check out the official page on the NeuroGym website, or read my review here.

Here’s just a mere snippet of what you get:

  • More than 50 hours of comprehensive video training
  • A 200 page business success manual worth its weight in gold
  • Step by step instructions from business experts
  • How to automate your lead and sales funnels
  • Discover the secret to making millions in monthly sales
  • Building mega successful marketing campaigns
  • Daily mindset coaching and support
  • Heaps of free bonus material
  • And absolutely stacks more…


NeuroGym - Cloning of Business Success


Winning the Game of Fear

At first glance this might sound like a rather strange training program, but in reality it’s our fears that really hold us back from achieving our greatest potential, no matter what it is we want to do in life. In order to become the best person we possibly can be, we must first learn to overcome the deep-seated fears that lurk in our subconscious minds.

Our fears will often dictate the day to day decisions we make, and many times we will be making those decisions on autopilot, simply because we have trained our subconscious minds to live in fear of certain situations and possible scenarios.

In order to make great changes in our lives for the better, we must first recognise those fears that hold us back and weed them out. That’s what this particular NeuroGym program is designed to do.

Here’s just some of what you get:

  • Retrain your brain to overcome fears associated with success on any level
  • Eliminate all unconscious and unproductive fears so they stop holding you back
  • Learn how to trust yourself and take powerful action
  • There are a total of 4 video training levels and 4 audio packs
  • Receive daily coaching and support
  • Achieve a natural state of happiness and well being
  • Heaps of bonuses
  • And loads more…


Having It All

This program is really an overview of everything that’s taught in NeuroGym. It’s not as in-depth in each area, but arms you with a fantastic cross-section of tools to feel confident about achieving anything in life.

Achieve your goals and dreams more easily and quickly than ever before. That’s the main thrust behind the “Having It All” program.

Here’s some of what you get:

  • Learn not only to set goals, but how to actually go about achieving them
  • Activate the genius in your brain and change your life forever
  • Tap into the power of your unconscious mind
  • Gain access to a suite of text, video and audio programs that will arm you for success in every area of your life
  • And so much more…


The programs mentioned above are the main offerings over at NeuroGym. They do have some others, and I’ll list them here in bullet points:

  • Choose Your Own Adventure – Decide which programs you want to be involved in and get a reduced price on the package.
  • Brain A Thon – An free annual live event hosted by some of the best brains in the world. Every Saturday there is an encore replay you can sit in on.
  • In Depth Personality, Strengths, and Success Profile Assessment – Discover where your natural skills and talents lie and learn how to use them to maximum benefit.
  • The Million Dollar Success Training Library – Learn to increase your valuable skills and finances with 75 hours of video training.
  • The 5 Pillars of Financial & Wealth Success – This video series will teach you the mind tricks of the wealthy, so you can achieve greater financial success yourself.


NeuroGym Product Catalog


The Benefits Of Joining a NeuroGym Program

  • There is so much incredible training on offer that will improve every facet of your life
  • Training administered by some of the best in the business and some of the world’s greatest minds and achievers
  • Retraining your brain, learning how to think better and make positive decisions will truly turn your life around
  • Loads of free bonus materials available for every NeuroGym course
  • John Assaraf has been a highly respected and trusted mentor and trainer for many years


The Cons

  • It’s not cheap compared to some other similar training out there, but in the opinions of so many, well worth the money


How Much Do the NeuroGym Training Programs Cost?

I won’t list the prices here as NeuroGym often run special deals, so the prices may not be accurate. The cheapest deal starts with a $1 trial followed by a monthly payment plan. Most of the courses can either be paid in full, giving you a considerable saving, or be paid off in instalments over a period of months. NeuroGym offer a 100% money back guarantee on all of their products.


Is NeuroGym a Scam, or Highly Recommended?

Everyone involved in the NeuroGym training programs is a highly regarded and respected member of the community at large, and a renowned expert in their field. There is no scam here whatsoever. Brain retraining is a genuine science and something we should all learn and strive to improve in ourselves.

I’ll admit some of the training may seem rather pricey at first glance, but what’s success and a complete change in your life for the better really worth to you?

The NeuroGym system has been responsible for altering the lives of millions of people across the globe, teaching people how to get the very best out of themselves and ultimately discovering how to have the life they’ve always dreamed of.

Do you want to join them? Or be stuck in an unfulfilling life of mediocrity and frustration?

The choice is truly yours, so act today.


NeuroGym Logo


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  1. This is really cool. It has always been a dream of mine to quit my regular day job and become a full time affiliate marketer.
    But like always, that is easier said than done. It’s just that there are so many scams online, so it makes it tough to tell the real from the fake.
    So I am glad that your doing reviews on these products and giving your unbiased opinion about them. Neurogym looks very interesting and I am definitely going to look into it.

    • Hi Garrett. Thanks for stopping by. Affiliate marketing is a great online business to get into, for sure, and costs very little to do, so it’s mostly all profit.

      NeuroGym has a lot of training on offer, but not in affiliate marketing. It’s more about improving the way we think and go about things to bring us success both in business and in life. It’s run by John Assaraf, who has helped countless people attain high levels of success over the years.

  2. Hi… Thanks for the nice review…. I attended a free online webinar for neurogym for 7 hours… And it was well worth…
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