Is “Online Jobs Now” a Scam? Is This Dream Job Just a Fantasy?



Is “Online Jobs Now” a scam? It sounds like an awesome work at home opportunity, but are there really any online jobs available with this company? Or are they trying to lure you into something else?

Let’s take a closer look and find out the truth…


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Is Online Jobs Now a ScamCompany Name: Online Jobs Now

Owner: Kelly Simmons

Price To Join: $97 + Many Upsells

My Rating: 0/10



~ Online Jobs Now Review ~


What Is Online Jobs Now?

I’ve come across so many websites like “Online Jobs Now” in the past few months. Some I’ve written reviews on and some I haven’t, but they are definitely all run by the same people and offer the same dodgy fake online job scam.

The website and advertising promotes an online job from home (or internet career), where you can allegedly make $379 a day, every day for only one hour of your time.

Now, if that sounds too good to be true, that’s because it is.

The online job they’re promoting is real, but also fake at the same time, which I’ll explain further down in this review.

Essentially what they're promoting here is a form of affiliate marketing, but all done the wrong way. If you want to learn the right way to be successful at affiliate marketing, check out Wealthy Affiliate. It's free to join.


More Examples Of the Exact Same Scam

Like I said, I’ve reviewed other websites that go under different names, and sometimes different owner names, but they are all the exact same thing. Below I’ve listed just 5 of the similar sites I’ve reviewed recently.

  1. Auto Home Profits
  2. Massive Online Paydays
  3. Extreme Home Paycheck
  4. Paydays At Home
  5. Complete Profit Code

I’ve reviewed more than that, and every day I seem to find new ones that I hadn’t previously discovered. This is a scam that is really growing out of control on the internet at the moment, and I take it upon myself to make people aware of it.


Is Online Jobs Now a ScamFinancial Health Reset Scam


Fake TV Endorsements

Virtually all of their websites, including Online Jobs Now, will have the logos of TV channels and news channels plastered along the header, with words like “Featured on…”.

This is fake. They’ve never had their platform featured on any of these channels. Sometimes they will even have a video of some generic news footage where the presenter is talking about people making money online from home, but nowhere does it mention any of these dodgy platforms in particular.

The only reason they do this is to try and lend their “online job opportunity” legitimacy. No other reason.


Fake News Banner


Fake Site Owner Names

While these scammers try to use different aliases for the name of the site owner, sometimes they do repeat them. Some of the more common aliases are:

  • Kelly Simmons (the supposed owner of Online Jobs Now)
  • Michelle Robinson
  • Emily Hudson
  • Karen Evans
  • Michael Anderson
  • Cami White

These people are not real. At times they’ll post photos of these people on their sites, but they are stock photos. And they’ll actually use the exact same photo, but simply change the name. As an example, Kelly Simmons and Emily Hudson will look like identical twins, because it’s the exact same picture.


Kelly Simmons Scam 


The Scarcity Ploy

This isn’t a ploy limited to online scammers. It’s actually a very common sales tactic that is used even by legit businesses worldwide.

The idea, though, is to either have a countdown timer or a limited positions message designed to make people take action on a deal before it’s too late.

In the case of this website and its brothers and sisters, they like to use the “limited positions available” tactic. Of course the positions are not limited. They’ll let anyone who wants to join, join. It’s just a way of getting people to hurry up and take action without giving things a lot of thought.

That’s the reason scammers use the tactic over and over again. They know that if you have too much time to think about things and do some research, you’ll realise it’s a scam and not hand over your money.

Their only goal is to get your money and your sign up details. They don’t want you to think. They just want you to act.


Testimonials Written By Freelancers

They like to use glowing testimonials on their websites, saying how awesome their “job” is and how much money they’ve made because of it. The problem is, they hire freelancers to write these. The reviews are not even genuine.

If you browse some of the sister sites you’ll see the same freelancer’s alleged photos used (more stock photos).


Accelerated Income Link Posting


What Is the Fake Job?

The so called job is link posting.

What these people claim is they’ll pay you up to $15, sometimes even more, to post affiliate links around the internet. Perhaps on your own website, on your Facebook profile, in groups and forums, on Twitter and Instagram.

Now before I go on, affiliate marketing is a real thing. I do it for a living. However, you don’t get paid just to post links everywhere. You make money when someone takes an action or makes a purchase through your link.

Online Jobs Now state they will simply pay you for link posting, and do this because they want you sending traffic to their website to view ads from advertisers. It’s all fake.

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What Does Online Jobs Now Really Want From You?

They want your details, such as:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Phone number

Their websites are just a giant sales funnel. They lure you in with the promise of big, easy daily cash that doesn’t take up much of your time to earn. Once you’re inside they’ll spam your email address and have telemarketers call your phone, using high-pressure sales tactics to get you to purchase other expensive products and training platforms. They’ll claim that you can’t make the promised $379 a day until you buy these upsells.

Some of the products might be legit while others will be more dodgy scams. The point is, the “online job” they promise in their advertising is merely a ruse to get you into their expensive sales funnel of upsells.

They have also been known to sell your details to other marketers so you’ll start receiving emails and phone calls from all manner of places for all sorts of things.


Target Audience

They prey on the unsuspecting, people looking for a new job, something they can do from home online. These scammers make their offer sound so appealing that they are bound to lure in many newcomers. It’s a very underhanded way of doing business. They also appeal to those who believe in the dream of “get rich quick”.


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The Red Flags and Things I Don’t Like

  • Red FlagThis whole thing is one big con job, false advertising at its best
  • Posting links isn’t even a real job
  • The amount they claim you can earn a day from their scheme is ridiculous
  • The fake news endorsements
  • The fake testimonials
  • All the similar sites out there under different names
  • The different aliases for the site owners
  • The people they use in their videos are actors
  • They get freelancers to write their sales copy and testimonials
  • The upsells
  • The selling of your information to other marketers
  • The high-pressure sales tactics
  • All the false promises


How Much Does Online Jobs Now Cost?

The cost to join this nothing platform is a massive $97. Now I use the word “massive” because it is a high price to pay to buy into a sales funnel that virtually offers you nothing in return other than expensive upsells. You’re also buying the privilege of being hounded by marketers from all over the place. This scheme really is nothing more than a money rort designed to lighten your wallet or purse in a big way.


Is Online Jobs Now a Scam?

If ever there was a genuine internet scam doing the rounds, then this is it. These people have so many websites out there now that all promote the exact same scam. Although many people might recognise the scam, there will be a lot of newcomers to making money online who won’t, and they are the ones these people target.

Definitely steer well clear of Online Jobs Now and any other website or online job offer that looks, feels or smells like the same thing.


How Do I Make My Money Online?

I make really good money online with affiliate marketing, but I do it the right way. The very reason I was able to be successful at what I do is because of the awesome training I did.

These days much of my income is both residual and passive; meaning the work I’ve done in the past still makes me money today, and that has a compounding effect. My online business doesn’t tie me to any one location and offers me the ultimate lifestyle freedom of having both time and money. That’s what I’ve always wanted and that’s what I’ve managed to achieve because I was determined to put in the effort to make it happen.

If you would like to make a great income online and live a much more satisfying and abundant lifestyle, then do what I do. Follow in my footsteps and the footsteps of others. If I can start from scratch and go from zero to earning over 5 figures per month online, then you can to. Anyone can do this if they want it bad enough.

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2 thoughts on “Is “Online Jobs Now” a Scam? Is This Dream Job Just a Fantasy?

  1. Online Jobs Now makes it looks so real that you would believe that they are legit. It is a shame at what people would do to make a buck on on the internet! I am so tired of these people! I am glad I did not buy into all the hype but it is tempting to get paid just to post links.

    • Online Jobs Now is just one site in a long list of similar sites brought out by the same scammers. There must be at elast 30 or more of these websites all promoting the same link posting scam. I’m really tired of these people too. That’s one of the reasons I run this website, to expose the scams as well as highlight the good opportunities.

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