Is Peanut Labs a Scam? They Really Do Pay Peanuts!



Is Peanut Labs a scam? That seems to be a pretty popular opinion around the internet, but is Peanut Labs really scamming people, or is it just not worth the bother?

Let’s take a look and discover the truth….


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Is Peanut Labs a ScamCompany Name: Peanut Labs

Owners: Peanut Labs, Inc.

Price To Join: Free

My Rating: 1/10



~ Peanut Labs Review ~


What Is Peanut Labs and How Does It Work?

I’ve personally joined and been involved with quite a number of survey platforms over the years as well as rewards sites, so I have quite a bit of experience with them.

Today we’re taking a looks at the survey/offers platform – Peanut Labs.

The San Francisco company has been operating since 2007 online, so it’s been around for a while now despite all the claims on various sites that it’s a scam.

Essentially Peanut Labs is yet another site where you can earn small rewards for participating in paid surveys. However, surveys is not all that’s on offer at Peanut Labs. They also have offers you can join and earn small rewards for as well.

Currently Peanut Labs has more than 3 million members and claims to have paid out over $10 million in rewards to those members. If you do the math on those figures, that equates to roughly $3.33 per member earned on average overall.

Not much cash when you look at it like that.

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Peanut Labs Complaints Sitejabber


How Can You Earn On Peanut Labs?

To join Peanut Labs you can’t actually do it via the Peanut Labs website. Instead, Peanut Labs integrates itself with other platforms, such as rewards sites like Swagbucks and Inbox Dollars. To gain access to what’s on offer at Peanut Labs, you will need to join a site that has the Peanut Labs platform integrated within it.

Once you do access Peanut Labs through a third party site, you will then be able to create an account and answer a series of profile questions. Form that point on you’re good to go to start earning rewards.

The main thing to do is take online paid surveys, but be warned, Peanut Labs literally do pay peanuts for these. The average Peanut Labs survey runs for about 20 minutes and pays a whopping 50 cents for your time! Wow.

The other downside to the surveys there, is they are too few and far between.

Perhaps the biggest complaint about PL surveys is the qualifying questions. All surveys have these but it can be incredibly hard to actually pass the qualifying questions in a PL survey and actually get to participate in the paid part of the survey. Which is most unfortunate, as you won’t get to earn that 50 cents.

Other ways you can earn with Peanut Labs is by taking up offers like getting insurance quotes and various things like that.

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Peanut Labs Complaints

If you do a Google search for Peanut Labs you’ll come across countless mentions of complaints and people calling the site a scam.

The biggest complaint of all is people not getting credited their rewards after completing a survey. This one seems to be very common practice with PL. For a start it’s hard to get past their screening questions, and when you do and take the time to complete the survey, they fail to reward you anyway.

As if doing paid surveys isn’t pitiful enough when it comes to how much they pay, let alone doing stacks of surveys and never seeing a cent for them.

People are also supposed to earn rewards when taking up various offers or performing other tasks as well, but again the same complaints about not getting rewarded.


Peanut Labs Review Trustpilot


Target Audience

Anyone looking to make a little extra cash online, or have their very first taste of making some money on the internet.


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What I Like

  • It’s free to join through third party rewards sites
  • Active in 29 countries
  • Been around since 2007


What I Don’t Like

  • There are so many complaints out there about Peanut Labs
  • The rewards, when they do credit them, are pitiful
  • It’s a tough gig trying to earn any decent money doing surveys and the like
  • The trial offers can cost you money if you’re not careful
  • Complaints of payments going missing


How Much Does Peanut Labs Cost?

It’s free to join the platform through other rewards style websites.


Peanut Labs Complaints Scambook


Is Peanut Labs a Scam?

I’m kind of close to labelling it a scam, despite the fact they’ve been around since 2007. From what I can gather they used to be very good, but in more recent years things have really been on a downhill slide. It sounds like they just don’t care anymore.

I’ve read complaints about their customer service either being rude or non-existent, payments going missing, completing surveys and tasks and never seeing the rewards credited, countless hours spent trying to qualify for surveys and then getting told you don’t.

Even apart from the rather dodgy business practices, when they do pay you something for your efforts, it really isn’t worth the bother. Compared to other surveys sites, PL pay out terrible amounts for the time you spend filling out their surveys. There are much better survey platforms out there.

I’d give Peanut Labs a really wide berth based on the research I’ve done. You're probably better off playing the lotto.


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