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Is “Survey Junkie” a scam, or a cool way to make a bit of extra cash on the side? Is it really worth your time and effort? So many people look to survey and rewards sites for a way to make some extra cash, but does it really pay off or not?

Read on to find out the truth…


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Is Survey Junkie A ScamCompany Name: Survey Junkie

Owners: Survey Junkie

Price To Join: Free

My Rating: 6/10




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What Is “Survey Junkie”?

It seems like the internet has been taken over with companies offering to pay you to take surveys. Survey Junkie is yet another one. Some people call survey sites scams, but I’ve personally been involved with quite a few over the years and I’ve never come across one that’s a scam.

Sure, they don’t pay very much and sometimes the surveys glitch out and you get no credit, but they’re not scams.

Like the others I’ve tried, Survey Junkie are the go between. Businesses and companies that need to gather information from their target market submit their survey questions to Survey Junkie. Survey Junkie then feeds the surveys out to relevant members of their platform. You answer the questions on the survey and receive a certain amount of rewards points for completing the survey.

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How It Works

You first create an account with Survey Junkie, then answer their profile questions in full. This part of the process is vital, as this information is used to match you up with surveys relevant to your geographic location, demographic and interests.

When appropriate surveys come along they’ll be emailed to you. There is usually a timeframe to respond and complete surveys, as generally the companies running them only want a certain number of participants. The companies pay Survey Junkie a fee for each completed survey, then Survey Junkie subtracts their fee and credits the survey takers with a portion of the remainder.

You can also select surveys listed in the various categories on their website. Each survey will be worth a certain amount of money. When you complete surveys, cash is added to your account. Once your account reaches $10 or more, you can cash out and be paid with PayPal. The average survey is worth between 100 to 200 points, and you’ll need to accumulate 1000 points to be equivalent to the payout threshold of $10.

It’s all pretty straightforward.


Survey Junkie System


What I Don’t Like About Surveys

Some companies take advantage of the opening qualifying questions. You have to pass these in order to be able to undertake the paid part of the survey. Some companies ask far too many qualifying questions, then say you haven’t qualified. This means they get a bunch of free feedback out of participants. Most businesses won’t do this, but some do.

Surveys sometimes glitch out halfway through and you don’t get to complete them. This means you earn nothing for your time if this happens.

It can take a while to actually receive the money after cashing out, plus the amount of time it takes doing surveys doesn’t equate to a very profitable hourly rate.

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Who Is The Target Audience?

Surveys are for practically anyone, but you do have to be over 18 to participate in Survey Junkie, and you must live in the USA, UK, Australia or Canada. You won’t likely make much money, but it can be handy extra coin at times.


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The Pros

  • Surveys are easy
  • Anyone can do surveys
  • Good for some part-time earnings
  • It’s something different to do


The Cons

  • Restricted to USA, Canada, Australia and UK
  • The payouts are rather small
  • It takes a long time to get paid after cashing out
  • Some companies take advantage of the qualifying questions
  • Doing a lot of surveys gets very tedious
  • It won’t make you much money for your time
  • They way over-estimate the amount of money you can conceivably make


Tools and Training

As survey taking is very straightforward, you don’t really need any training as such. Survey Junkie has a pretty good platform, and it’s not hard to navigate or understand.


Survey Junkie Get Paid


How Much Does Survey Junkie Cost To Join?

As with most survey companies like this, Survey Junkie is free to join.


Is “Survey Junkie” A Scam?

It’s no scam, just not a very profitable way to spend your time. If you understand the reality that you won’t be paid much to sit for hours in front of your computer answering questions, and you’re fine with this, then surveys are okay for some extra money on the side.

t’s very hard to turn this into a fulltime gig, as you generally won’t make enough per month to justify that. Just keep it part-time and look for other ways to make better money. It’s a good starting point to prove that making money online is actually possible.


A Better Way To Spend Your Time and Make Money Online

I do affiliate marketing for a living. I used to do a lot of surveys, and still do on occasion, but now my time is far better spent working on my online business.

Affiliate marketing, when done right, pays a lot more than surveys and can lead to passive income in many ways. That means that the work you do today can keep generating an income for you over and over again. With surveys you only get paid for each block of time that you work on a survey.

If you don’t know what affiliate marketing actually is, it’s simply promoting the products of other companies and getting paid a commission when a sale is made. It can all be run entirely online and you can work from anywhere in the world that has internet. It’s like being a sales rep. You don’t manufacture or physically stock any products, nor do you ship anything out.

It’s all very simple in its design.

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