Is “The Rich Life Letter” a Scam or FREE Monthly Checks?



Is The Rich Life Letter a scam or not? There has been a bit of buzz around certain financial circles of late about this “letter” and how it teaches people to cash in on some lesser known financial loopholes, but does the editor speak the truth, or is this nothing but a bunch of hype to get you to pay to subscribe?

Let’s take a closer look and find out the truth…



Is The Rich Life Letter a Scam

Company Name: The Rich Life Letter

Owners: Nilus Mattive

Price To Join: $49-$89

My Rating: 4/10


~ The Rich Life Letter Review ~



Because there was so much talk about The Rich Life Letter, and also because I’ve reviewed very similar newsletters in the past, I decided to take a closer look at this one too and see what it is offering.

It’s good to see you here reading this review, as it shows you do your homework before joining anything, and with the internet having so many dodgy schemes and scams, that’s always a wise choice of action.

I always seek out the good stuff and the bad and write reviews on make money programs and training to help my readers make informed decisions.

Let’s see if The Rich Life Letter is any good or not.


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What Is The Rich Life Letter?

This is a monthly newsletter filled with financial advice. It’s currently edited by a guy named Nilus Mattive and is published by the company Agora Financial along with Banyan Hill Publishing.

What Nilus is offering in his newsletter is financial advice and investment opportunities that a lot of people are not aware of. It’s about locating great opportunities at early stages, or taking advantage of loopholes, to make a decent return on investment.

Nilus edits and controls the final make up of each monthly edition of The Rich Life Letter, but there are many analysts, financial experts and contributors working behind the scenes to compile the information.

Editor Nilus has rather extensive previous experience in the field prior to teaming up with Agora Financial, so he brings a lot of knowledge to the table. He’s even the author of a popular book called “The New Investor”.

When you dig deeper into The Rich Life Letter it sounds suspiciously similar to another newsletter brought out by Agora which I wrote a review on just a few weeks ago. That one’s called “Cash For Patriots” and is edited by Zach Sheidt. Much of the sales pitch and what’s on offer almost sounds like the same thing.

There is a lot of talk about Donald Trump and how he’s changed the tax laws, making it far more attractive for American companies to leave much of their money in the country, rather than continually shipping it out to offshore tax havens. Nilus claims that people can take advantage of these new laws and receive checks to the tune of $597 and up to $6189 every month.

The presentation video rambles on and on about this stuff, and it all comes across as sounding very easy for anyone to cash in on these new tax laws. But is it really as simple as it sounds?

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Is The Rich Life Letter a Scam


How It Really Works

As I said, this is brought to us by the team at Agora Financial. So far I’ve written a number of reviews on their offers, which are all financial newsletters of some description that offer investment advice.

Some others I’ve recently reviewed include:

The idea is to get people to pay for a subscription to The Rich Life Letter and receive it for a period of at least 12 months.

Back to the Donald Trump tax reforms. Nilus promotes it as being the “greatest retirement program in history”.

That’s a pretty big statement to make. So how’s it work exactly?

The entire sales pitch is definitely slanted in the favour of trump supporters, but if there truly is some benefit to this for everyone, then that won’t really matter at the end of the day if the goal is making money from new investment opportunities.

Unfortunately a lot of what’s put forth in the promotional pitch for the newsletter is actually fabricated and not even real, even displaying pictures of non-existent “Trump Checks”, but that doesn’t mean there’s no value in becoming a monthly subscriber to The Rich Life Letter.

We’re told we can all receive these “free checks” in the mail on a regular basis. All we have to do is take advantage of the new laws and loopholes that The Rich Life Letter reveals to its subscribers.

It’s funny that they call them Trump Checks, when the actual checks you can receive don’t even originate from the government, but rather from the private sector.


The Rich Life Letter Sales Pitch


What Nilus and Agora Financial Are Really Talking About Here

Although Agora Financial is a legit investment advice firm, it is also unfortunately notorious for delivering advice that’s not always the best; whether that’s about stashing your cash in overseas locations to avoid tax, to what stocks are hot to invest in.

Not all their information is dubious, as they offer some really sound advice as well, but you just need to be a little careful when reading through their material if you decide to join one of their many newsletters. Always look for external information to back up what Agora say before taking any firm action.

Agora and its editors have nothing to do whatsoever with Donald Trump or any of his new tax laws. The company simply offers advice on what investors can do to take advantage of these new reforms.

The basis of this particular newsletter is that companies who were previously keeping the majority of their money offshore will now be bringing it all back into the United States. This cash will increase company dividends, meaning that if you happen to invest in these companies, then you stand to receive much bigger payouts than you would have previously.

To take advantage of what Agora is preaching, obviously you’ll need to invest in these companies by buying their stocks, and the right companies to invest in will be revealed in Agora’s The Rich Life Letter.

There very well could be new investment opportunities made available by Trump and what Agora is talking about, but also keep in mind that Agora Financial makes the bulk of its income from selling newsletter subscriptions.


Target Audience

Anyone who has some money to invest and is looking for some hot tips most likely would be attracted to this type of investment advice newsletter. It’s all about stock market investing, and you’ll need a bankroll of cash to take part and take advantage of any legitimate deals.


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What I Like

  • There are actually some tax reforms in place that make it more appealing for companies to bring offshore money back to the US
  • Agora Financial does offer some sound investment advice


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • There is a lot of BS and hype in the sales presentation
  • The Rich Life Letter is not associated with any of the current government’s tax reforms
  • Again, Nilus uses some misleading sales tactics to get people to join The Rich Life Letter
  • Agora makes the majority of it’s money through newsletter subscriptions, and they have a lot of newsletters
  • If you dig deeper into Agora Financial you’ll uncover quite a few complaints about this company offering tips and advice that don’t pan out
  • No real customer support
  • There are no such thing as "Trump Checks"


Trump Checks


How Much Does The Rich Life Letter Cost?

The Rich Life Letter newsletter comes in two version like all of Agora’s offers do. The price for subscription depends on which version you sign up for. There is the digital version of the newsletter and accompanying materials for $49 per year, or you can pay almost double at $89 a year for the digital/hardcopy version of The Rich Life Letter.


Is The Rich Life Letter a Scam?

I don’t think there’s any scam going on here, either with the newsletter itself or the investment advice contained within its pages. Trump’s government has instigated some tax changes that could very well lead to more company money coming back to American shores.

What I don’t like about The Rich Life Letter sales page and video presentation is they do tell a few lies, basically hyping up how easy it is to make money with their advice, although they never fully reveal just what that advice is until you dig deeper.

Nilus makes out like there are heaps of free monthly checks up for grabs and anybody can just go out there and get them, when in reality it’s all about investing in stocks and hoping to receive these checks as dividend payments.

Banyan Hill Publishing in conjunction with Agora Financial do use underhanded, bait and switch tactics to get people to join their newsletters, but the newsletters themselves are generally okay and not really expensive.

I don’t rate this whole scheme very highly, but it may be worth a look if you’re into stock market investing.


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