Is Wealth Development Center a Scam? Or Will It Make You Wealthy?



Is Wealth Development Center a scam or not? You bet it is! It’s just another in a long line of websites advertising fake link posting jobs.that don't exist. I've seen it all many times before.



Is Wealth Development Center a ScamCompany Name: Wealth Development Center

Owners: Unknown

Price To Join: $97

My Rating: 0/10



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I devote much of this website to product reviews of various make money opportunities. Some are legit while others are complete scams. It's always wise to do some research before joining anything and parting with your hard earned money, so I'm glad to see you here reading my review of Wealth Development Center. At least you won't be scammed by these repetitive con artists.


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What Is Wealth Development Center and How Does It Work?

This scam website really is not much different to the multitude of others put out there by the same people. This mob of scammers just keep creating new websites under new site names and different owner aliases every time the heat gets too hot on one of their other scam sites. I’ve now reviewed at least 10 of these “link placement agent” fake job sites. There are heaps more than what I’ve actually reviewed.

Some of the others go by the following names:

  • Daily Web Biz
  • Secure Job Position
  • Income Form Home Academy
  • Cash From Home
  • Home Jobs Today
  • Home Profit System
  • And so many more…

They all advertise the same thing, that you can make around $400 a day online posting links for big companies and retailers. It’s all fake, all of it. Everything about Wealth Development Center and its host of sister sites is a charade and nothing more.

What the so-called job is involves posting affiliate links on your website, social media and the like and these big companies will pay you up to $15 for each link you post. Never heard of that happening simply because it’s untrue. This is all a ruse to get people into their sales funnel so they can unleash their real agenda.

And what is that?

They want your details. They want to hound you by email and especially by phone to sell you other high ticket training programs. You join something like Wealth Development Center under the impression that once you pay your joining fee you will have everything you need to make that $400 a day for very little effort that they promise. You’re never going to make this anyway because the link posting job isn’t even real. They will then call you up and state that if you really want to earn the kind of money they claim, you will need to invest thousands in this training package and that one.

These scammers also sell your details to others so you will be spammed and hounded by who knows else along the way as well. They’ve been in trouble with the FTC in the past and have had many complaints, but the problem is they remain anonymous and they keep reinventing their dodgy scheme under new guises every few months, hence the reason there are so many of these sites. Likely they’ve taken millions of dollars off people over the years and they continue to do so; both through their membership fees, their upsells and selling off your information.

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Wealth Development Center Complaints


Target Audience

These low lifes prey on unsuspecting newcomers to making money online. For those who have no real experience with making money on the internet, they may not realise that the lies this site and the others tell isn’t true. People who don’t know any better think it’s a real job, even though you are asked to PAY $97 to get the link posting job. They also target people looking for quick and easy cash.


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The Pros

  • There is nothing good to say about WDC or the people who run it


The Cons

  • It’s a scam
  • Link posting jobs are a fantasy
  • Your details will be sold
  • You will be hounded by email and phone to buy other expensive products
  • You will never get a refund of your joining fee
  • You are just buying into their sales funnel and nothing more
  • The testimonials and news endorsements are faked


Tools and Training

Just a bunch of upsells they want to sell you which still won’t help you make any money through their bogus link posting scam.


Online Income Logo


How Much Does Wealth Development Center Really Cost?

For the bargain price of just $97 you get to buy into a useless sales funnel so you can be harassed to buy other products. Also for your entry fee you don’t get the promised $400 for just an hour of your time. You get nothing. You would do far more good just giving your $97 to someone in the street than handing it over to this bunch of scammers.


Is Wealth Development Center a Scam?

Definitely, absolutely without a doubt a scam for all money. All their sites are the same and they are all promoting the same scam. Stay away from WDC and any other site that resembles it. They give legitimate training platforms and money making systems a bad name.


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6 thoughts on “Is Wealth Development Center a Scam? Or Will It Make You Wealthy?

  1. It is so sad that the people behind these sites can continually do what they are doing while unsuspecting people fall for the lies in their quest to make money online.
    With so many scams going on, do you think they’ll come a time on the internet where every site will need to go through a verification program?

    You just don’t know who to trust these days and with the option of keeping your domain registration signup details private, it’s becoming even harder for a user to check the validity of websites before they sign up to ‘offers’.

    Thanks for your review on this scam and the associates. I will definitely keep an eye out for them (only to avoid them!)

    • Hi Jacqueline. I don’t know if there will come a day where websites are monitored and regulated. I guess it could happen, but it would be hard to implement globally. We just need to keep our eyes open and do our research before we buy into anything. Especially if it sounds too good to be true. Wealth Development Center is nothing but a con run by scammers with multitudes of websites all selling the same BS.

  2. Hi Darren!
    Thanks for your review of Wealth development center. Even I was a victim of such type of a scam before entering into Wealthy Affiliate. Like link posting scam there were ad clicking scams and I used to click ads for hours, ultimately being fooled by the website owners.
    Thanks for bringing such scammers into the light.

    • Yeah those ad clicking sites will usually either be a scam, or just pay you virtually nothing for all your valuable time and energy spend clicking on them. Glad to hear you found your way to Wealthy Affiliate already. It’s certainly a far better option than Wealth Development Center, which really is a nothing platform.

  3. Thanks for warning us of another scam site just like to get our information and make us pay a lot of money for a scammy product.

    Hopefully the people behind these kind of sites will be found out, so they can’t make site to rip people off.

    I’ll stick to wealthy affiliate since I know it will make me money online a legitimate way.

    • No problem, Michael. Glad you found it helpful. Somehow these scammers seem to keep getting away with it and just keep on making new sites all the time. I know of at least 30 or 40 of them, likely all run by the same person or people. Sounds like you’re on the right path yourself anyway.

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