Is Wi-Fi Wealth System a Scam or Easy $400 a Day?



Is Wi-Fi Wealth System a scam or a gateway to making an easy $400 a day? They claim it’s a very simple copy and paste system that generates cash on autopilot, but is this really the truth or just a sales pitch?

Let’s take a closer look and find out the truth…



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Is Wi-Fi Wealth System a ScamCompany Name: Wi-Fi Wealth System

Owner: Anji Long and Ben Martin

Price To Join: Free To Get Started

My Rating: 5.5/10



~ Wi-Fi Wealth System Reviews ~



Maybe you saw something about Wi-Fi Wealth System online, or someone might have approached you about joining it. Either way, it’s great that you’re here reading my review first, as it proves you don’t just enter into something blindly. You do your research first, and that’s a wise move with so many make money scams online as well as other platforms that really are a waste of time and money.

I like to expose scams on my website so people can avoid falling for them, as well as highlighting the good stuff I come across, and there’s quite a bit of good training and money making opportunities on the internet. Unfortunately the positive stuff often gets buried among all the “online guru” crap that is generally just rubbish to get your money for the most part.

Anyway, let’s see how Wi-Fi Wealth System stacks up.


What Is Wi-Fi Wealth System?

A woman named Anji presents us with the Wi-Fi Wealth System and she promotes it as a done for you system, or copy and paste system, that will lead to making an easy $400 a day, every day, on a consistent basis. This is achieved by making multiple $80 commissions by signing up for and promoting 3 particular products.

Anji actually says we get “unlimited” commissions, but of course commissions will be limited by how much effort is put into this and how well someone can promote it to others.

Basically this system works on the affiliate marketing business model, meaning you will promote some products and earn commissions when someone else buys those products through your recommendation and unique affiliate link.


How It Really Works

When you join – which is free – you input your email address and you’ll receive a welcome email from Anji, which encourages you to set up your account. What you’ll then do, after creating an account, is sign up for 3 offers.

Now this is where the affiliate marketing part comes in. When you join through whoever referred you, they’ll make an affiliate commission when you sign up for the offers. Once you’re on board, you then start promoting the Wi-Fi Wealth System to others and also earn commissions on the 3 offers when people sign up through your affiliate referral link.

The way the creators recommend you market the Wi-Fi Wealth System is through purchasing solo ads. If you’re not sure what a solo ad is, it’s where you purchase space on someone’s established email list and pay a set amount per click on links within the email you give them to send to their list.

Solo ads can work out expensive if you buy them on mass volume, which is often needed to get enough traffic to your offers.

You actually earn a $1.50 referral commission for every person who clicks through to Wi-Fi Wealth System through your link and signs up with a free account.


Is Wi-Fi Wealth System a Scam


The 3 Offers and Ways To Earn

Here are the 3 offers involved in the Wi-Fi Wealth System and how much you can earn from them. There are actually 4 earning opportunities, when you count the pay per lead they give you.


#1 Pay Per Lead

As mentioned above, for every lead you send them that creates a free account, you’ll earn $1.50. That’s not much, but shouldn’t be too hard to do to get someone to join for free and check it out.


#2 Join Ebates

Ebates is a legitimate online cashback site, where you receive rebates when you shop online through their portal. The way the referral/affiliate program works is you earn a $25 commission when someone joins through you and spends at least $25 through the Ebates site.


#3 Motor Club of America (MCA)

This is an auto club that offers motorists roadside assistance among other services. As an affiliate of MCA you stand to earn commissions of $80 for every new member you refer to the club.


#4 Join Aweber

Aweber handles all emailing services when it comes to list building and autoresponders. They also have an affiliate program and the amount you earn will depend on the membership level your referral buys. These commissions are recurring every month for as long as your referral remains a member. The commission rate is 30%.


Getting Traffic Is the Harder Part

While buying solo ads is the traffic method of choice promoted by this platform, that won’t always be effective, as many people who join Wi-Fi Wealth System are all referred to the same solo ad sellers with the same list; meaning the same people will keep getting hit with the same offers from Wi-Fi Wealth System members.

Organic search engine traffic usually converts better, but can take a lot of time and the writing of a lot of content, which you host on your own website. At least organic traffic is both free and pretty reliable.

Another free source of traffic is promoting to your followers on your social media accounts.

There is a 20 minute training video that runs you through the processes of promoting this, but it mostly just focuses on using solo ads.


Target Audience

This is aimed at anyone who is looking for a system that’s already in place that they can potentially earn from if they simply follow the system. It’s not necessarily targeted at online money making newbies, as others with some experience might also be interested.


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What I Like

  • Affiliate marketing is a real online gig (I do it)
  • You could potentially make some okay money with this, if you don’t spend all your income on solo ads
  • The offers they get you to sign up for are all legitimate
  • The system is quite simple the way it’s designed


What I Don’t Like

  • There really needs to be far more training on how to promote the system and how to get that all-important traffic
  • Making money from this will be harder than what the owners make out
  • You might spend loads of cash on solo ads that lead to no conversions
  • Other members will likely be having their offers emailed to the same people on the same solo ad lists that get recommended
  • This is not really a copy and paste, done for you system like they claim, and it certainly doesn’t bring in money on autopilot


How Much Does Wi-Fi Wealth System Cost?

Okay, so it’s technically free to join Wi-Fi Wealth System, but apart from the cost of solo ads and any other advertising you might do, there are some other costs involved. These include:

  • Ebates is free.
  • MCA will cost you $19.95 a month, but you have to buy two months worth upfront, so $39.90, and then $19.95 every month after that.
  • Aweber gives you the first month free, but after that you will be paying $19 for up to 2000 email subscribers. If you manage to grow your list above 2000, then the monthly fee increases.


Is Get Weekly Paychecks a Scam


Is Wi-Fi Wealth System a Scam?

No, this is definitely not a scam. Overall it’s not too bad a system, but harder to make money from than what Anji and Ben would have you believe. All the offers they get you to sign up for are well-established companies that are genuine, and so are their affiliate programs.

One of my main reservations with this one is a lack of training on how to get traffic to these offers so you can make money. Solo ads might work to a point, but that’s pretty limited and could end up costing quite a lot of money.

I also think the entire system is a bit limited. I mean, it works on the affiliate marketing business model, but there is so much more you can do with affiliate marketing than what’s taught here.

It’s okay, but nothing awesome.


Want To Make Real Money Online? Here’s How I Do It

While the Wi-Fi Wealth System is okay, it is a bit limited in scope when it comes to the length and breadth of what can be achieved with an affiliate marketing business. I do this for a living and there is just so much more you can do with it. And the income potential can be enormous, depending on which direction you go with it.

One of the great things about having an online affiliate marketing business is the extremely low overheads to get started and run it. It costs hardly anything, unlike most other businesses. You also get to work from home, be your own boss, spend more time with your family, and you can do it as little or as much as you like, according to your goals.

Anyone can be successful at it, but to guarantee you are, it’s best to get some training that shows you exactly how to do it right. This will short cut your success, as well as save you time and frustration.

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