Is Your Freedom Mentor a Scam or a Ticket To Financial Freedom?



Is Your Freedom Mentor a scam or not? This is the question many people have been asking, so I decided to have a look at this make money online (MMO) scheme to see what it’s like. Whoever runs it claims we can make over  $1000 a day in our spare time, but is this legit, or just some sort of sales line to suck us in?

Let’s take a look and discover the truth…



Is Your Freedom Mentor a ScamCompany Name: Your Freedom Mentor

Owners: Unknown

Price To Join: $37

My Rating: 1/10



~ Your Freedom Mentor Review ~



This site of mine is designed to help people find ways to make money on the internet. That’s why I write a lot of reviews about make money online schemes and training platforms that supposedly show you how to do it.

There is plenty of good stuff out there, but unfortunately the online world is home to many scams and waste of time schemes as well. The idea of my product reviews is to help people seek out the good stuff while bypassing the bad.

It’s a good thing that you’re here reading this review. It shows you do your research before joining anything, and therefore far less likely to ever fall for a scam.

Let’s see how Your Freedom Mentor measures up in the good or bad stakes.


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What Is Your Freedom Mentor?

Whoever runs the ”Your Freedom Mentor” site claims we can make an easy $1000 a day in our spare time. That sounds very enticing, as that’s more than $30k a month on a part-time basis.

Who wouldn’t want that?

What’s more, they claim that you can be making this sort of cash within just a few days of joining their scheme. The BS continues when the (not live) video states that an account (not sure what account exactly) has already been created for you and is already making you money as you watch the video.

Cough…cough…but that’s complete bullshit.

How could they have some account making money for you on autopilot while you’re watching the video and they don’t even know a thing about you yet?

You only need to perform a few clicks after joining up and within a day or two all this money will be flowing into your life like magic.

Another incredulous cough.

I’ve been making money online for about 15 years now and I’ve never, ever come across anything that makes you money that quickly. Not even a couple of bucks, let alone over $1000 a day. It might be possible with online gambling or something, but not much else.

The sales video is actually the exact same pitch as the video in a few other similar schemes I’ve come across and written reviews on, such as “Millionaire Biz Pro”.

Everything in the video is way over-hyped and actually not even true. There is no easy money in 24 hours with what’s on offer at Your Freedom Mentor. In fact, Your Freedom Mentor doesn’t even really offer anything itself, as we’re about to discover.

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Is Your Freedom Mentor a Scam


How It Really Works

Like I just mentioned, the owner of Your Freedom Mentor hasn’t actually invented any sort of make money online scheme here. In fact, the website is really just a feeder site for someone else’s platform, and the person behind Your Freedom Mentor is just an affiliate of another platform trying to recruit new members and earn commissions.

Now while there’s nothing wrong with this as such, what I don’t like about sites like this one is they use a lot of deception to reel people in and basically tell a lot of lies about how it all works. They also make out like they have their own money making system when they don’t.

The owner of Your Freedom Mentor is a member of another high ticket (very expensive) platform called MOBE. Heaps of MOBE affiliates use this ploy of bait and switch and deception to lure people into joining MOBE, rather than just setting up a site and being honest and upfront about what they’re really asking you to join.

I’m sure MOBE teach this tactic, as too many of its members do it.


Your Freedom Mentor Banner


So What’s MOBE All About?

I’ve written a full review on MOBE here, so I won’t go deeply into it, but I’ll briefly cover how MOBE operates for convenience.

The MOBE platform has been around for quite a few years now. Some people have managed to be successful with it, but you need quite a lot of cash upfront, as well as have the time and drive to sell expensive products to others. The way the platform is designed is very similar to loads of other schemes out there, such as Six Figure Mentors and Aspire.

Like the two mentioned above, MOBE bases its entire business model on recruiting people to sell MOBE to others. You don’t sell anything else, you don’t even learn to sell anything else, just MOBE products and training modules.

When people join MOBE they enter what’s known as their 21 Steps program. This program is basically designed to get you to buy more and more stuff as you go along. You’ll be assigned your very own “millionaire mentor”, but this is a just a MOBE sales rep whose jobs it is to convince you to keep spending.

Because MOBE wants it’s members to buy stuff at MOBE and sell MOBE stuff to others, they actually MAKE you buy MOBE products so you’re eligible to earn a commission on them. If you sell a MOBE product to someone else that you haven’t first purchased yourself, then you forfeit any commission owed on that sale.

For this reason MOBE encourages members to go all in and purchase everything. In reality this sets you back around $64,000!

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MOBE Banner


The Target Audience

They may not state this in any of their sales pitches, but MOBE is really targeting people who have quite a bit of money to play with and the time to put into selling a high ticket product. There’s no way on earth anyone is going to be earning thousands of dollars a week right from the outset of joining MOBE. Very likely most people will make little to no money. MOBE just likes to fleece its members for as much as they can get.

I really don’t think too many experienced marketers would be interested in MOBE and similar schemes, because they are too expensive, too limiting, and make you buy all their products first.


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What I Like

  • MOBE does have some pretty good training, although focused all on MOBE itself
  • It’s possible to make some money


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • Your Freedom Mentor is simply just a MOBE feeder site set up by an affiliate
  • Your Freedom Mentor has nothing to offer of itself
  • The joining fee is really your base entry into MOBE
  • Making money as a MOBE affiliate would really be an uphill battle at the prices they charge and how much you first have to spend yourself
  • This website is full of lies, deception and uses bait and switch tactics to lure people into something else that they don’t openly advertise
  • The millionaire mentor is simply a MOBE sales rep
  • You won’t be making money within 24 hours of joining, no way
  • The BS about them opening an account for you that is already making money while you sit through the sales video is complete fiction
  • MOBE has loads and loads of upsells
  • You need a very big bankroll to get going with systems like MOBE
  • You also need time to be a master recruiter


How Much Does Your Freedom Mentor Cost?

Your Freedom Mentor is charging people $37 to join MOBE at the very base level. You will then enter the 21 Steps, after which your wallet will be lighter by tens of thousands of dollars by the time you complete the 21 steps.

To really freely earn with MOBE you’re kind of forced to buy everything, and like I mentioned earlier, that costs close to $65k.


Passive Payday Cost of Mobe


Is Your Freedom Mentor a Scam?

Look, I really don’t like deceptive sites like this one that tell people a bunch of lies and use bait and switch tactics to get people into something else they never advertised. It’s not transparent and it’s not honest.

Would I call it an outright scam?

Not entirely, but it’s close. I only don’t call Your Freedom Mentor a scam because MOBE is a real platform, just very expensive and extremely limited in its scope as an online business. You also need a bankroll to do well with MOBE, which no one tells you at the start, and you also need to have the skill to be able to sell expensive products, trainings and systems to other people.

Whoever made this website claims to have invented their own money making scheme and training, when they haven’t actually created a thing other than a feeder site.

MOBE is a tough sell and really not worth joining in my opinion.


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