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Being able to stay at home and not travel to a day job is becoming the dream of more and more people in these days of the internet and the possibility of running a business entirely online. But many people don’t know how to make money working from home online, despite it being their vision for a better future.


Some Advantages Of Working From Home Online

How To Start An Online Business From Home With No MoneyMany of us just don’t want to work from home for the mere hell of it. There are loads of advantages to this scenario. That’s why I work from home and millions of other people across the globe do as well. Even many people employed in jobs have flexible work schedules these days and do some of their tasks from home instead of in the office.

Let’s quickly list a few of the advantages to help build the vision of the dream, and why you should really make a concerted effort to set up a home business online if you haven’t already done so.

No Daily Commute: This is a big deal to many of us, having to struggle our way through traffic in the morning and the evening. It’s not only frustrating, but it also soaks up a lot of our valuable time; time we can never get back.

Be Our Own Boss: Possibly the biggest reason why a lot of us want to work for ourselves; so we no longer have a boss to please or answer to. Plus, you never have the fear of getting fired. The only way this can happen is if you fire yourself. Not very likely.

Save Money: Just the fact that you no longer have to get to work and back each day saves money. You also get to eat lunch and drink coffee at home, which will work out way cheaper than eating out or buying takeaway coffee from a cafe. It’s nice to indulge in these pleasures from time to time, but if it’s something you do every day while at work, then working from home will really take a big slice off your food and coffee bill. You also don’t need to buy any special clothes, shoes or a uniform when working from home.

You Can Wear Whatever You Want: That’s right. If the situation allows, you could even sit naked in front of your computer if that’s your thing. The point is, you can wear whatever the hell you like. It doesn’t matter. You’re not stepping out into the world, or meeting up with clients. There is no one to impress or look presentable for. For part of the day I often just wear a bathrobe.

No Income Limits: Another major plus. When you trade your time for wages, there are limits on how much you can earn because you can only work so many hours in a week. And even if you can work over-time, you want to have some quality of life and not simply kill yourself in the pursuit of making money. A home-based business has no income limits. The more it grows the more money you will bring in, and much of it passive in time. And if the workload ever gets too much for you, there is always the option of outsourcing.

Lifestyle Freedom: For me personally this is the culmination of everything positive a business from home offers. To really be able to live life fully we need lifestyle freedom, and true lifestyle freedom comes from having both money and the time to enjoy it. This is what working from home is really all about. You get to spend more time with loved ones and have a flexible work schedule. You can travel and take your online business with you, being free to work on it abroad while on a tourist visa.

There are so many advantages to working from home online and above I have listed only a few. Think about what working from home means to you and start writing out your very own list of benefits.


Get A New Job - Work Online From Home


What Type Of Online Business?

There are many things to be done online, and I’ll briefly list a few here:

  • Selling on Amazon or eBay
  • Drop shipping
  • Writing and publishing eBooks
  • Freelancing (writing, programming, web design etc.)
  • Selling stock photos
  • Running an eCommerce store on Shopify
  • Selling your own digital products (e.g. courses)
  • Consulting
  • Affiliate marketing

I want to discuss the last option on this list because it’s one of the easiest and cheapest to get started in. I currently do affiliate marketing (among other things online) and it’s working out really well for me.

If you are unsure what affiliate marketing entails, it is really just promoting the products of other companies through your unique affiliate link. You don’t need any of your own products and there is no need for you to take payments or ship anything. The vendor does all that. All your job is as an affiliate is to direct potential customers to the company’s sales page. Once a sale is made, you get paid a commission.

It really is a no brainer business. Anyone with a computer and an internet connection can do it. I know people as young as 18 and as old as 80 running successful affiliate marketing businesses. You don’t have to be a tech person or a salesperson, either. You just need to be shown the right way to go about it.

And if you do the training I’m about to suggest below, you even have the capacity to “earn while you learn”.

It doesn’t get any better than that!


Learn Affiliate Marketing With Wealthy Affiliate

I trained with a company called Wealthy Affiliate. Allow me to quickly tick off a few of the many benefits of doing their training course:

  • FREE to join and get started to try it out.
  • No credit card required when you join.
  • Do the first 10 lessons of training FREE.
  • Only one paid upgrade option of $49 a month. That’s a cheap business education, as you can generally get through all the training within a few months.
  • You can create and host 2 websites on the free membership.
  • Create and host up to 50 websites on a paid membership.
  • Interact with a very helpful community of members numbering in the 100s of thousands. These people range from complete beginners through to seasoned experts pulling in 6 figures a year from affiliate marketing.
  • The training is step-by-step and super easy to follow. It’s a mix of text and video and you can learn entirely at your own pace. So whether you want to rip through it or take your time, it’s entirely up to you.
  • Even the other members produce free trainings that focus on various aspects of online marketing and their own skill set. So much knowledge to be gleaned from the community at Wealthy Affiliate. I’ve been a member there for close to 2 years, yet I finished all the training a long time ago. The community at WA is just too valuable to me and my business to ever leave.

These are just some of the benefits. There are more. For further details, read my Wealthy Affiliate review here.


My Bonus To You

If you join as a free member today and upgrade to a paid membership within the first 10 days of joining, I am able to offer you a huge discount bonus off your first month of paid membership. Instead of paying $49, you will get the first month for just $19!

That’s a huge saving and, realistically, if you are committed to giving this business your best shot so you can live the dream, you will be able to get through quite a bit of the training during that first discounted month.

You really have nothing to lose. If you honestly want to work online from home, then this is one of the best businesses to get into. Join for free with no obligation to go any further. If you like what’s on offer at Wealthy Affiliate, then you can upgrade for just $19 for the first month, which gives you complete access to everything.

It’s well worth it for your future, so give it a try today.


Make Money Online Like I Do


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  1. Interesting blog post article on how luxurious it would be to work from home and not having to work for a boss outdoors as you yourself are your own boss. I hope that many more people would see this as a form of “Golden Ticket to Freedom” in today’s busy world.

    Wishing you all the best with your online success above and beyond the horizon,


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