NeuroGym Brain-A-Thon – FREE Life Changing Event!



The NeuroGym Brain-A-Thon is a free life changing event that is held once a year. It is hosted and inspired by John Assaraf and features some of the world’s best brain retraining experts.

Is it worth tuning in to watch? What are the benefits? Can it really help transform your life? These are all fair enough questions that I attempt to answer in this Brain-A-Thon review.

Let’s take a closer look and find out what it's all about…


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NeuroGym Brain-A-Thon

Name: NeuroGym  Brain-A-Thon


Owner: John Assaraf

Price: Free

My Rating: 9.5/10



~ NeuroGym Brain-A-Thon Review ~


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If you missed the 2018 Brain-A-Thon, don't worry. There is a reply every Saturday at 9am Pacific Time!


What is NeuroGym’s Brain-A-Thon About?

The Brain-A-Thon is held once a year, but NeuroGym have an encore replay event every single Saturday at 9:00AM Pacific Time. The event is free to attend online. All you have to do is register.

So what is the Brain-A-Thon exactly and what is all the hype about?

“Upgrade your brain, upgrade your income, tranform your life”

That’s the slogan and message of the annual Brain-A-Thon event.

Based on the ever-popular NeuroGym program “Winning the Game of Money”, it’s all about learning to master you mind so you can make the most out of your life and take control of your destiny and life journey.

“Close the gap between the life you live and the life you want to live,” says John Assaraf.

This is a mega popular free event that sees some of the greatest minds get together on stage. These experts are masters the brain, how it works, retraining your mindset and essentially rewiring your thought patterns to become more successful in every aspect of your life.

During the event experts will show you how to shatter that glass ceiling that holds you back from financial success, learn to identify thought patterns and ingrained habits that are holding you back or sabotaging the very areas of your life you desire to improve.

Overcome procrastination, stare defiantly in the face of fear and take action, and discover how to operate on a much higher level of productivity.

Many of us simply go through life reacting to scenarios and situations in the same old manner. Our thoughts, actions and reactions often don’t serve us well, and that’s essentially the goal of the Brain-A-Thon; to help us recognise where we are going wrong and to put it right.


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Key Speakers and Topics

LBATPromo1Hosted by John Assaraf, during the Brain-A-Thon you will be introduced to the following experts who will speak on their favourite and most powerful subjects.

Dr Srini Pillay – He will teach you how to eliminate fear and negative emotions from your mind and your life.

Paul Scheele PhD – Co-founder of Learning Strategies Corp, Paul teaches people how to tap into the other 90% of their mind – the subconscious.

Dr Sarah McKay. – With a PhD in neuroscience, Dr McKay offers training that shapes your brain and shapes your life.

Lisa Wimberger – Free yourself of stress and fear. New Beliefs, New Brain is her latest book and she is the founder of the Neurosculpting Insititute.

Dr Caroline Leaf – She is an expert on the mind-brain connection and specialises in metacognitive and cognitive neuropsychology.

Mark Waldman – Learn how to let go of pain and trouble from the past that could be holding you back from success today. He is a recognised master in the field of neuroscience.


What Happens When You Register?

Registering is easy. Just input your name and email and you’ll receive reminders about the event so you don’t miss it. When the event begins simply log onto the event on your computer of mobile device and enjoy the message developed by industry experts in neuroscience, brain retraining, business and the law of attraction.


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How Much Does the Brain-A-Thon Cost To Join?

It doesn’t cost anything to attend the encore event of NeuroGym’s Brain-A-Thon. It’s a completely free event, so register your details and don’t miss out. But if for some reason you do miss the session you wanted to sit in on, it’s replayed every single Saturday at the same time.

This is amazing value for a FREE event like this. It doesn't get any better than that.


Is the Brain-A-Thon Worth It?

Even if it cost a lot of money to attend, this life altering and game changing event is a must. We all want to improve areas of our lives, and one of the most common things we want more of is money. That’s the main focus of the 7th Annual Brain-A-Thon.

For the price of FREE, what have you got to lose?

You never know, it could just be the life changing event you’ve always been searching for, so be sure to check it out.


Brain-A-Thon Register Now


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2 thoughts on “NeuroGym Brain-A-Thon – FREE Life Changing Event!

  1. What a name, Brain-A-Thon, sounds very interesting. The brain has important role in our life and it sounds like Mr. Assaraf understands that and ties it to money making. The truth about the brain is that we know very little about it. Only 3% is used and the question is what happened to the other 97% and why it isn’t used. Your article also brought to mind the fact that you become what you think which means the brain can change attitudes and change who we are.
    I wish I could attend the gathering!

    • The brain definitely in mostly an untapped resource, for sure. I’m a big believer in what you think plays a huge role in how your life and finances turn out. I’m always trying to work on these things myself and trying to think better. Brain-A-Thon and the accompanyine courses are all designed to help people improve their lives by changing their paradigms, which all first starts in the mind.

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