Is Plexus Worldwide a Scam! That’s What Many Are Saying About This MLM Company



Is Plexus Worldwide a scam or isn’t it? Some have labelled this health and wellness company as such, but is that a fair assessment or not? Maybe people can make decent money with this one?

Let’s take a closer look and find out…


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Plexus Worldwide Is a Scam


Company Name: Plexus Worldwide

Owners: Plexus Worldwide, LLC

Price To Join: $34.95 to get started

My Rating: 2/10



~ Plexus Worldwide Review ~


What Is Plexus Worldwide?

Plexus Worldwide is yet another MLM company involved in the health and wellness niche. It’s by far and away the most popular product line for MLM companies to carry today. These businesses are everywhere.

Plexus commenced business at the very beginning of 2008, and in 2014 became incorporated. The company has had warnings filed against them over the years by the FDA, for incorrectly advertising and labelling their products. The reason for the warnings is the making of health claims that Plexus products can provide; claims that the company cannot back up with conclusive proof.

Instead of going the retail route with their product line, Plexus Worldwide chose to do what so many other businesses in the US do these days – promote their products via the network marketing method.

Why do businesses choose to go the network marketing/MLM route?

Because it’s way cheaper for them to market this way. For one, the distributors are basically doing all the promotion, advertising and selling for them, saving the company huge dollars. Distributors also need to pay an annual fee, letting the company rake in huge bonus dollars.

Distributors are also forced to buy a certain amount of company product per month (in most cases), making certain the company is guaranteed sales every month.

MLM is all about taking advantages of its own members. That’s the whole idea of this kind of business setup.

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Plexus Products

Plexus products 1The main focus with Plexus is on providing products to help with weight loss. Being overweight is becoming a worldwide epidemic, and with such a focus on living a fit and healthy lifestyle these days, people are looking for ways to drop the weight, and as fast as possible.

Obviously the best way to lose weight is through diet and exercise, but it doesn’t hurt to have a drink or a supplement that might help speed up the process along with a good diet and regular exercise.

But do Plexus products really help people lose weight? They’ve been in trouble with the lawmakers for standing by this claim. Do their products really work?

Plexus Worldwide also got into trouble for making the bold claim that their products help prevent and cure diabetes.

“Experience the powerful one-two punch of taking Plexus Slim and Accelerator+. With the synergistic effect of taking these two products together, you lose more weight – faster than you ever thought possible!”

That’s the message plastered all over their website and anywhere else they can advertise their products, but everyone is claiming the one-two punch of these 2 flagship products combined doesn’t do a damned thing to help them lose weight.

Originally the products contained a steroid that helped control a person’s appetite, so for a while in the early days, Plexus seemed to actually work to a degree. Anyway, the company was forced to remove that ingredient and Plexus completely stopped working and became nothing more than a tasty drink.

After that, they focused on the general “health” benefits of their products, although they still claim them to be weight loss products.

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Plexus Worldwide Business Opportunity

Like all companies under this business structure, Plexus relies heavily on recruitment into their ranks; people who actively want to both use and promote Plexus products, as well as wanting to recruit others into their downline.

To join the business side of the company you need to pay $34.95 per year to remain an active distributor. Plexus actually call their distributors “ambassadors”.

Once you’re in you get to purchase the products at a discount. You can use them yourself or sell them to others for a profit. Either way, you need to purchase a minimum amount of product every month to remain eligible to earn commissions and bonuses.

You actually get given a Plexus Worldwide replica website, where you have unique product links connecting to the Plexus distribution team. This means you can actually sell products online as an affiliate without ever actually having to purchase those products and try and offload them. That’s a smarter way of doing the retail side of things.

Apart from some retail sales, the real way to make money with any sort of MLM opportunity is to get busy recruiting and building an active downline. Once you start doing this, then you will start to earn residual commissions and team bonuses and the like.

Just to let it be known, Plexus currently has in excess of a quarter of a million active distributors, so competition in an already saturated niche will be fierce.


Plexus Achievement Levels


The Plexus Compensation Plan

As mentioned you can earn money through retail sales and by recruiting people into a downline.

Plexus has a total of 10 ranks you can achieve, and the higher you move up the ranks, the more money you potentially can make. To climb the ranks and maintain a current ranking, you need to consistently be moving X amount of product every single month. Recruiting the numbers is what gets you higher up the pyramid-shaped ladder. Your downline can run as deep as 7 levels.

Along with personal sales and commissions on the sales of your downline, you can earn both individual and team bonuses for sales volume and climbing up the ranks.

Click here to read more detail about the compensation plan in the official Plexus guide.


Plexus Average Earnings


Target Audience

With so many MLM companies playing in the health and wellness field, I doubt whether Plexus just attracts people looking for dietary supplements. Many people are seeking a business opportunity where they don’t have to start from nothing. MLM gives those people something to work with right away where they can hit the ground running.


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What I Like

  • The company has been around for quite a while
  • They give you a website for retail sales as an affiliate


What I Don’t Like

  • Their prices are super expensive for their products
  • There are numerous complaints about Plexus products not living up to the claims of the company, in fact, not working at all
  • Distributors have complained about being suspended from Plexus
  • Plexus is currently under investigation – again – by the FDA
  • They make unfounded health claim about weight loss and the cure of diabetes
  • The health and wellness product market has been done to death
  • The most common MLM business is health and wellness
  • Plexus already has too many distributors to be viable as a business opportunity
  • It’s extremely tough trying to make money from MLM
  • Most distributors make zero dollars
  • The average yearly income from all MLM businesses is only about $500


How Much Does Plexus Worldwide Cost?

It costs $34.95 to get started as a Plexus ambassador. That fee is payable every 12 months. You also need to purchase a minimum amount of Plexus products every month, and this is where it can get really expensive.


Plexus products 2


Is Plexus Worldwide a Scam?

While Plexus is not an outright scam, it is a bit dodgy on a number of levels. For one the products cannot live up to the health claims Plexus place on them. As far as I can tell, with regards to weight loss the products don’t work at all. It also sounds like their customer service totally sucks, with reports of the company being very rude to both customers and ambassadors alike.

From the business side, it’s a tough ask to make money in any MLM venture, especially one in such a saturated niche. Also, you don’t actually own your own business. All you do when you pay to join something like Plexus is buy the right to be a sales rep for them. You don’t own anything and have no say or control over anything either.

That’s not running a business. That’s just signing up to be a Plexus slave so the company gets rich while you bust your ass.

Give it a miss. MLM deals are simply not worth the effort required.


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