Is Forever Affiliate A Scam?



Is Forever Affiliate a scam or not? There's been a lot of talk about making big bucks with this affiliate marketing platform, but is that really true, or just some sales hype to get our money?

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Forever Affiliate Logo
Company Name:
Forever Affiliate


Owners: Andrew Hansen

Price To Join: $1 to get started

Skill Level: Beginner

My Rating: 6/10


~ Forever Affiliate Review ~


Once again another course/product/system that teaches you how to create niche sites and be successful at affiliate marketing.

The problem with this industry is that things are changing all the time and information can quickly become superseded, outdated and rendered virtually useless. What worked 2 years ago doesn’t necessarily work today, and some of the information in the Forever Affiliate training honestly doesn’t cut it anymore.

Having said that, much of the training is still current and there is certainly some good stuff to learn from this course if you are looking at getting started in the online marketing industry.


Overview of Forever Affiliate

It’s essentially a video course that covers quite a lot of ground and much work has gone into creating the training. What it really lacks, however, is some updates to the training as the industry evolves, so that what is being taught is actually what will work today.

One thing I really didn’t like when I landed on their main page was all the usual sales hype. Even though I consider this course to be legitimate (for the most part), too much of that salesy hype quoting figures and bogus-sounding testimonials always screams SCAM to me! I think ‘less is more’ often works better for products these days that carry some merit. Not everything about selling has to be WOW! POW! in your face kind of marketing to get people to buy. Owner Andrew Hansen would do better to cut out some of the hype and replace it with something more believable.


Forever Affiliate Money System


Target Audience

This course is targeted at beginning marketers in my opinion, though there is certainly some information that will be valuable to more experienced marketers as well.


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The Good Stuff

There is a lot of training here. It’s not some light-on information package designed just to give you something of perceived value in exchange for your credit card details. This is real training, and lots of it.

Andrew Hansen has been in the industry for quite some time now and has had success, so he does know the industry and what he’s talking about.

The course is pretty much a step-by-step procedure and is easy enough to follow. Andrew has a relaxed and casual style in his videos which helps to make the learning process much more palatable.

It’s very newbie-friendly.

There is a lot of talk about how much money you can make (and it is possible in this business, or I wouldn’t be in it myself). This is great for the learning marketer’s motivation, so I see that as a positive. How quickly he says you can make that kind of money is a bit deceptive, though. It takes time.


The Not So Good

Promoted as a 3 step system that spit out $300 – $3000 per month with ease. Affiliate marketing is not that easy. Sure, these figures are certainly achievable if your business is set up the right way.

There is a lot of push to create mini sites (sites with about 10 pages maximum, usually just promoting a single product). Yes, these sites can make a few dollars, but they’re much harder to get ranked in search engines these days simply because of their distinct lack of content.

The course promotes using outdated back linking techniques. In the modern day (in internet terms) these tactics can get your site blacklisted by the search engines; especially Google. No traffic equals no business.

This course is promoted as creating passive income. Yes, in time income from affiliate marketing could be considered as somewhat ‘passive’, but there is a lot of work to be done in the beginning and there is no getting around that.


Forever Affiliate Course and Coaching

Phase 1 – Pinpoint Hidden Profits.

This first phase covers finding profitable niches to create websites around and monetise for maximum profits. It’s all about effective niche research and selection.

Phase 2 – Ensure & Establish Profits

Extending on the first phase, this second part of the course is about qualifying those niches you discovered in the first phase to truly see if they are worth your time and will prove to be profitable. You will be shown how to knock out quick mini sites and get them up and running and making you money.

Phase 3 – Grow Profits

This third stage shows you how to increase your site traffic and grow those profits exponentially for greater success and, ultimately, less work on your part. It’s all about getting quick rankings and loads of search traffic, which in affiliate marketing equates to more sales and more money in your bank account.

Forever Affiliate Course


How Much Does It Cost?

It seems to depend on which part of the website you are on, as explained below.

There is a page that promotes a special, where you pay just $1 upfront to get started. Then you pay another $48 after 5 days, followed by an extra $48 after 10 days. So, a total of $97.

If you click through to the checkout from the Home page, then the price appears to be $197.

There are further upsells for coaching which costs $297.

He does offer a 60 day money back guarantee if you are not happy with the course.


So, Is Forever Affiliate A Scam?

It’s not a scam, and there is certainly some good stuff here, but some of the tactics and ideas are outdated. This stuff used to work, but it’s not likely to work nowadays. Having said that there is still plenty in the course that is current and worthwhile learning, but if you sign up for it you will have to spend some time learning what part of the course still works today and which parts to avoid. After all, you want a business that’s successful, and some of the strategies in the Forever Affiliate course will kill your business rather than grow it.




My #1 Ranked Product For Learning Affiliate Marketing

This system teaches you the right way to make money as an affiliate marketer without all the BS sales hype. It’s where I trained and learned everything I know today, so I am qualified to state, categorically, that it will help you on the path to online success too. The best part is – it’s FREE to get started and take part in the training. You can also set up 2 affiliate websites and hosting without having to pay a cent!

What could be better than that? Seriously.



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6 thoughts on “Is Forever Affiliate A Scam?

  1. Hi Darren,

    Forever Affiliate is certainly not the worst program you could choose, but there are also some other out there that would be more recommendable. Did I get that right?

    In my opinion, it is very important to receive great support in order to achieve anything online. Especially at the beginning this will be very helpful. Do they offer good support?

    What is the program you can recommend?


    • Forever Affiliate is not too bad. It’s certainly no scam. I just think there are better places to train in affiliate marketing and I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate as my number one choice. Great training there. very easy to follow and learn from.

  2. Hi Darren

    Forever Affiliate doesn’t sound too bad, given some of the other affiliate training programs on the market today. Andrew Hansen also has credibility in the industry for his success, at least he is well known marketer.

    I like the way you have a compared Forever Affiliate to Wealthy Affiliate. It clearly demonstrates which program will serve you well in the short and long term.

    Excellent reading.

    Kind Regards


    • Thanks Michelle. Glad you found the information and comparison helpful. Forever Affiliate is not too bad. It’s one of the better ones out there, but I believe Wealthy Affiliates training is superior.

  3. Wow I have never even heard of Forever Affiliate. After reading this, I see how much better Wealthy Affiliate is over them. I actually started with WA, so I never really got to see the other companies that had a similar purpose in mind. I love the review, it covered all of the points that I was curious about.

    • Yeah Wealthy Affiliate is hard to beat for training and community support with online business. It’s the best place to be for sure that I’ve come across. Thanks for reading.

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