Is High Traffic Academy A Scam or Traffic Generating Genius?



Is “High Traffic Academy” a scamor not? Is it a genuine opportunity to learn how to make money on the internet via their training? Can you generate mass traffic with this and clean up financially? So many were asking these exact questions that I felt compelled to research this offer and write a review.

Pay close attention and read on to learn more….


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Is High Traffic Academy A ScamCompany Name: High Traffic Academy

Owners: Vick Strizheus and Jason McClain

Price To Join: Currently $177/Month + Upsells

My Rating: 5/10



~ The High Traffic Academy Review ~



The internet is massive, and some 3 billion people log on every day for work, business, shopping, or general web surfing. These figures are only going to get bigger in coming years.

Because the online world is so huge, and so many people go online looking for ways to make extra money or replace their day job, it's given birth the loads and loads of make money schemes and training platforms. Now some of these are really good, some are okay, and others should be avoided.

So how do you know which programs to trust?

Research. And one of the best ways to conduct research is through reading reviews. My whole website is all about helping people find legit ways to make money online, and that's why I write so many reviews; to sort the good stuff from the chaff.

I'm so glad you found your way to my review of High Traffic Academy. It means you do your homework before joining anything and giving them your money. That's always the best thing to do.

Let's see if High Traffic Academy is any good or not.


What Is “High Traffic Academy”?

Vick Strizheus High Traffic AcademyThe focus of the High Traffic Academy is exactly that: Getting traffic to your website or landing page. Without traffic you have nothing. If you want to make money online – consistently – then you need consistent streams of traffic.

Creator Vick Strizheus touts himself as the “king of online traffic”. He has been teaching people in one-on-one training sessions for years and now he has created the High Traffic Academy to bring his traffic generating skills and tips to the masses.

It is a series of eBooks, webinars and video tutorials, with the prime focus being on traffic generation techniques, much of it paid traffic. There seems to be very little on offer about generating free organic traffic through good keyword selection and writing quality website content though.

Creating email lists is another major focus of the training, and building a big list of subscribers can certainly be profitable. You have you own traffic stream on hand to directly promote to anytime you like. That’s a huge plus and every online marketer should look at building a quality email list.

Email lists are definitely a good thing, but so is having an affiliate website. I do affiliate marketing for a living, and learning how to create a simple affiliate site, along with list building, is the way to go.

My sites bring in consistent passive income month after month. You can easily do it too. Just follow the great training over at Wealthy Affiliate. It's FREE to join.


Who Is The Target Audience?

Newbie marketers as well as those with some previous experience wanting to further their skills. There is a fair bit of training on offer here.


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The Pros

  • Loads of training modules.
  • Some interesting traffic generating techniques.


The Cons

  • Very expensive; especially if you partake in each module of training individually.
  • Some of the traffic generating methods are a little out of date and are not so effective today.
  • Lots of upsells.
  • Big focus on paid advertising and media buying, all of which costs you more cash.

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Tools and Training

There is plenty, but the main thrust is on generating traffic through various methods. Here’s what is on offer:

  • Affiliate Marketing 101
  • Content Marketing 101
  • Data Secrets
  • Email Marketing 101
  • Facebook Champion
  • Facebook Marketing 101
  • Funnel Marketing
  • Independent Biz Playbook
  • Landing Page Secrets
  • Media Buying ROI
  • PPC Mastery
  • Retargeting AdWords
  • Retargeting With Adroll
  • RSLA With Google AdWords
  • SEO Traffic 101
  • Smart-Biz Playbook
  • Twitter Marketing
  • Video Marketing On YouTube

So, as you can see there is a fair bit going on with High Traffic Academy.


How Much Does “High Traffic Academy” Cost?

This is where it gets interesting. If you sign up for any of the above training modules individually you will pay between $297 – $497 per year to partake.

our other option is to pay $177 monthly and gain access to all of the trainings for as long as you remain a paying member via the Elite Mastermind Membership.

Depending how quickly you can do the training, there would be a lot of money to be saved taking the Elite Mastermind Membership over signing up for and paying for each module separately.


Is “High Traffic Academy” A Scam?

There’s no scam here. I haven’t rated it that highly mainly based on the fact that I think this training platform is way over-priced, not because I don’t think it offers some good training, because it surely does.

As I mentioned earlier, some of the tactics are a little dated and in the grey zone of acceptable SEO and marketing methods. Overall it’s not bad, just too costly in my opinion.

Also bear in mind that Vick will encourage you to partake in other trainings that he has a stake in, costing you more money. There is also the fact that much of the training focuses on using paid traffic in one form or another, and this will cost you even more coin.


Get Online Business Training For A Much Cheaper Price

The choice is entirely yours to make, but if you want to learn how to generate loads of free organic search engine traffic to your website – or even how to create a website – then try the training I did. It’s even FREE to get started and check it out.

If you like what’s on offer you can upgrade your membership to Premium for just $49 per month instead of $177 per month, and that includes access to everything.

The company I’m referring to is called Wealthy Affiliate. Read my review here. Or check out this post for some Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories.


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4 thoughts on “Is High Traffic Academy A Scam or Traffic Generating Genius?

  1. I really find your content very helpful. I have a website and i have really had a hard time trying to generate some traffic. High traffic academy seems like a good idea, however it is very expensive but on the other hand it seems worth trying. But i am already a wealthy affiliate member so i might as well stick around WA because it is much cheaper.

  2. Well getting traffic to your website is the number one problelm with webmasters online these days – I can see the angle they are trying to hit with this product. the main problem is the quality of the traffic – whats it really like from this system? Poor traffic = poor leads = no success or sales on your website!

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