“No Cost Income Stream” – Scam Or Legit?



Is No Cost Income Stream a scam or legit way to make great money on the internet? Many people online have been saying it's awesome, but can it live up to those expectations?

To find out, pay close attention and read on….



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No Cost Income Stream - Scam Or LegitCompany Name: No Cost Income Stream

Website: www. nocostincomestream.com/blueprint/

Owners: Eric Holmlund, Jeff Wellman, Paul Counts

Price To Join: $7.00 (+ Upsells)

My Rating: 6/10



~ No Cost Income Stream Review ~


“No Cost Income Stream”. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Make an income stream that costs no money to do. Can’t get any better than that. Right? But does this money making system/training program really work? And does it really cost no money to do?


What Is “No Cost Income Stream”?

It’s a training program that teaches you how to make money from affiliate marketing. It actually covers quite a lot of topics, with the option of the program being on sold for profit if you purchase resale rights, or for a little bit more you can purchase the full Private Label Rights (PLR). What does PLR mean exactly? It means you can rebrand the course with your own title and branding as if it were your own creation. So essentially there are 3 options for the exact same training course:

  1. Product Only – You buy the product for your own use and learning.
  2. Resale Rights – You get to use the product and have the right to on sell it with its original branding.
  3. Full PLR – You get to use the product and on sell it as your very own product.

What I immediately don’t like about this product is its rather deceptive title. The creators claim in the promotional videos and pitches that this is a “no cost” training program that teaches you how to make an online income at zero cost. This is not true as, for starters, it costs money (at 3 different levels) to buy the program. There’s your first outlay.

It is also claimed that you can implement their affiliate marketing strategies at zero costs, leveraging free methods to get your promotions out, free ways to build an email list, no need to create websites or pay for domains and hosting. The list goes on. Further on the makers then say that in order to really make your business successful you WILL need to spend money on websites and subscribing to email autoresponder platforms and various other things.

Really, the ‘no cost’ part is far from being the reality.

To add to this, I’ve been making money online in various forms for years now. There is virtually nothing you can do online to make money that is completely free. There are usually some costs somewhere along the line, even if only small.


Who Is The Target Audience?

The main guy, Eric, says their program is for beginners. Yeah, the training side of it is aimed at beginners, but buying the rights to either on sell as a reseller or purchasing the PLR version and making it your own requires quite a bit of online marketing experience. It would be a hard task to know how to on sell this training course without already knowing how to market on the internet.

I guess you could buy the reseller rights, study the course, then implement what you learn and then sell it.

No Cost Income Stream Blueprint


The Pros

  • It’s cheap. Not free or “no cost”, but cheap nonetheless.
  • There is some good stuff in the course with a fair bit of training on offer.
  • The three guys that run the course seem like decent guys.


The Cons

  • Stating that this business of affiliate marketing is no cost when there are costs, including the cost of their training.
  • A lot of hype that makes it sound way easier than it is to make money online.
  • They offer up a list of free ways to promote affiliate offerings, but these methods are actually very hard work and time consuming to achieve any sort of results.


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Tools, Training and Support

No Cost Income Stream provides the budding marketer with 86 step-by-step lessons that teach you all different things affiliate marketing related. The course incorporates 5 different business models:

  1. No Cost Income StreamNo Cost Product Launches
  2. No Cost Freelancing
  3. No Cost Video Marketing
  4. No Cost List Building
  5. No Cost Affiliate Marketing

There is also an added business model tossed in called: No Cost Traffic Methods.

Once you know how to market, then you might consider purchasing the reseller package and making money from the very program that taught you how to make money. There are also 4 bonuses with the training that could prove useful if you were considering doing the reseller thing.


How Much Does “No Cost Income Stream” Actually Cost?

Apart from upsells, there are 3 main purchases you can choose from and you can check them out in the image below.

No Cost Income Stream Prices

The guys offer a 30 day money back guarantee.


Is “No Cost Income Stream” A Scam?

No, there’s no scam here. It’s not a bad package overall and it doesn’t cost much. The only “scammy” part is when they keep saying that it’s “no cost” when there are obvious costs involved, including the purchase price. Not a bad training course for beginners, and possibly even better as a product to on sell.

Check out No Cost Income Stream here.


A Better Way To Learn Affiliate Marketing

I did my affiliate marketing training with a company called Wealthy Affiliate. Their courses are easy to follow and very comprehensive. It’s actually free to get started and check it out, including the first 10 lessons of the Getting Started training.

Best of all about the Wealthy Affiliate platform is the very active and extremely helpful community of members. From beginning marketers to seasoned experts, you’ll find them all there and all willing to lend a hand. The attitude of ‘pay if forward’ that permeates Wealthy Affiliate actually encourages everyone to succeed in their businesses and, with a bit of hard work and dedication, there is no reason you shouldn’t succeed. All that you need to be a success as an online marketer is there at Wealthy Affiliate.


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4 thoughts on ““No Cost Income Stream” – Scam Or Legit?

  1. Thank you for your informative review. I had bit heard of this program and it was interesting to learn more about it. I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for about eight months and have learned so much from the program. I have a lot further to go. The training is excellent and the community a pleasure to interact with a learn from.

  2. You’re so right, it’s not a bad product, but as you said, WA just offers so much more, and no upsells, I’m really liking this a lot, WA is what it says it is.
    As all of us need the best tools available to us in order to succeed WA provides so much value. For the price of ,,No cost”, it can be bought as to check it out, because it also contains useful information. Affiliate marketing is the way to go!

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