Profit Bank Millionaire Society – Is It A Scam or Not?



Profit Bank Millionaire Society is a scam or not? Some people say it's great while others call it a scam. I decided to look into it for myself and wrote a review on what I found out.

Read on to learn more and discover the truth…


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Profit Bank Millionaire Society - Is It A ScamCompany Name: Profit Bank Millionaire Society


Owners: Mack Michaels

Price To Join: $24.97 per month

My Rating: 0/10



~ Profit Bank Millionaire Society Review ~


“Would you like to make $1099.20 per day using my one-click software?…”

That’s the catchphrase at the top of the sales page. Sure, we’d all love to make that much easy cash every day. But is it possible with the Profit Bank money making system by Millionaire Society?

It's awesome that you are here reading this review of Profit Bank Millionaire Society. It shows you're willing to do your homework before you jump in and join something. With so many make money scams online, that's always a smart move.

Now on with the review.


What Is “Profit Bank Millionaire Society”?

Mack Michaels, after years of struggling to make money online and being ripped off by the “gurus”, claims he has devised a push button system that makes you money online with simply a push of a button.

Sound too good to be true?

Well, that’s because it is.

All Mack Michaels has learnt from the scammers out there is how to create his own scam. I’m sure Mack and his programmer friend have made good money online over the years, but not by using their system. They make money by selling it to you and I.

In typical fashion, this guy is a master of simply telling people what they want to hear so they'll willingly hand their money over.

As a matter of fact, these single page websites with nothing but a sales video sound like the sales pitches have all been written by the same dude. These scams just keep spewing out the same old rhetoric, making ridiculous claims of money to be made with little to no effort.

Why bother trying to sell your system to us then if it makes you so much money?

You pay your money, get access to the software and some infantile websites with your unique affiliate link in them. Mack hosts your sites for you while you just sit back and pay him your $24.97 per month out of that $1099.20 you make per day.

Yeah, right. Where did he pluck that strange figure from, anyway? And how can he claim you will make that exact amount every single day?

It’s all bogus.

The software creates one page websites that are somehow supposed to rank well on Google and other search engines these days. It doesn’t happen. One page sites don’t rank at all, and if they do, it’s by some miracle or major stroke of luck.

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Who Is The Target Audience?

People desperate to make money online with little upfront cost and no work to be done. Newbies to internet marketing. Anyone with any experience will know right away that this system is a scam.


The Pros

  • Nothing. Even the sales video was boring.


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The Cons

  • Mack Michaels
  • The monthly cost
  • The bogus one click, push-button software
  • The amateurish websites
  • The training
  • All the bullshit sales lines


Tools, Training and Support

You get the software that generates your cheapo, amateurish websites for you. Support? Not very likely. There is training, but you’ll find it’s “locked” until you agree to cough up even more money on top of the monthly membership.

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Millionaire Society Upsells


How Much Does “Profit Bank” Actually Cost?

It costs $24.97 per month to partake in this training and use of the software system, but there are upsells to unlock more benefits. You are better off spending the money each month on lotto tickets. You will have more chance of making money that way.


Is “Profit Bank Millionaire Society” A Scam?

Red FlagYes, absolutely! There must be a college or training course out there somewhere that just teaches people how to make up these bogus systems. Like I said earlier, it sounds like all the scripts for the sales videos are all written by the same person.

Unfortunately the internet is littered with a minefield of scams designed for nothing more than to part you from your cash. They don’t teach you anything and you certainly can’t earn money from these schemes. Anything that claims you can make this sort of money with no work is BS.

One page websites won’t rank. You will get no traffic and no clicks on your affiliate link. This all means you make no money. A far cry from the $1000+ stated on the sales page. Sure, there are other ways of getting traffic to your one page. PPC (if the search engines don’t flag your site as dodgy). Leverage social media channels, but that can take a lot of work.


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4 thoughts on “Profit Bank Millionaire Society – Is It A Scam or Not?

  1. My husband and I recently decided that I was going to be a stay at home mom because we didn’t want to have to put our kids into care before and after school. We can manage on his salary.

    However, when the kids are at school I would love to be able to make some money from home. I have about 3-4 hours free each day. So I joined a few work from home facebook groups.

    I have seen a few people post about Profit Bank Millionaire Society. Even though I am not well versed in making money online I know that often things are too good to be true. So I always turn to google whenever I see someone promoting something like this as a way to make money.

    I am so glad I found your review. Just the name Profit Bank Millionaire Society sounds too good to be true. I am so glad I didn’t join!

    I will keep searching for something more legitimate.

  2. I thought this was really good. All the information I would need to get why this was a scam was presented. The need to purchase “locked training” and that you explained why the one click system doesn’t work were convincing. Loved your use of media, really laid out nicely. Had you seen reviews by people who had been scammed by this?

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