What Is Ultimate Revenue Share? Do Ad Packs Make Money?



What is Ultimate Revenue Share (Rev Share) and can it make you stacks of cash online? Or is Ultimate Revenue Share a scam? Is there really money in buying and selling ad packs? These are the questions that need to be answered.

So pay close attention and read on to discover the truth….


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What Is Ultimate Revenue ShareCompany Name: Ultimate Revenue Share

Website 1: www.UltimateRevShare.com

Owners: Tom Taylor

Price To Join: Free to get started

My Rating: 2/10


~ Ultimate Revenue Share Review ~



The internet is a massive marketplace of some 3 billion daily users. Never before has there been so much scope for people to make money than in the online realm. This has in turn given birth to countless training platforms and make money online (MMO) schemes.

Now while some of these platforms are really good and worthwhile, many are somewhat average, and others are just dodgy scams designed to get your cash off you.

My entire website is all about making money the legit way and finding ways to do it. I write a lot of product reviews to help sort the good programs from the bad stuff.

I'm happy you're here reading my review of Ultimate Revenue Share as it proves you don't just randomly jump into things. You do your research before committing to something. That's always a good move.

Let's see how Ultimate Revenue Share measures up in the good and bad stakes.


What Is “Ultimate Revenue Share”?

As with the majority of revenue sharing sites, it’s about purchasing ad packs, on which you can make a small profit. With each ad pack you also get credits towards advertising your own business. In order to be eligible to share in revenue each day, you must click on 5 ads of other businesses each and every day, otherwise you forfeit your right to any share of revenue.

If you purchase a $1 ad pack and click on 5 ads per day, in 9 days time your $1 will have increased to $1.10. Wow, right? Not much. In order to make any real profit you really need to be investing thousands of dollars of your own money, but that’s very risky in any of these rev share schemes.

You can also earn a small percentage by referring new members to the rev share system. Depending on your membership level, this percentage will vary.

The only way rev share programs can sustain themselves and allows members to make a profit is if new people keep on joining. As soon as new members stop joining or the uptake rate slows right down, then you risk losing any money you have invested in the system.

There are much more lucrative and long-term ways of making great money online, particularly passive income. I do it with affiliate marketing. You can do it too. It's not actually very hard when you follow the training at Wealthy Affiliate. It's also free to join.


Who Is The Target Audience?

People who like the concept of rev share type systems. Those who want to make money online without setting up an online business. People who are happy to make pocket money rather than create a genuine long-term income.


The Pros

  • Free to get started and cheap ad packs
  • Has lower cost options for ad packs than some other rev share schemes
  • Has been around for quite a while


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The Cons

  • Loads of upsells
  • Tiny profits on ad packs
  • Banned by PayPal
  • Yet another rev share system that can’t sustain itself financially in the long-term
  • It’s a Ponzi Scheme


Tools, Training and Support

Just enough to do what you’ve got to do to click on ads, buy ad packs and refer other members to the Ultimate Revenue Share system. There are a few extra tools you can buy on URS, like the URS Monitor for $100, or the Traffic Booster for $5.

Copy me in making $1000s online every month in passive income.


Ultimate Rev Share


How Much Does “Ultimate Revenue Share” Cost?

It depends. You can get started for free, but if you want to make a profit on ad packs, then you will need to invest some money. Ad packs start at as little as $1, then it goes up in these increments: $2, $5, $10, $20, $40. You can also fork our some cash for other tools to generate traffic to your websites.


Is “Ultimate Revenue Share” A Scam?

I’ve reviewed several rev share schemes on this site, and my conclusion is always the same. While I won’t label them a scam because they can make people some money, most people are not likely to make much cash from rev share schemes like Ultimate Revenue Share. And if people stop joining or the new member rate drops off, you risk losing any money you still have invested.

All of these schemes are Ponzi Schemes by nature because they can’t financially sustain themselves.

Also, the clicks on your advertising are next to useless, as other members are only bothering to click ads to maintain their eligibility for that 24 hours of revenue sharing.

No one really cares what your ad or website is about, so as a traffic generating strategy for your own online business, the traffic is worthless and will actually harm your search engine rankings over time because your bounce rate will go through the roof. This tells Google and other SERPS that your content is worthless and therefore you risk losing rankings altogether.

I don’t recommend Ultimate Revenue Share or any other rev share scheme like it. But the choice is yours to make.

Schemes like this one are a lot like gambling, so you might have better luck with this lotto system.


Start An Online Business Instead

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4 thoughts on “What Is Ultimate Revenue Share? Do Ad Packs Make Money?

  1. Wait a minute, let me get this straight. So you spend $1, click 5 ads, and end up making $0.10 profit? That’s awful! I could earn more money if I spent that time writing articles for $2 per article! What a complete waste of time this is! Well, I suppose the advantage of it is that you get to place your own ads. The only problem is, though, everyone else who clicks your ads will just be other advertisers who are only clicking to get their credits.

  2. I am not a fan of ultimate revenue share but being a total newbie, can I join wealthy affiliate as a free member and still get the help I need to succeed?. or do I have to become a premium member? I have tried many platforms trying to make money online but none seems to work for me.

    • Hi Paul. You can do some of the training for free and create and host 2 free websites at Wealthy Affiliate, but it’s really worth being a Premium Member there so you can do all the training and have access to everything you need to succeed, including the very active and helpful community of members there.

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