Work At Home University – Scam Or Legit?



Work At Home University – Scam or legit? That's the question many people have been asking, so I looked into it and wrote my review on what I found out.

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Work At Home University - Scam Or LegitCompany Name: Work At Home University


Owners: Sean Gallagher, Michelle Withrow

Price To Join: $97 (for 3 months access)

My Rating: 5/10



~ Work At Home University Review ~


Work At Home University is very similar to many other training programs and systems out there. By now I’ve checked out 100s of them, and I see so many that almost look like they were created by the same person.

In it’s early days this used to be purely based on CPA (cost per action) marketing; meaning you got paid every time someone clicked on your unique link that you were promoting for a particular company. These days WAH have diversified to include affiliate marketing, membership sites, selling your own products and product launches.

If you decide to fork out some cash and study with Work At Home University, will you make some money? Does it teach you the fundamentals of setting up a successful online business?


What Is “Work At Home University”?

As alluded to above, it is a training program that shows you how to market online and make money from promoting other company’s products, and ultimately your very own products. It covers things like:

It is a training course that is designed to get you started in your own online enterprise. If you pay the “one time” fee you get unlimited access to everything WAH has to offer for a full 3 months. If you want to maintain access to the course materials you will need to pay again after the 3 month period is up.

The course is delivered in a series of video lessons and you can work at your own pace. I guess if you want to go through all their training before you have to pay again, then you might want to step up your learning speed a little.

They offer a rather dodgy form of affiliate marketing, all done completely the wrong way. Affiliate marketing is an awesome online business to get into when you do it right. Just check out the training at Wealthy Affiliate to learn how. It's what I did and it works. You can join for FREE!


Wealthy Affiliate University


Who Is The Target Audience?

Anyone new to internet marketing who is keen to learn how to earn an online income. It’s not really appealing to anyone who already knows a bit about online marketing. Definitely targeted at beginners.


The Pros

  • Lots of video lessons (over 100).
  • Okay training for beginning marketers.


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The Cons

  • I don’t like the way they say it’s a one time fee, then say you only have access to the system for 3 months, meaning you have to pay another one time fee to keep going with it.
  • Some of the training is rather average, and it’s all video-based.
  • No free trial
  • You don’t get to see much information regarding WAH until you pay the joining fee. Their (sales page) website doesn’t offer up much.




Tools, Training and Support

You get access to more than 100 training videos that teach you some of the following marketing tips, hints and techniques:

  • The basics of an internet business
  • How to research profitable markets online and gather information
  • How to plan an online marketing campaign
  • How to research and target a relevant audience
  • How to manage and scale up search engine marketing campaigns
  • Advanced techniques of a successful eBusiness owner/Internet marketer
  • Different models of internet marketing sites
  • Creating your own products and where to find affiliates to promote them
  • How to register domain names, set up web hosting and create your first website/blog
  • How to plan your website structure
  • How to set up and use auto responders to monetize your visitors for the long-term
  • Payment solutions
  • Marketing and traffic generation techniques
  • Social Media
  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Video marketing
  • Media buying
  • 24/7 support

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How Much Does “Work At Home University” Cost?

The pricing starts off with a “one time” fee of $97, but this only gives you a total of 3 months full access to the training program. If you are not done with it in 3 months, then you will need to pay up again. There’s nothing wrong with ongoing membership fees, but the wording is a bit deceptive.


Is “Work At Home University” A Scam?

A lot of reviews around the internet label this program as a scam. I would only really call something an outright scam if they just took your money and delivered you either nothing at all, or a product/system that was completely useless.

WAH is an actual training program, and the training is “OK”. It’s not great. It’s just a bunch of videos, but you can learn something for your money.

So, no, it’s not a scam, but just not up to scratch enough for me to recommend.


Where Can I find Quality Training So I Can Make Real Money Online?

2 words.

Wealthy Affiliate.

I’ve been a member with WA for quite a long time now. They offer loads of great training that is delivered in easy to digest video and text modules.

Wealthy Affiliate isn’t only limited to the official training though. The active membership base often create small trainings of their very own and freely share it with everyone else. I finished the official training there a long time ago, but I remain an active member to this day because of the value I receive in other ways:

  • Awesome training modules for all things online marketing
  • Mentorship from other members
  • Hosting for up to 50 websites
  • 24/7 support
  • Have any question answered or problem solved within minutes
  • Support and encouragement from other highly successful marketers

That’s just a very short list of what’s on offer. If you would like to learn more, it’s best to read my full Wealthy Affiliate Review. Learn how to make money online and be successful at it – Wealthy Affiliate is the way to go!


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2 thoughts on “Work At Home University – Scam Or Legit?

  1. Hi Darren,
    In this article you’re referring to scam alert, work at home university scam or legit I think you focus very well from the point of the view of value of your investment if you want to get involved in a business from home through the internet, and I think you are right in saying that is not a scam because it is not; but I see it is not a good investment neither, because a full-time employee in a company will not be capable to complete the course in 3 months.
    Thank you very much for your advice and I think I’ll opt for the second recommendation: WA

    • Hi Renan,

      Thanks for reading and leaving a comment. Yes, WAH is not a bad training system, it’s just not that good either. It’s ok for beginners, but there is definitely better training out there, and Wealthy Affiliate is at the top of the list in my view.

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