Survey Sheep Review – Worth It Or Not?



Survey Sheep – What is it and is it a platform worth getting involved with? Do they offer paid surveys, or merely refer you to other sites that do?

I was asked to review this one, so let’s take a closer look and find out…


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Survey Sheep ReviewCompany Name: Survey Sheep

Owner: An Affiliate

Price To Join: Free

My Rating: 3.5/10



~ Survey Sheep Review ~



Over the years I’ve been a member of quite a number of paid survey sites, so I definitely have a lot of experience with them. I don’t really do any paid surveys these days, but they’re not bad to get your first taste of making a small amount of money on the internet. Paid surveys should never be something you focus on for too long though, if the goal is to make some real money.

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What Is Survey Sheep?

The very first thing that needs to be pointed out with the Survey Sheep platform is that they don’t offer any paid surveys. They are merely a survey aggregate site, where once you join up they’ll refer you to other actual paid survey platforms.

It’s kind of like a one stop survey shop, so you don’t have to search for paid survey sites yourself (not that it’s very hard to do).

Survey Sheep is a portal, a feeder site.

Here are a few of the sites they refer you to:

To name just a select few.

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How It Works

When you join Survey Sheep they’ll gather some information from you, then suggest what survey sites might be best suited to you. For each site they suggest, you individually have to sign up for those sites and answer a whole bunch of questions.

Why does Survey Sheep bother to run this platform?

Affiliate commissions.

Many survey companies offer referral bonus points when you refer a new member. The rewards might not be that much, but if you can get enough people to join through your referral link, the money can start to add up to a tidy sum after a while.

Some survey sites pay a one-off commission, while others offer a percentage of your referral’s earnings for the entire time they are active. These commissions are not subtracted from your own earnings. The survey platform pays them out of their share of the spoils.


Survey Sheep Review


The Problem With Paid Surveys

While there technically isn’t anything wrong with doing paid surveys, there are a few issues.

For one, you can waste a lot of time doing surveys for a whole bunch of platforms, only to be compensated peanuts for your time and effort.

Just about all surveys first ask a serious of qualifying questions, and if you get screened out, you spent your time answering those questions for nothing. iPoll Surveys actually offers small rewards even if you are screened out, but they are the only platform I’ve ever come across so far that does this.

Usually there is a threshold you need to reach before you can redeem your rewards points for cash or gift cards. Often it is set at $20. However, it can take a while to reach that figure, and even when you cash out, it can take another month to receive your cash or gift card.

Overall, paid surveys are not a profitable way to spend your valuable time, not if the goal is to make real money.


Target Audience

Anyone who wants their first taste of making money online, but doesn’t want to scour the internet for survey platforms.


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What I Like

  • It’s a one stop portal to find some paid survey sites to try out
  • It can save you a bit of time at least


What I Don’t Like

  • Survey Sheep are not necessarily directing you to the best paid survey sites, just the ones that pay them the highest referral fees
  • Paid surveys are a really low paying gig
  • You can find all these survey sites yourself, and better ones at that
  • It can take a long time to actually get any money
  • Some platforms don’t pay cash
  • Paid surveys can be a monumental waste of your precious time
  • This site exists for no other reason than for the site owner to earn affiliate commissions
  • Survey Sheep claim you can make between $25-$75 per survey, but that’s a long way from being true. It’s more like 50 cents to $3


Survey Sheep Survey Platforms


How Much Does Survey Sheep Cost?

It doesn’t cost anything to join the Survey Sheep portal. The site owner makes their money from referral fees.


Is Survey Sheep a Scam?

It’s not a scam at all. Survey Sheep (weird name) is merely acting as a portal for other paid survey platforms. Like I’ve mentioned, they earn commissions when you join these other platforms. Some of the sites they suggest you join are reputable, while others, not so much. Choose wisely and do your research.

I strongly suggest that you forget about doing paid surveys though, as they really are a waste of time. Even if you could get enough surveys to do them fulltime, you’d still be lucky if you made a few hundred dollars a week at most, and that’s a generous prediction.

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