What Is “Be The Boss Network”? – A Review



What is Be The Boss Network? A scam? That's a question many have asked. Can it make you any decent money? Is it even a system that’s supposed to make you money? Those are questions that have been asked, so i decided to look into it.

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What Is Be The Boss NetworkCompany Name: Be The Boss Network

Website: www.BeTheBossNetwork.com

Owners: Responsive Data LLC

Price To Join: Free For Opportunity Seekers

My Rating: 4/10



~ Be The Boss Network Review ~


If you came across this website post in a search, then you were probably searching for ways to make money online. Maybe you just want a little bit of extra cash on the side, or you could be hoping to work online fulltime and quit the day job. Either way, you’ve come across my review of “Be The Boss Network” because of your aspirations to become an online entrepreneur.

It also shows that you do your research before joining up with something, and that's always a smart idea.


What Is “Be The Boss Network”?

Basically Be The Boss Network is all about becoming your own boss and essentially working for yourself. It is a directory that matches up opportunity seekers with business opportunities.

The majority of the business opportunities on Be The Boss Network are MLM companies or network marketing gigs. If this kind of business suits what you’re looking for, then Be The Boss Network is as good a place as any to find something to work with.

I’m personally not a fan of network marketing and MLM, but I’m not going to discredit these types of businesses in this review, because many people do make good money from MLM and network marketing. It’s just not my thing.

According to their website they have connected more than 200,000 opportunity seekers with MLM businesses since their inception. As an opportunity seeker it costs you nothing to use their service, which is a big plus.

They also pride themselves on only promoting genuine opportunities and not scams or get rich quick schemes. That’s not to say that some don’t sneak onto the site.

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Who Is The Target Audience?

Anyone wanting to start an online business from home. When seeking out new opportunities you could be a newbie or an experienced marketer. The idea behind the website is to match opportunities up with business seekers.


The Pros

  • Simplifies the process of searching for business opportunities. Also simplifies the process for those offering business opportunities. Basically Be The Boss Network have created an umbrella to bring everyone under so things are easier to find, saving a lot of time and stress.
  • Free to join and check out opportunities.


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The Cons

  • This website doesn’t really offer much other than a directory of business listings.
  • Once you sign up to their email list, prepare to be bombarded with regular emails and offerings.
  • They do actually take fees. It costs money to join these opportunities and Be The Boss Network takes a fee from that.
  • No real transparency about the company, who runs it, when it was started. No history whatsoever.
  • No products.


Tools, Training and Support

There is no training, as that all happens within the MLM opportunity you decide to hook up with. There are no tools either, other than the ability to search through the listings. As Be The Boss Network isn’t really offering much of anything, there is no real reason to offer any support. There doesn’t seem to be a “Contact Us” section on their website, either.

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How Much Does “Be The Boss Network” Cost?

Free for seekers to join and search. Also free for businesses to list their opportunities, unless they want to upgrade to a Premium Membership and get more promotions and exposure on the site.


Is “Be The Boss Network” A Scam?

If you read various other reviews on the internet about Be The Boss Network, you will find many of them labelling it as a scam. I don’t see it as a scam, just a site that doesn’t really offer much benefit other than a directory of business listings. Maybe they don’t really curate the opportunities they allow on their site like they say they do. I guess that could be considered not too legit.

As I stated earlier I’m not really a fan of MLM. It’s just not my thing. Involves a lot of hustling everyone you know to sign up under you so you have a chance of making money.

Plus, MLMs always require you to buy a certain amount of their product every month. I like the business model in theory, but in practicality it just doesn’t really work for most people.

If MLM is your thing, then jump on Be The Boss Network and have a look around. All the very best to you. Me? I’ll stick to affiliate marketing.




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4 thoughts on “What Is “Be The Boss Network”? – A Review

  1. MLM and networking marketing is a hustle I tell you. I’ve tried and felt like that annoying member of the family that nobody likes. Your review on Be the Boss Network is very thorough and if I was someone that was looking into this and came across your review first, I’d be so THANKFUL!

  2. Nice review. I think the most striking thing about their focus on MLM offerings is that when you join an MLM it’s the opposite of being the boss.

    You come in at the bottom of a preestablished hierarchy and have very little free rein on how you run “your” business.

    Also, how can you even state you screen opportunities when any business owner can just sign up for free?

    • Hi Chazz. Thanks for reading. Yeah, I don’t think they really do much screening of the opportunities they list. And you’re right, you’re anything but the boss when doing an MLM business.

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