What Is Copy Profit Success Global? A Scam or Lucrative Forex MLM?



What is Copy Profit Success Global? A scam or not? There’s a lot of talk online at the moment about this Forex trading opportunity combined with a MLM compensation plan, so I wanted to look into it to see what the deal is. The claim is you can make some big money with this, but is that really true?

Let’s take a closer look and find out…



What Is Copy Profit Success GlobalCompany Name: Copy Profit Success Global

Owners: Chris Campbell (and others)

Price To Join: $145 per Month

My Rating: 3/10



~ Copy Profit Success Global Review ~



I first came across this one through an email. I guess I must have joined some list connected to Copy Profit Success Global somewhere along the line, because I’m into Forex. I still receive several emails a day from these guys.

With so many emails and so many people interested in this scheme, I dug a little deeper to find out what’s involved and how it all works. I like to research money making platforms on my website to discover whether they’re good or bad. Some are really good, while others should definitely be avoided.

I’m really glad to see you hear reading my review, as it shows you do your homework before blindly joining anything online. And that’s wise.

Let’s see how Copy Profit Success Global works and whether it’s any good or not.


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What Is Copy Profit Success Global?

Chris CampbellCopy Profit Success Global is often abbreviated to simply “CPS Global”. It’s all about Forex trading as well as being a multi level marketing platform. The guy presenting the sales pitch is Chris Campbell and he’s one of a number of people running this scheme.

This platform has been marketed pretty heavily. I see mentions of it everywhere, apart from all the emails they repeatedly send me multiple times a day.

While Forex trading and the multitude of MLM businesses out there might be legit, there are a lot of online scams when it comes to Forex, in particular trading Forex through binary options trading and investment schemes.

This platform is designed to teach people how to trade as well as offering members things like trading signals and alerts, and live walkthroughs of how to trade by industry experts. Most Forex traders fail to make a profit, and it’s the aim of CPS Global to change those stats for its members and get them profitable. They claim their members make anywhere from 11% to 17% monthly profits.

Other co-founders are Joel Santiago and Joe Ortis who, along with Chris Campbell, are veterans of MLM and network marketing. Whether these guys really know a lot about the Forex market – which is what their program is allegedly all about – is another matter entirely.

A few months back I wrote a review on another similar platform involving Forex called iMarketsLive. Copy Profit Success Global is not too different from that one.Trading Forex is a lot like gambling and you need capital. If you want to make money online with a shoestring budget, check out the opportunities Wealthy Affiliate teaches you about.


What Is Copy Profit Success Global


The CPS Global Products

There are a number of products associated with this platform and I’ll briefly go over them here.


CPS University

This is where you learn about trading the Forex markets. A lot of this information you can find online for free. BabyPips has an awesome, detailed tutorial on Forex trading. The CPS Global training consists of a series of videos, suitable for beginners right through to advanced traders, depending on the video you choose to watch.


CPS Pro Signals

Trading signals are a predetermined set of indicators that signify when it’s a good time to trade. They are often referred to as Experts Advisors or an EA. With CPS Global, you are alerted when other pro traders are making a trade, giving you the opportunity to jump on board the trade with them.

The good thing about this, is that if enough people all push a trade in the same direction, that currency will surge upwards (or downwards, depending on whether you’re buying or selling) and everyone stands a chance of making a good profit, provided you don’t get too greedy and set a reasonable profit limit to exit the trade.


CPS Live Webinars

These occur 5 days a week (Forex trading runs 24/7 Monday-Friday). Watch the webinars and you’ll get an insider’s look at experts trading live and see just how they do it.


The Compensation Plan

This is where the MLM side of things comes into play. So CPS Global is a twofold system where you can make money from direct Forex trading, as well as by recruiting others into the Copy Profit Success Global scheme.

For every single person you directly recruit you’ll receive a $25 bonus when they become a paying member. CPS Global utilise a 3 x 9 matrix for their compensation structure where you earn $3 monthly for everyone in your downline. There are also loads of ranks you can achieve as well for more bonuses and increased commissions.

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3 x 9 Matrix


Is This a Ponzi Scheme or Pyramid Operation?

The definition of an illegal Ponzi scheme is where there are no products of tangible value and all money relies solely on recruitment.

CPS Global does have products in the form of training, webinars and trading signals, so I guess it kind of gets around the Ponzi/pyramid tag in that way. However, it does focus very heavily on the recruitment side of things, so in a way it’s sailing fairly close to the wind.


Target Audience

This one is targeted at newcomers looking to get into the Forex market as well as more experienced traders who may be looking for an extra income source through recruiting others into a MLM scheme. To be honest though, I can’t really see reputable, professional Forex traders bothering to waste their time recruiting people into some MLM gig that only pays out a $25 bonus. That’s valuable time they could be spending trading or researching the markets.


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What I Like

  • Forex trading is real, can be fun, and has the potential to be very lucrative
  • There is some reasonable training here for beginners
  • The guys running the show are highly experienced network marketers
  • The trading signals could prove profitable


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • I don’t see any indication that the people who built this platform have any Forex trading experience, just loads of MLM experience
  • The monthly membership price is very high
  • It’s always tough to recruit people into MLM schemes and it’s a very hard way to make money regularly
  • Beginners really need a lot more training and practice on a demo trading platform before getting into live trading, or they’ll just lose a stack of cash
  • There is far better Forex training available online for free than what these guys are charging an arm and a leg for with a CPS Global membership
  • Forex trading comes with high risk and you need some decent capital before you start
  • This scheme is a borderline pyramid operation


CPS Global Profit Matrix


How Much Does Copy Profit Success Global Cost To Join?

It costs a massive $145 per month, every month, to be a part of this platform, do their training, and have the chance to earn commissions through recruiting new members.

I say “massive”, because that does seem like a huge amount to pay out every month for something like this. Maybe $145 a year might be a lot fairer. But then again, that’s how these schemes make cash. Likely the owners don’t make any money through trading the Forex market, just through selling memberships to Copy Profit Success Global.


Is Copy Profit Success Global a Scam?

No, I wouldn’t rate this as a scam at all. Forex is real. MLM is real, though I don’t recommend it. I think my problem with this one is that the focus is on the MLM scheme and not really the Forex market or seriously teaching people how to trade.

To me it seems Forex has just been tossed in there as an excuse to start up a MLM company, and they need some sort of “product” so it’s not labelled a pyramid operation or a Ponzi scheme.

Seriously, if you want to learn Forex, then check out the BabyPips website. They have some awesome, in-depth training and it’s all FREE!


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What Is The Key To Financial FreedomIt’s really up to you whether you join Copy Profit Success Global, but just be careful. There are better ways to make money online in my opinion, and far better Forex training than what these guys are offering.

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