What Is “Leased Ad Space” About? Does This Money Matrix Make Money?



What is Leased Ad Space about? Is it some sort of traffic exchange scam, or a genuine way to drive new leads to your website or business? Or is it merely a form of cash gifting?

Let’s take a closer look to find out…


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What Is Leased Ad Space AboutCompany Name: Leased Ad Space

Owners: Richard Weberg

Price To Join: $7 to start

My Rating: 5/10



~ The Leased Ad Space Review ~


What Is “Leased Ad Space” About?

This is yet another ad pack buying, ad view sharing money matrix, where you get a combination of advertising for your business or offer, as well as the opportunity to make some money in the process. Generally the ad packs in these systems are pretty worthless as far as actual advertising value goes. They are more of an excuse to run a money matrix and make the process sound legal and legitimate.

There’s nothing wrong with looking for more ways to generate traffic, but it really depends on what kind of traffic you are getting, whether that traffic is merely dead traffic, or quality traffic that will convert.

This one is fairly new to the scene. Richard Weberg only started it up in April 2016. The general idea is to buy the various ad packs at different prices, receiving in return more opportunities to advertise. You are also encouraged to recruit others into the system, where you earn commissions from their advertising purchases.

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How Does It Work?

You have the option to buy from a variety of ad packages. The higher priced the package, the more ad space you receive. You can’t just jump right in and buy the most expensive ad package first. You have to work your way up the order, starting with the cheapest right up to the most expensive, buying every pack in between.

To earn money from referrals you must first purchase that ad pack yourself. For example, you won’t earn from a referral who buys the most expensive package if you haven’t already purchased it too.

So basically there are 2 ways you can potentially earn here. If you have something to advertise that others in the system might be interested in, then you could generate sales of your own products, training course, or whatever it is you’re selling. Secondly, you can earn commissions in the ad pack buying MLM matrix, which is really what Leased Ad Space is all about.

The advertising may or may not be very effective, but it’s not really the thrust behind this system anyway. The money changing hands, the recruiting and the earning of commissions is what Leased Ad Space is all about.

People who buy into the system are able to mass email each other with their advertising, so what this means for you is, while you may get to send out a heap of emails promoting your product, in return you’ll be receiving hundreds of emails from other members, bombarding your inbox with their offers. Hmm…

Sorting through all those emails on a regular basis will become a fulltime job.

Watch the video below. It fully explains the compensation plan.



The compensation plan works off an 8×7 matrix and each level is restricted to a set number of referrals. See the image below.


Leased Ad Space Matrix


Target Audience

Some people just love these money matrix systems, and some even get some results from the advertising, so leased Ad Space will appeal to that crowd. Others are seeking a way to get started making some money online, and things like this seem to appeal because it sounds easy.

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The Pros

  • Cheap to try out on the base level
  • You may make some money
  • Could potentially get some genuine leads from the advertising
  • Commissions are paid directly from one member to another instantly via PayPal, Payza or Solid Trust Pay


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The Cons

  • It’s still based on a Ponzi scheme like all these matrix systems
  • Likely, if you invest in the higher levels, you will end up losing more than you make
  • How easy it is and how much money you will make is grossly over-hyped
  • The advertising is a free for all, hardly targeted or relevant
  • Recruiting for this will consume loads of your time
  • You will be bombarded with advertising emails from other members
  • These schemes can’t support themselves financially


Tools and Training

All you need is the platform itself. Apart from understanding how the compensation plan works, you don’t really need any training for this. Basically you buy the ad packs and blast out your ads to everyone else.

You do need to recruit though, and most people seem to do this via specific groups on Facebook and other social media.


Leased Ad Space Member Levels


How Much Does Leased Ad Space Cost?

It starts out at $7. If you want to be eligible for commissions on all 7 levels, then the total it will cost you is $399. That’s not actually that bad compared to other matrix systems I’ve reviewed, where you can potentially be out 1000s. Plus, the other members pay you directly.


Is Leased Ad Space a Scam?

My belief is that all these money matrix schemes are risky. They are a scam in a way. This one is a little better in that you can start with a very small investment and work your way up if things are looking good. The real positive is that members pay commissions directly to one another, which at least means you’re not piling money into the system and wondering if and when the system will ever pay you out.

If you are wanting to go with a money matrix, then Leased Ad Space might be worth a try.


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While the money matrix side of systems like Leased Ad Space are the main thrust of the platform, if you have something genuine to advertise, it might also get you some leads via their ad packs.

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