What Is the “Secret Success Machine”? A Scam? READ THIS!



What is the “Secret Success Machine” about? Is it a genuine opportunity or merely an over-priced internet scam? When asked to take a look at it, I did and wrote a review.

Read on to find out the truth on this one….


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what-is-the-secret-success-machine-a-scamCompany Name: Secret Success Machine

Owners: Uncertain

Price To Join: $697 to $20,197

My Rating: 1/10



~ The “Secret Success Machine” Review ~


What Is The “Secret Success Machine”?

For starters, paying out upwards of $20k to enter into a money making program is a very big chunk of change for most people, so right at the very beginning Secret Success Machine sounds like a risky proposition.

Previously this company was known as the “Millionaire Marketing Machine”. Companies peddling products like these usually change names fairly regularly for a reason: They develop a bad reputation for scamming people or not delivering on their promises, then have to reinvent themselves as a brand new business.

Basically this is an MLM scheme where you join up and buy various levels of the training, then you go on and sell this same training to others by recruiting them into the system and earning commissions. They also claim you can make a whopping $41k per week selling their training programs!

That’s some big hype right there. Massive claims of money to be made, and for very little effort, should always sound the alarm bells. Everyone wants to earn big cash for little work, so this sort of sales pitch really plays up to the imaginations and fantasies of most people.

There is audio and video training for a whole bunch of business topics, but the main emphasis isn’t on the actual training modules, but rather recruiting new members and selling them these same training programs.

Big money paydays and a cruisy lifestyle are the dreams they are really selling. There’s nothing wrong with this as such, as many of us want and deserve money and lifestyle freedom, but there is just something wrong when all the emphasis is on that and not on the actual products that are being promoted.

Sure, sell the lifestyle, but getting people to spend upwards of 20 thousand dollars and all you sell them is a dream life, then something’s amiss. You want to know exactly what you are getting for your investment and how the products you are going to be selling will help make the lives of your customers/clients/recruits better.

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Who Is The Target Audience?

Those new to online marketing and people with the “get rich quick” mentality. What this company is peddling really is a fantasy with the figures they quote.


The Pros

  • The sales pitches are full of hype and emotion, which can give you a sense of euphoria and motivation.


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The Cons

  • Way too much sales hype.
  • Too many obvious red flags.
  • All the emotional triggers are pushed, but there’s no substance behind the business and products.
  • No one knows who owns this business, so therefore a distinct lack of transparency.
  • Extremely expensive to buy into.


Tools and Training

There is actually loads of training despite there being no real emphasis on learning anything from it and putting it to good use. Most of the emphasis is on recruiting new people, building a downline and selling this same training to them, with the push being for them not to start a legitimate business, but just to recruit new members and sell them training packages.

You earn your money from these people and you also earn money from the people they recruit who purchase products, hence the MLM system.

If you are into MLM and don’t really care about promoting any products that actually help people, then you might like the Secret Success Machine. That is, if you can afford the very high price tags on the training packages.

Some of the actual training includes:

  • Direct mail marketing success
  • Online marketing
  • Business tools mastery
  • Home business success course
  • Making money from internet traffic

There is more, but like I say there really is no emphasis placed on learning any of this stuff, just selling it to others who join up.


How Much Does The “Secret Success Machine” Cost?

This is where it gets really interesting. In order to be eligible to sell one of their products to other recruits you first have to purchase it yourself.

For example, the cheapest package is the Bronze. It costs $697, which is made up of $500 for the product itself and a $197 admin fee. When you sell this package, you receive $500. And so it goes on right up to the last package which costs $20,197. There are 6 different training packages in all.

Big money to be made if you are willing to hand over the cash to buy into each training package and are then able to recruit new members and on sell the trainings. That’s the risky and unknown part.


Is The “Secret Success Machine” A Scam?

In my opinion this program is a bit of a scam as there is no real emphasis on learning anything with the training. They are just promoting hype and want you to promote that same hype once you buy into it. The training levels are extremely expensive for what they are and I think anyone would have a very hard time trying to sell this system to others.

Secret Success Machine is selling a concept and a dream lifestyle, not an actual product that really benefits anyone. The product merely exists to legitimise the purchase price charged. You make money on commissions and SSM make money on all the admin fees.

Without having some fine marketing skills and a gung-ho attitude, this program would be an extremely difficult sell at these prices.

I would give the Secret Success Machine a miss.


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2 thoughts on “What Is the “Secret Success Machine”? A Scam? READ THIS!

  1. HI Darren,

    Great review and thanks for creating it and sharing it with us, really appreciated.Tthe price is $20k and is rather expensive for the full package I was more turned off by the fact it’s a MLM product for me is a big no! I just don’t like the idea of creating competition for my own business ventures!

    You mentioned they were other red flags – would you mind mentioning what they are so that I can keep and eye out for them with other products?

    • I’m not into MLM either. Not my thing.

      Some red flags include the price, all the sales hype, little to no emphasis on the actual products themselves, the fact that there is no transparency as to who owns the business, and the business has changed names in the past.

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