What is Viral Money Method – A Scam or $4k a Day?



What is Viral Money Method? A scam? The video goes on about making thousands of dollars a day from viral videos that you don’t own, but how exactly? Is it really as easy as that?

Let’s take a closer look and find out…



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What Is Viral Money MethodCompany Name: Viral Money Method

Owners: Matthew Neer

Price To Join: $97

My Rating: 5/10



~ Viral Money Method Review ~



If you are reading this review it means you are doing your research, which is a good thing. Like I was, you’re probably wondering if the Viral Money Method actually works or whether it’s just some sort of scam. There are so many dodgy money making programs online that it’s always a good idea to do some digging before signing on with something and handing them your money.


What Is Viral Money Method

What Is Viral Money Method?

This platform is all about getting viral traffic to a website via videos. Creator Matthew Neer claims you can be making over $4000 a day with his method, even if you’ve never made a single dollar online before.

Matthew has had his hand in a few other systems over the years, and the Viral Money Method is his latest offering and, according to him, probably his greatest. One thing I’ll say for Matthew, he appears in his own videos and doesn’t hire Fiverr actors to make them, plus he has had internet success.

The premise of his system is to get traffic to your website with viral videos and monetise your website so you can earn commissions from all that viral traffic.

A word of warning though. This isn’t a new platform. In fact, it was around before under a different name – Viral Money Magnet. Matthew has changed the name and repackaged it in the form of Viral Money Method. This is a tactic often employed when a program develops a poor reputation. Rather than inventing something new, often that old platform just gets rebranded as if it’s something new and cool. That’s exactly what Matthew Neer has done here.


How It Works

Viral Money MethodWhen you join the Viral Money Method you are given access to Matthew’s software that builds you an automated viral website. Once you have your website established you will be visiting places like YouTube searching for any videos that have gone viral. Matthew recommends videos that are funny or have something unusual about them. You have to look for videos with heaps of views and that are getting shared like mad on social media.

The theory behind this method – and it’s not the first time I’ve seen it adopted – is that if these videos are already popular and you then put them on your website, they will attract tons of traffic because people are already wanting to watch these videos. You monetise your website with banner ads and affiliate offers, maybe even Google AdSense ads, then watch the money flow in.

It all sounds great in theory, but does it really work?

Matthew’s software helps you source the videos and add them to your website. He also gives you training on how best to monetise your website for maximum results.

That’s the easy part.

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The Hard Part

Buying into the Viral Money Method, setting up the site, importing popular videos and monetising the site per Matthew’s instructions will all be pretty straightforward. Now comes the hard part.

Getting traffic.

This is one of the hardest parts with any website. Without traffic you make nothing from the Viral Money Method. Getting organic search traffic from Google isn’t as simple as importing some popular videos onto your website. The only way you are going to attract traffic to those videos is to rewrite the metadata attached to them, giving them each a unique description and targeting particular keywords.

If you simply dump the videos from YouTube or wherever onto your website with everything as is, Google will consider it duplicate content and won’t even bother indexing and ranking the videos on your website.

Another problem is this: I’m not even sure you can just hijack popular videos from another platform and upload them to your website. Sounds like it would be breaching copyright to me. Possibly you could embed them or link to them, but you can’t claim them as belonging to you or your website.

And if someone has a popular video on YouTube that they’re making advertising dollars off, they’re going to get pretty upset if you hijack their popular video and take traffic away from them. After all, it’s their video, not yours.


Target Audience

Targeted at anyone wanting to make money online, really. I would say Matthew Neer is more aiming at newcomers, but his idea has some merit. It’s just a matter of whether it’s legal and workable in some way.


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What I Like

  • I do really like the concept of the Viral Money Method idea
  • It potentially could work if you can find the right way to do it


What I Don’t Like

  • I’m not sure if you can legally use other peoples’ videos in this fashion
  • The videos and their metadata will be duplicate content unless changes are made
  • It will actually take lots of work to get a system like this anywhere near running on autopilot
  • You need organic traffic, and that’s going to take some time
  • There’s no guarantee that a video that is viral elsewhere will also go viral on your website
  • Viral traffic doesn’t necessarily translate into viral sales


Viral Money Method Logo


How Much Does Viral Money Method Cost?

The program costs $97 to join, for which you’ll receive your software to both create your website and import viral videos. You will also get some training on how to do it all, as well as the best ways to monetise your website.


Is Viral Money Method a Scam?

I wouldn’t classify this idea as a scam. It could potentially work, but it will need some further tweaking than what Matthew Neer teaches you. You will definitely need to add some original content to the descriptions of the videos you import. I’m also not sure on the legalities of using other peoples’ videos on your website in this manner.


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2 thoughts on “What is Viral Money Method – A Scam or $4k a Day?

  1. Hi Darren,

    Thank for this informative review I’d definitely give this Viral Money method a miss mostly because I don’t see it as being a sustainable, let alone unethical. way of making money online.

    I might be wrong here but, you could make some cash with this method initially, short term but as soon as your site starts getting ranked you are gonna attract the attention of the video and copyright owners and be facing DMCA take down notices and bye bye to your money making stream!

    That is the fear I have regarding this method.

    • Hi Derek. Yeah, Viral Money Method, although an interesting idea, is loaded with some risk, for sure. Like you say, it could work initially, but then you might just have all the video owners jumping up and down about hijacking all their videos, so not likely a long-term money making plan at all. Like I said, interesting concept, but not really viable for a sustainable online business at all.

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