You Are What You Think


You Are What You Think

You are what you think.

That simple statement is as true as the one stating, “You are what you eat”. Just as your physical body is primarily composed of what you put into it, so is your mind. You feed your mind with constant negativity and doom and gloom, you will become a negative and gloomy person. It’s inevitable.

So much emphasis is placed on being fit and healthy these days – education, tips and advice that tell us how to take care of our bodies, both inside and out. Not much is targeted at the mind though, about how we think and what our thought patterns can do to us mentally. As human beings we act on what we think. If we think in a negative way, we will carry out negative acts, or actions that will never produce the results we really want in life. On the flipside, if we feed our minds with positivity as much as we can, deflect the negativity around us, we soon find ourselves taking much more positive and productive action towards our goals, ultimately realising our hopes and dreams.

Anyone who doesn’t believe the mind plays a huge role in determining our results in life, really has not looked deeply enough into this subject.

Think PositiveHow we think is everything!

How we think affects how we view ourselves and what value we place upon ourselves. How we think can either enhance or distort our view of the world and what’s possible. How we think affects our moods and how we feel at any given time.

Take a moment to ponder that last statement. Do a little experiment. Spend a few moments thinking about everything you can that makes you feel happy. The way your dog greets you with excitement when you get home from work, watching your favourite sporting team win, eating your favourite food, spending time having a laugh with your best friends.

How do these thoughts make you feel?

Now spend a few moments doing the opposite, thinking about negative things like, not having enough money to pay the bills, the time your partner walked out on you and never came back, losing your wallet or purse, feeling depressed about a situation you can’t resolve.

Now how do you feel?

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Your thoughts are everything. Every single action and every single emotion you experience first starts with a thought. And thoughts are not just limited to what you keep silent inside your head, either. The words you speak out loud are an echo of the very thoughts inside your mind, so what you say is equally as important as what you think.

This is the very reason why affirmations are so powerful, and affirmations can just as easily be negative as positive.

The reason the law of attraction works – and it works just as easily for positive things as it does for negative things – is because of how your thoughts and words affect you. It’s not all some mystical thing about putting it out there to the universe. Primarily the law of attraction works because the more positive you become, the more your subconscious mind is retrained to take action on the positive things you want to bring into your life. Your subconscious mind is the part of your psyche that allows you to function on autopilot, and it is this deep part of the mind that really controls both your actions and reactions.

If you can retrain your subconscious mind to adopt a success mindset, it will ultimately guide you on the right path to achieving success. It has no choice but to do this.

Think Money


The Wealth Attraction Factor

As money is a big part of everyone’s lives and something we all seem to strive to get more of, I wrote a short book on applying the law of attraction to gaining wealth and prosperity. The book focuses on retraining your mind to think like a wealthy and successful person does and it’s well worth the read.

I’m passionate about this subject and equally as passionate about helping others achieve their dream life.

Click the Amazon link below and check it out. After all, what is success worth to you? Are you willing to do whatever it takes to have the life you really want?

The Wealth Attraction Factor (eBook)



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4 thoughts on “You Are What You Think

  1. The Law of Attraction is very real, positive and negative thoughts can have a huge impact on ones life, so it is important to be aware of what you are think and what you say. Awesome job informing people of law of attraction, and the book is a must read! Keep moving forward!

  2. Hello, Darren. Congratulations with your book. I agree completely that we are what do we think about.
    I read that if we would repeat a phrase 200 times, it would settle deep into our subconsciousness.
    Our subconsciousness is as the iceberg. Sometimes we spin the same thoughts and later we see consequences from it. Of course, we need to take an action. Without it, nothing will fall from the sky.
    Unfortunately, the media and TV does not help ordinary people to think in a broader way.
    I wish that your book would help to open eyes and heart to knowledge. It would let to achieve wanted results in the life.
    All the best, Nemira.

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