Darren BurtonHi, my name is Darren and I'm an online entrepreneur living the laptop lifestyle.

My main income stream online these days comes from my affiliate marketing business. Anyone can do this and make a successful online business out of it if they want it bad enough. An online business gives you lifestyle freedom of time and money, and that's the best kind of life to live. Make yourself rich, not some boss.

The great training over at Wealthy Affiliate showed me how to do it, and it can work for you too.


My Background

Much of my background has involved sales in all its forms, as well as marketing and promotions. This includes both the online environment and the offline world.

During the first few years of the internet's existence, I didn't really pay it much attention as a place to make money. But then I started hearing from people I knew, how they were making money online and it got me interested.

My first foray into the online marketing world was with eBay, selling a few items I already had and making a few dollars. It was actually pretty exciting, selling stuff online and getting paid online through my PayPal account. At first it almost seemed surreal.

From that point on I was pretty much hooked with finding more ways to make money on the internet.


My First Website

I created my first website back in 2006, but didn't really have much clue what I was doing at the time. It was created with Microsoft FrontPage. I ended up putting it together okay, but I must admit it was pretty amateurish. It was an art and photography site, which generated a small amount of monthly income through Google's AdSense program.

My first effort at monetising a website.

I created more sites over the next few years, including a mildly successful article directory. These were all the rage back then, as having articles placed all over the internet with backlinks to your website was one of the best ways to achieve high Google rankings in those days. That's all changed now.


Writing and Publishing eBooks

One of my online income streams comes from publishing eBooks on a number of sales channels (Amazon, iTunes etc.). It was 2010 when I first got into this, just when eBooks were starting to get hot.

For a few years I made really good money, but sales slowed as the eBook market grew super competitive, and many authors started pricing their books super cheap or free.

However, my eBooks are a fantastic source of true passive income. Books I wrote 6, 7 or 8 years ago are still bringing me in money today. It doesn't get any more residual and passive than that.


Shiny Object Syndrome

While I continued to write more eBooks over the following years, I was always on the lookout for something else to do online to generate multiple streams of income.

I spent countless hours scouring the internet for money making opportunities. While I've never fallen for any scams or signed up for any, I've come across many and learnt to recognise them.

Many hours have been wasted watching those endless videos and podcasts, where the presenter waffles on for an eternity, but in the end doesn't really ever tell you anything useful. To get the useful information you first have to sign up for their "too good to be true" product or magic money making system and pay them money. It's about as realistic as finding a genie in a magic lamp.

There is no such thing as a get rich quick system. The only thing that can accomplish that is winning lotto, or inheriting money from a rich relative or friend. Any genuine venture takes some degree of effort and some time. There's no avoiding that.


Affiliate Marketing

2014 is when I first entered the world of affiliate marketing in a major way. Previously I'd only dabbled in it, promoting a few affiliate links here and there, mostly on Twitter for my eBooks on Amazon's Kindle program.

However, I did a lot of research on affiliate marketing and saw huge potential there, so I decided to get into it full on. The only problem was, I didn't really know what I was doing or how to get started.

Sure, I'd done a lot of research and read loads of material, but it still wasn't really making complete sense to me.

I had no direction to travel or a proven blueprint to follow.


I Needed Training

I knew I needed some form of training to set me on the right track, but I wasn't sure which training to choose. I was also aware there are a lot of scams in the make money online (MMO) world, so I didn't want to fall prey to one of those.

In any event, I kept reading great things about a company called Wealthy Affiliate. WA also allows members to join for free so they can check it all out first before committing to a paid membership. This sounded great to me as there was no risk.

I didn't need to input credit card details to sign up, either. These days to join as a free member, all you need to do at first is type in your email address. That's it. And you can stay free forever if you like. However, anyone serious about making money online with what Wealthy Affiliate teach will want to upgrade to a Premium Membership.

Once I joined I was hooked. I knew instinctively that I was in the right place.

The training is step-by-step and very easy to follow, but the thing that really got me was just how genuine, friendly and helpful the community of members was (and still is).

Joining Wealthy Affiliate was one of the best decisions I ever made. Much of my online success today can be directly attributed to being a member of this wonderful platform. I'm still a member and don't plan on leaving.

These days I make more than a fulltime living, all entirely on the internet. In addition, I also work as a freelancer online, writing content for web designers and SEO companies all over the globe.


Music Production

One of my other main interests and passion is music production. It's also another online income source. My main focus is music licensing, creating instrumental tracks to be used in films, trailers, video games, and all sorts of projects.

For markets such as iTunes and Spotify, I write and produce EDM (electronic dance music). You can find a link to my music website below. I'd love you to check it out.


The Internet Is a Global Market

There is money to be made everywhere if one knows where to look and what to do. The whole purpose of my Many Income Streams website is to point people interested in making money online in the right direction, while avoiding the scams in the process. At the same time, as I build out the content of this site, I continue learning new and useful things as well.

Let's all make money online and enjoy the laptop lifestyle.


Live the dream – You only get one life.


Connect with me:


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Darren Burton

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I am an author, online entrepreneur and internet marketer. I work from home and anywhere else in the world I choose to work. I've been making a living online since 2010, and you can do it too. I'm here to help.

6 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi there,
    I’m kinda of reaching at this point….I’ve redirected all over the place and not getting any response from anyone here….
    I don’t even know if you are a part of the Free Cash System – binary trading- Walter Green
    I was directed to a platform that trades and funded it with 250. I have not heard from anyone expect my receipt of payment…
    Can you provide any insight for me?
    Noelle Weinberger

    • Hi Noelle. I’m sorry, I don’t know anything about the program you are having trouble with and I’m certainly not involved with it at all. The Free Cash System sounds dodgy. Always do your research before joining any of these programs and never pay them any money until you are sure they are legit.

  2. HI Darren
    I have been interested in affiliate marketing but always felt In need to be an expert in something. I have spent what I consider good $$ but no avail or at least nothing to motivate me or feel.
    I came across this site from the OMG. I too am a fan of Bob Proctor but after reading you review I decided against even watching the webinair.
    Do you coach? Teach? Are you accessible?
    Emilio J Torres

    • Hi Emilio. And thanks for writing in.

      I know how you feel in your search to find a way to do affiliate marketing successfully. I was in that exact same spot a few years ago myself.

      Right now I don’t officially do any coaching or training, but it is something I’m thinking about getting involved in down the track.

      My best advice is to give the training at Wealthy Affiliate a try. I mentioned it at the end of the OMG review. I researched the hell out of affiliate marketing for months and months, but still didn’t really know how to piece it all together. Once I joined WA and started their training (and you can start for free) I quickly realised I was in the right place to learn. It all started to make sense. What I really like about Wealthy Affiliate, though, is the community. I finished all the WA training a long time ago, but I remain a member there because I learn so much from everyone else there and everyone helps each other to succeed.

      They do charge a monthly fee if you want to do all their training, but it’s free to join initially and you can do the first 10 lessons for nothing and even create 2 free websites.

      You’ve got nothing to lose by taking a look.

      Cheers, Darren


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