Is Evolution Travel a Scam or Not? Read This Now!



Is Evolution Travel a scam or not? If you’re reading Evolution Travel reviews, then maybe you’ve been asking yourself that question and wondering whether it’s a good business opportunity to get involved in. Some have called it the “Evolution Travel scam”, but is that really a fair assessment?

Let’s take a closer look and uncover the truth….



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Evolution Travel Is a ScamCompany Name: Evolution Travel

Founder: David McCovy

Price To Join: $30 + $69.95/Month

My Rating: 1/10



~ Evolution Travel Review ~

What Is Evolution Travel?

Evolution Travel operates out of Las Vegas and works in conjunction with Archer Travel Service, Inc.  based in California. Both the founder of Evolution Travel and Archer Travel Service both operate under the MLM business model and both are technically in partnership together.

The idea of Evolution Travel is to be able to enjoy special deals on travel packages, as well as joining the business opportunity side of things and making some extra money or, if all goes well, make a fulltime gig out of it.

Founded in the year 2015, Evolution Travel works entirely as a cloud-based travel agency. Archer Travel Service has been in business since 1952. Evolution Travel operates in many countries throughout the world and the business relies almost entirely on recruitment rather than retail travel sales.

The website doesn’t really give away a lot of information about the business, its products or the business opportunity without first signing up as a paying member.


The Travel Partners

Evolution Travel and Archer Travel Service have teamed up with some major vendors worldwide to facilitate their travel packages and deals. Some of their travel partners include the following companies:

  • Carnival Cruises
  • Disney
  • Royal Caribbean Cruises
  • Southwest Vacations
  • Universal Orlando
  • United Vacations
  • Sandals
  • Beaches
  • And many more…




The Evolution Travel MLM Business Opportunity

From what I can gather about this business, Evolution Travel is not really peddling any products. What they’re offering is an opportunity to be your own virtual Evolution Travel agent, where you can get discounts from all the travel partners Evolution have teamed up with. You can also earn money by booking packages for other people if you can first recruit them.

Evolution Travel advertise the business opportunity as a way for travel lovers to earn money from something they love.

  • No experience necessary
  • Home-based business
  • Free training

They say free training, but you actually have to pay a joining fee, then a rather expensive monthly fee to remain eligible to run your virtual travel agency business.

If you really want to learn a business that can make you passive income online, then try the free training at Wealthy Affiliate. They teach you how to build a business from the ground up, and no capital required.

In reality all multi level marking businesses favour the company and not those working for it. As a distributor for Evolution you are simply a sales rep, working for free unless you sell some travel products which Evolution Travel don’t even own. They save money on advertising and paying a workforce while the distributors do all the work. Essentially you don’t own anything.

You are merely a sales rep for Evolution Travel, and they are nothing but an affiliate for all the companies they represent. With my online business I can travel whenever I want and still make money. Click here to learn more.


Evolution Travel Commissions


Here’s some of what you get when you join the Evolution Travel business:

  • 90% commissions
  • Your own website
  • Direct access to travel vendors
  • Training
  • Residual income
  • Discounts off your own travel and entertainment
  • Tax benefits and perks
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The Compensation Plan

I always find the compensation plans of these MLM businesses rather confusing, so for full details you can access the Evolution Travel official PDF by clicking here.

This business deal is multi level marketing, but you’re not really marketing any products. Rather you are getting deals for yourself, hooking up deals for other people by recruiting them into the Evolution Travel business.

You start off your MLM travel business as a consultant, but there are a number of levels you can aspire to in order to earn more money.

  1. Consultant – Enrollment in the business
  2. Executive Consultant – Sold 3 PTA Packages
  3. Bronze Consultant – Sold 6 PTA Packages
  4. Silver Consultant – Sold 9 PTA Packages
  5. Gold Consultant – Sold 15 PTA Packages, has signed up 3 Silver Consultants and have at least 3 downlines
  6. Platinum Consultant – Have at least 300 active packages in your organisation
  7. Professional Travel Agent Package (PTA)

As is typical with a MLM compensation plan, you earn different levels of commissions and bonuses as you progress, and there is the opportunity for residual income streams.

Be aware that this is all based on MLM and is not even really participating in retail sales. Most people fail in any MLM venture


Evolution Travel Bonuses


Is Evolution Travel a Pyramid Scheme?

To be classified as an illegal pyramid scheme, Evolution Travel needs to rely solely on recruitment to make money. In other words, it would have to have no products.

The products don’t actually belong to Evolution Travel. They are a third party seller for other vendors. Therefore, as far as the MLM business side of things goes, it does look like a pyramid scheme to me.


Target Audience

This one is definitely aimed at people who love to travel first and foremost, as one of the benefits is insider information and discounts on a variety of travel packages and entertainment. Some people are looking for some other income opportunities and MLM appeals because the business is already established. No need to start something from complete scratch.


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What I Like

  • It’s in the travel industry rather than yet another MLM selling health and wellness products
  • The way it’s set up is an interesting concept
  • Business partner Archer Travel has been in business more than 60 years


What I Don’t Like

  • I can’t find much information on this company
  • The only reviews I can find seem to be written by Evolution Travel consultants
  • Evolution Travel has only been around since 2015
  • There is no retail selling as a travel agent of this company. It’s all about recruitment into your downline so people can get discounts on travel
  • This kind of smells like a naked pyramid scheme or a Ponzi scheme, as the company has absolutely no products of its own and relies solely on recruitment to survive
  • Most people fail at MLM ventures
  • The average yearly earnings for anyone involved in any MLM is just $500 per year, while 90% of participants make zero dollars


How Much Does Evolution Travel Cost?

It costs $30 to join up as a consultant. After that you are required to pay a $69.95 monthly administration fee. You do get a basic website to help with your recruitment, as that’s really the only purpose of the website they give you. It’s not for selling travel deals.


Evolution Travel Is a Scam


Is Evolution Travel a Scam?

I think it’s a bit on the dodgy side. I’m not a fan of the MLM way of doing business anyway, because all the benefits are with the company and not those doing all the work to make those at the top rich. The only reviews I see online are by members of Evolution Travel trying to recruit people. It really is a matter of Evolution Travel taking advantage of its distributors with the vague promise of an awesome lifestyle in return.

While there may possibly be some good travel deals to be had by becoming a member, there are also the monthly fees to contend with. This company has zero products of its own and is really operating as an affiliate of all the travel vendors it is in partnership with.

The MLM side of this business looks more like a naked pyramid scheme, as the products are non-existent and all the emphasis is entirely on recruitment. Without the constant recruitment no one gets paid. This matches the definition of a Ponzi scheme, or an illegal pyramid system, where the money from new members pays the profits of previous members.

While I won’t label it a total scam, something doesn’t quite seem right about it as a genuine business opportunity, because I don’t believe it really is a plausible opportunity. It’s just a recruitment drive in an effort to continually turn money over. It looks like a money matrix MLM but uses the travel discounts as some semblance of a product.

I would give it a miss. There are better travel MLM opportunities out there.


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How To Travel the World and Earn MoneyMLM is an extremely tough gig to try and make money in. You have to constantly recruit to move up the ranks, and it’s only by advancing that you can really get into the dollars. People drop out all the time and you’re starting all over again.

I prefer to run an online affiliate marketing business, as it gives me a great income as well as complete lifestyle freedom. For the most part there is no real recruiting involved in affiliate marketing. You are simply acting as the sales rep for the products and services of other companies. It has so many advantages over MLM, which include:

  • No buying and selling products
  • Little to no recruiting
  • You actually own and run your own business
  • With MLM the company owns the busienss, not you
  • Work form home or anywhere you like
  • Make money while travelling
  • Earn residual and passive income
  • Make money while you sleep
  • No joining fees
  • No minimum monthly spend or product sales
  • It costs virtually nothing to do

The benefits listed above are just a small snapshot of the advantages affiliate marketing holds over multi level marketing. There really is no comparison. Anyone can do this if you are shown how to go about it the right way. Proper training like what’s offered at Wealthy Affiliate will fast-track the path to online success.

The thing is, you could set up your own affiliate marketing site in the travel niche and make commissions without having to spend money joining something like Evolution Travel. You also don’t have to recruit to make money. There are loads of travel-related businesses that have affiliate programs, such as Hotels Combined, Agoda, Expedia, many airlines and car rental companies. Heaps. And if you have an affiliate marketing travel business, you can actually go travelling and take your business with you, working on it while relaxing by the pool at some exotic resort. It really is an awesome, freedom-filled business, and if you do the training I did, you will know exactly how to get started and set things up right.

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2 thoughts on “Is Evolution Travel a Scam or Not? Read This Now!

  1. This always rings “Alarm Bells” for me if websites don’t give away too much information about the Company.
    The fact that Evolution Travel smells like a Ponzi Scheme probably drafted by a long-standing business to gain extra funding is a big worry. This may not be a scam but at best one should avoid as it’s very hard to make money out of a Non-Product MLM.
    Do you recommend Wealthy Affiliate to be a genuine opportunity to make money online?
    Thanks, Jeff.

    • Hi Jeff. I’ve actually come across a few travel MLM companies that operate without their own products. I guess it can be done, but it’s kind of risky, as the “products” they do promote could get taken away from them at any time when they don’t own them. You might be right with what you say, when you mention Archer Travel might be using MLM as a way of getting extra funding and increasing exposure without much risk to them.

      Wealthy Affiliate is a training platform that teaches you how to make money on the internet. They do have their own affiliate program, so you can make some money with them directly, but their platform is more focused on great training and how to set things up right so you can have a successful online business.

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