Is “Cowboy Wealth” a Scam or Stagecoach To Riches?



Is “Cowboy Wealth” a scam, or a legitimate and genuine way to make money online and live a lifestyle of financial freedom? Many people were asking these questions about Cowboy Wealth, so I decided to dig deeper and write a review on what I found out.

Read on to discover the truth on this one…  


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Is Cowboy Wealth A ScamCompany Name: Cowboy Wealth

Owners: Chris and Cathy Sorensen

Price To Join: ???

My Rating: 1/10    




~ The “Cowboy Wealth System” Review ~


What Is “Cowboy Wealth”?

Cowboy Wealth The Sorensens

Chris and Cathy Sorensen

To begin with I really struggled to find much information on this money making “opportunity”, which in itself is a little unusual and suspect. There are not many Cowboy Wealth reviews around, and a Google search doesn’t produce much in the way of results.

The official Cowboy Wealth website doesn’t receive a lot of traffic according to their Alexa ranking.

The domain name was first created 5 years ago, with the location named as Utah, United States. I managed to find a rather inactive and unpopular Facebook page for Cowboy Wealth, and a few personal profiles on sites such as LinkedIn for people allegedly involved in the program.

I’m yet to find another independent review of this company. That’s not to say there aren’t any reviews out there, but I haven’t come across one yet.

For the past 3 decades Utah couple, Chris and Cathy Sorensen, have been helping people create their dream lifestyles. They claim their system leads to complete lifestyle freedom of time and money, but it’s not a MLM scheme.

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Cowboy Wealth eCommerce  

How It Works

Honestly, I’m not exactly sure how the Cowboy Wealth System works due to a lack of transparency and information on their website, and a real dearth of information on the company in general. Their website really doesn’t give much away at all and contains virtually no tangible information.

From what I understand is this: You first have to be referred to Cowboy Wealth from someone already involved (much like with MLM schemes). You then call their phone number, listen to a short recorded message, after which you leave your details and someone will call you back to give you the sales pitch for the opportunity.

That sounds really sketchy to me, and no, I haven’t called their phone number as I live in another country. One thing I do notice on their site is how often they stress they are “NOT MLM” in capital letters. I suspect they probably are, but don’t wish to deter people who may be anti-MLM schemes like Amway and the like.

The only real other point I’ve discovered that offers any sort of a clue as to what this system involves, is where they quote how you can make money from people shopping at Costco and Amazon. They also allude to being partnered with a hugely-successful American health and wellness company; but again, no real details, not even a name.  


Cowboy Wealth Statement  

Who Is The Target Audience?

From what I can gather it is online-based, so people who wish to earn a living through the internet. I’d say the aim is to create residual or passive streams of income. Cowboy Wealth really focus on the “lifestyle freedom” side of things, stating that joining their team will lead to this.  

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The Pros

  • There really is not enough information for me to be able to state any positives about Cowboy Wealth


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The Cons

  • No genuine information or details on what it’s about
  • Lack of information on the internet
  • No company transparency whatsoever
  • The usual fake looking testimonials
  • There are a number of Cowboy Wealth complaints online


Cowboy Wealth Testimonials


Tools and Training

I don’t know what sort of tools and training are involved, if any, as the owners have decided not to share any details with the public until you call them.  


How Much Does The “Cowboy Wealth System” Really Cost?

Again, this is another mystery. It could be free or it could cost a million dollars. Who knows? They don’t divulge any details.  


Is “Cowboy Wealth” A Scam?

I can’t call it a scam, but I also can’t say I recommend Cowboy Wealth when the creators refuse to share any information about what it is. It’s also really sketchy that no one involved has shared any experiences on the internet somewhere. It all seems very secretive and hinges on people making that phone call to hear the recorded message, and then getting a call back.

Based on this total lack of transparency and refusal to share information, I’d have to say stay away from the Cowboy Wealth System. It’s all too much of a mystery for my liking. In my experience if someone has a system or business that works well and they want to recruit other members, then they are quite open about what it is and how you will benefit from it.  

UPDATE: Some people have informed me that this is linked to the Melaleuca network marketing company.

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6 thoughts on “Is “Cowboy Wealth” a Scam or Stagecoach To Riches?

  1. I am not sure why someone would start a business to help people in solving their problems and yet not give enough information about it. I’ve keenly followed your article on Cowboy Wealth and wanted to understand what they exactly do but didn’t find any. I don’t feel this would be a good option for anyone seeking to get started with the online business.

    In as much as I wouldn’t want to call Cowboy Wealth a scam, all signs show that it is really is. I’m glad that you introduced a better option of making money online via affiliate marketing. How does it exactly work? Can I start my business online without any computer training?

  2. Hey Darren, if anything I feel you’re being too easy on these people. This Cowboy Wealth definitely sounds like a scam to me. I know everyone’s innocent until proven guilty, but still… If it looks like a scam, sounds like a scam, and smells like a scam, then it probably is one! The complete lack of transparency is a big giveaway.

  3. Sounds like this has scam written all over it. Not sure how you can even give them a one. From what I can tell, this is a closed network where you have to be invited in by a current member. I wonder if there is a secret handshake or something to identify the members. Thanks for the warning on this. Looks like only the owners make money. Plus, why advertise if it’s closed?

    • Hi Warren,

      I’m not sure what you mean by it being closed. If people want to get involved they have to call the supplied phone number and wait for a call back. As far as I’m aware it’s open to people getting involved.

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