Getting Started In Wealthy Affiliate – A Brief Beginner’s Guide


Getting Started In Wealthy Affiliate – A Brief Beginner’s GuideIf you’ve clicked through to this post, chances are you’ve already heard about Wealthy Affiliate and are maybe even thinking of joining.

Getting started in Wealthy Affiliate is quite a simple process and in this post I’ll run you through the basics of setting up a free account through to starting the training. I’ll be using screen captures to illustrate each step as that makes things easier. And who really wants to read a whole bunch of text anyway?

So, let’s get started.


Wealthy Affiliate Sign Up Page

If you click through on my link on this page you will be taken to a screen that looks exactly like the one below. It’s been personalised, which is something you can do with a number of things at Wealthy Affiliate. This screen is very simple and, as you can see, no credit card is required to open your free Starter Account. All very basic; just name, email address, password and a username. Input that and you’re good to go.


WA Sign Up Page New


Take A Tour Of Wealthy Affiliate

Your next screen will be one that offers you a quick tour of the basics of Wealthy Affiliate. It’s optional whether you do this or not, but definitely worth doing. It’ll show you basically what I’m showing you in this brief tutorial. For the purpose of this article we’ll skip the tour and go straight to the website.


Wealthy Affiliate Take The Tour


Online Entrepreneur Certification

If you skip the tour you will arrive at the first lesson of the Online Entrepreneur Certification course. This is the main section of training at Wealthy Affiliate and the first 10 lessons can be done as a free member. If you wish to complete the other 40 lessons (very advisable), you will need to upgrade to a paid membership. But once again, that’s optional.

Definitely go through this first lesson and watch the video walk through. It will explain the basics of the WA website, how to set up your profile, and basically just how to navigate around the entire site so you get familiar with it.


Getting Started Training


The Top Menu

WA Top Menu

I’ll briefly explain the top menu screen here. When you click on each of these menu options, drop down lists of more options will appear.

  • The grey area is a search bar. Type in anything you want to search for on the Wealthy Affiliate site and a drop down list of results will appear.
  • When you click on the "pencil", you gain access to the following features: Write a blog, create training, build a website or find a domain name.
  • The "W" in a circle takes you through to your credits dashboard. You can earn credits every time a new member you refer sets up their profile. You can also earn when one of your referrals buys a domain name through WA, or you create training that's popular.
  • The "$" symbol gives you access to all your WA affiliate stats, earnings, links, promotional material and so on.
  • The Aeroplane with the 300 under it is all about earning money by being an affiliate of Wealthy Affiliate. Each time a new member signs up as a paid Premium Member through your affiliate link, that 300 number will drop. If you manage to make 300 WA sales in a calendar year, owners Kyle and Carson take you on an all-expenses-paid trip to Las Vegas as a reward.
  • The "bell" indicates how many notifications you have.
  • The grey one with the envelope lets you know if you have received a private message.


The Side Menu

  • WA Side MenuDashboard – This is where you can check out the latest blog posts, success posts and questions asked by members of the Wealthy Affiliate community.
  • Training – This is the portal where you access all the training on Wealthy Affiliate.
  • Websites – Here you can access all the information about your websites; from building your sites, to managing them and website support.
  • Live Events – Here you gain access to free weekly live training webinars hosted by resident expert, Jay. Well worth tuning in for.
  • Research – Gain access to WA's own powerful keywork research tool, Jaaxy. Not only can you use it for competitive keyword analysis, but you can also check your search engine rankings and all sorts of other cool stuff.
  • Live Chat – Chat live with other members, answer questions, receive answers to your questions, or simply just get to know the community.
  • Help Center – Contact Site upport, ask questions of the community, or even send private messages to other members. It's all available under this tab.


Profile Page

As you can see in the below image there is no information on the dummy profile account page I set up for the purpose of this post. It’s important that you fill out this information as soon as you join, as you really want to interact with the community. People are far more likely to interact with someone who has at least uploaded some sort of image as well as input a few sentences about themselves. It’s all really easy to do.


Wealthy Affiliate Profile Page


Here's what my profile page looks like…


My Wealthy Affiliate Profile


The Wrap

This was just a brief tutorial to get you started and on your way when you join up with WA. As you can see getting started in Wealthy Affiliate is simple.

Sign up for a free account, complete your profile and get started on either the Online Entrepreneur Certification training or Affiliate Bootcamp. As a Starter Member you can access the first 10 lessons of either course. After that you will need to upgrade your membership to continue, but it’s well worth it.

Click here to return to my Wealthy Affiliate review…

So don’t delay, get started today. It doesn’t get any easier than Wealthy Affiliate.


Join Wealthy Affiliate


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6 thoughts on “Getting Started In Wealthy Affiliate – A Brief Beginner’s Guide

  1. Thanks for such a thorough explanation on Wealthy Affiliate. It is very important to setup your account because not many people are willing to help you if they cannot see your profile image.

    It look like Wealthy Affiliate is constantly evolving to become better than it currently is. How much does it cost to join Wealthy Affiliate?

    • Wealthy Affiliate is free to join, and you can stay a free member for as long as you like. There are definite advantages to upgrading, though, such as access to ALL of the great training. First month of Premium Membership is only $19. After that it’s $47 per month. But that’s a bargain compared to other training and courses.

  2. Thanks Darren for this very helpful beginner’s guide to Wealthy Affiliate. I myself have been a member there for quite a while now (it’s the real deal, I can tell you that) and there are still features, resources and tools I’m learning about every day; you’ve covered the essentials here, including things I didn’t know much about until now. I appreciate it!

    • Glad to hear you’ve taken advantage of everything Wealthy Affiliate has to offer for quite some time now, Paul. You are proof that their training works and why it’s worthwhile becoming a member. Cheers.

  3. There certainly is a lot to learn at Wealthy Affiliate, especially as there is just so much training and discussion in every category. Even though that might seem a bit overwhelming, it really is a good thing, because being successful online really does come down to knowing what you are doing.

    Thanks for bringing us up to speed with the main components of Wealthy Affiliate.

    I have a question though. What part of the site do you personally like the most?

    • Hi Vince. You’re right, you really have to know what you are doing in order to be successful online. Wealthy Affiliate is the best place to learn how to do it. The thing I like most about the Wealthy Affiliate site is the community. Everyone helps each other out. So even though you might be doing your own business, you are not in business alone.

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