Outsourcing Benefits Affiliate Marketing


OutsourceOutsourcing simply means to pay someone else to do the work you want done. When creating websites and content , outsourcing really benefits affiliate marketing by freeing up your time so you can work on whatever it is you are best at.

Perhaps you need a logo designed for a new website, or want to add a whole bunch of new content to your site in quick time, then outsourcing the work really makes good business sense.


What Can Be Outsourced

Anything, really. With the internet you can practically find anyone to do anything you need when it comes to websites, content, programming. In fact, the works. And the great thing about outsourcing is this: The market out there is highly competitive, so often you can get real quality work from freelancers at close to bargain prices.

Here’s a brief list of just some of the things that can be outsourced:

  • Writing (website content, eBooks, squeeze pages, lead magnets)
  • Computer Programming
  • Website Design
  • Graphic Design (logos, images, drawings, banner ads)
  • Audio ProductionPhotoshop Processing
  • Buying Traffic
  • Online Marketing
  • Research
  • Video Production
  • Music and Audio
  • Business Plans
  • Translation Services
  • Book Covers

The list goes on and on…..


Choose A Prospective Worker Carefully

Some of this will be trial and error. Plus, we all like different things and our expectations of quality and output vary from person to person. However, some people you outsource work to are naturally going to be more competent than others. Some will also be way more experienced than others, though these people will generally charge more than a newbie trying to get some runs on the board.

The majority of people you outsource work to can be found on various freelance sites, and most freelance and outsourcing sites will allow customers to offer reviews and ratings of the service they received. It’s best to choose a gig that has at least some positive feedback, and the more the better. I’m not saying never take a chance on someone who is new, as everyone had to start somewhere and be given a go, but for the most part target those with reviews and obvious experience.

Also ask for samples of their previous work so you can assess the style and quality. Style is just as important as anything else, as you want to team up with someone who connects with and understands what you want, as well as having a style that complements your website or project.


Fiverr For Outsourcing

There are many places where you can find people to outsource your work too, whether it be freelance sites or individuals, but one of the most popular ones is Fiverr.

The concept behind Fiverr was that all the ‘gigs’ on there cost $5. While there are still some gigs you can get done for $5, usually you will need to pay a bit more for jobs of quality and that require more work.

You can pretty much get anything done of Fiverr, all of what was mentioned earlier plus loads more. I’ve used Fiverr a number of times for various gigs. Sometimes I just want some quick output of fresh content on my websites. While I haven’t been satisfied with every single thing I’ve had done through somebody on Fiverr, for the most part I’ve been quite happy with the results.

Fiverr Options

Maybe you’re not interested in outsourcing work, but would rather sell your services on Fiverr yourself. Setting up a seller account is very straightforward. All Fiverr do is take a small percentage of any money you make from the site. Their fee is quite fair and reasonable for the amount of exposure you get. Apart from the fee Fiverr take from each sale, it costs nothing to set up and maintain a seller account on the site.



Sometimes it can cost as little as a few dollars to outsource some work, so if you feel you have too much to handle, don’t have the expertise to do something yourself, or simply want to increase your business output, then it makes perfect sense to outsource some work. It’s like having employees on call that you can delegate tasks to whenever you want, day or night, all year long.

Outsourcing is the perfect business solution.


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Darren Burton

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6 thoughts on “Outsourcing Benefits Affiliate Marketing

  1. Fiverr can be quite good for outsourcing, but sometimes you need to pay more than $5 if you want something good. For example, I paid $45 for my new website header logo, but I was pretty pleased with the result.

    As for article writing, I find that Text Broker is good. At least then you don’t need to worry about searching for the right person because each writer has already been vetted by Text Broker. You just submit a request and then somebody writes it. Have you ever used Text Broker?

    • Thanks for the tip on Text Broker, Marcus. I haven’t actually looked into that one before. Sounds like it would be a good one for content for sure. You’re right about Fiverr. While you can get gigs done for $5, generally you do have to pay more for good quality or a bigger job.

      Thanks for dropping by.

  2. Outsourcing can be a great help and I plan to use it for some upcoming projects of mine. I’d actually tried Fiver and wasn’t happy with my first experience, but they did allow me credit for a future job which I plan to use. I will take your advice and ask for samples this time. Do you have any other specific sites you can recommend, in particular for art work?

    • Hi Christine. Thanks for reading. To be honest I haven’t actually used any outsourcing for artwork (Fiverr or any other source) as I do all artwork myself. so I’m not sure who to recommend specifically. Many people get logos and things like that designed on Fiverr, but you would definitely want some examples of previous work they’ve done before giving them the gig and parting with any money. For a specific recommendation of an artist to use you would be best off posing the question in a forum you are a member of, asking for some to recommend a graphic designer.

  3. Hi Darren,
    I’m thinking of outsourcing some work in the near future, so I will be certainly looking at Fiverr.
    When you start a business, you probably think you will be able to do all the work single handed, but as the business grows, it’s necessary to get some help and outsourcing is a great way to achieve this. That’s one of the great things about the internet, you can get any job done for a reasonable price. It may be a bit hit and miss finding the right person to carry out your work at the start, so asking for samples of previous work is a great tip.

    • Thanks for reading Peter. Glad you found the information helpful. Outsourcing is almost a must when business gets busy, but like you say, need to find the right person or people to outsource to. Best of luck.

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