Is Immunotec a Scam MLM or Decent Opportunity?



Is Immunotec a scam or not? That’s the question many have been asking about this MLM company in the health and wellness niche. Is it worth joining, or isn’t it? Can you actually make decent money with this one?

Let’s take a closer look and find out…


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Immunotec Is a ScamCompany Name: Immunotec

Owner: 1111267 B.C. Ltd

Price To Join: $24.95 Joining Fee + Starter Pack

My Rating: 4/10



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What Is Immunotec?

It seems to be a very common theme these days – Create health and wellness products and distribute them via the multi level marketing method. Products in this niche are far and away the most popular with MLM companies today.

Is Immunotec simply another MLM venture vying for space in an already crowded sea of MLM businesses selling health supplements? Or do they actually have something different to offer with both their products and business opportunity?

The company has been going strong since the 1990s, where their core product has really kept them in the hunt in such a competitive niche market, and as a member you can buy and sell their products, as well as grow your own Immunotec business as a distributor.

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Immunotec Products

That core ingredient is a whey protein isolate called Immunocal which – as the name of the company suggests – helps to boost the body’s immune system.

These days the company has really expanded their products to include a vast range that is too detailed to list here. However, their core products can be grouped into four main categories, which are:

  1. Health & Wellness
  2. Elasense Skincare
  3. Weight Management
  4. Personal Care

These products are all designed to keep you healthy on the inside and looking young and rejuvenated on the outside.

MLM companies are notorious for offering products with very high price tags, due to the nature of their compensation plans, and Immunotec is no exception. As an example 30 pouches (30 serves) of Immunocal sells for $79.99.

Over the years the products have been very well received, although results will always vary.


Immunotec Products 1


The MLM Business Opportunity

I’m not a fan of the MLM business structure, simply because it totally favours the company and takes away most advantages from the army of distributors. The company gets a free workforce that works only on a commission/bonus basis, the distributors do all the buying and selling of products, and it’s also the distributors that grow the company through constant recruiting.

In the case of Immunotec they save money on wages and advertising, while those towards the top of the food chain get richer and richer as the vast majority do all the work and are lucky to gross $500 a year for their efforts.

If you really believe in the products it will certainly help your efforts, but anything MLM is a very tough sell. The main emphasis is on recruitment to grow your “business”. Not that you ever really own a business in MLM, because the company you are a rep for owns and controls just about everything.

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The Immunotec Compensation Plan

I always find MLM compensation plans mega confusing and complicated, but I’ll try and explain how the Immunotec one works.

Essentially there are two main things you need to do to earn money:

  1. Direct sales
  2. Recruitment

With direct retail sales you purchase products at a 30% discount; which means you can buy stuff for yourself at a reduced rate, and it also gives you a 30% profit margin to work with when selling to others.

That being said, the real money is in recruitment, as you can earn off your downline, get more bonuses, and also move up the ranks, giving you the potential for much bigger earnings overall. You really need to create massive downlines to move up the ranks with any sort of MLM business. That’s just how they work.

There are 7 ranks to aim for in Immunotec and they are:

  1. Associate
  2. Venture
  3. Silver
  4. Gold
  5. Diamond
  6. Executive Diamond
  7. Platinum

The reality is that most people fail to make any money with MLM ventures, while those that do might only make about $500 a year before expenses. Those people making the big money usually joined really early on, and they are few and far between. Like any kind of workforce, a select few make great money while the majority that do all the work receive very little reward.

Check out their 2016 Income Disclosure Statement.


Immunotec Income Disclosure


Is Immunotec An Illegal Pyramid Scheme?

An illegal pyramid scheme is one that’s called a naked pyramid. Most MLM opportunities work on the pyramid compensation structure, but as they sell real products, they can’t be classified as a naked pyramid scheme which has no real products of any value and rely solely on recruitment and new money.


Target Audience

MLM targets people generally passionate about the products and those seeking some sort of business venture that doesn’t cost the earth to get going and is already set up for them. MLM is a bit like franchising, but without really owning a business and without the massive start up costs.


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What I Like

  • The company has been around for nearly 40 years now
  • Their products have been fairly well received for many years now


What I Don’t Like

  • The products are super expensive, as with all MLM businesses in this niche
  • The only real way to get ahead is to recruit like crazy
  • You will no doubt annoy everyone you know trying to get them on board
  • This niche is so saturated it’s not funny
  • You will be competing with much cheaper products that are not associated with MLM
  • More than 60% of Immunotec consultants make zero dollars profit


Immunotec Products 2


How Much Does Immunotec Cost?

To get involved in the business side of Immunotec will cost you a $24.95 admin fee, plus you will need to buy a starter kit, with the cheapest one being $200. You really need a starter kit to hit the ground running. Otherwise you’ll have no materials or product samples to show anyone and get them interested.


Is Immunotec a Scam?

There’s no way this company is a scam. It’s just typical MLM, with high-priced products and the need for massive recruitment to get anywhere within the business. Although they’ve been around for about 40 years, the health and wellness niche is literally becoming more competitive by the day.

I really can’t see a rosy future trying to make money with Immunotec in this niche.


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  • Make much bigger money
  • Extremely low overheads
  • No complicated compensation plans
  • Some commissions are as high as 100%
  • No buying starter kits or paying joining fees
  • Work for yourself from home
  • Promote any product you like to a global audience
  • Make money while you sleep
  • Earn residual and passive income

This list could literally go on and on, but you get the idea.

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