Is Global Test Market a Scam? Are Surveys Even Worth Your Time?



Is “Global Test Market” a scam, or a profitable way to spend your time and earn money online? Is taking paid surveys with Global Test Market worth it or not?

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Is Global Test Market A ScamCompany Name: Global Test Market Surveys

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What Is “Global Test Market” Paid Surveys?

Basically, companies want to gather more information about their target markets so they can better position themselves in the marketplace to create products and services that meet the demand. They often acquire this information through surveys of everyday people who are somewhat relevant to their business.

Global Test Market, like many other paid survey platforms, are an aggregator. This means they act as a go between portal between advertisers and participants. GTM get advertisers who need information on board, as well as recruit people looking to earn a little extra cash taking online surveys.

I was once a member of Global Test Markets’ paid survey offers, but haven’t used the service in several years. GTM is not a scam in any way. It’s just not a very profitable way to spend your time, and I’ll explain why in a moment.


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How It Works

To get going with Global Test Market you first need to create a free account. You will then be asked to complete a preliminary survey for your profile. This enables GTM to match you up with appropriate surveys as they come in. It’s all about relevance and what you are interested in. Companies only want to have surveys completed by participants that are relevant to their business. Once you’ve signed up and completed your profile and answered all questions, you will be eligible to start receiving surveys. These will be emailed to you when they become available.

I can’t remember how often I used to receive surveys, but generally the more you accept and complete, the more often you will start to receive new ones. I probably used to receive around 3 or 4 per week. Mind you, I was hooked up with about 8 different survey platforms at the time, so between them all I was receiving quite a lot of surveys.

Some surveys are really short, while others could extend for more than an hour. The longer the survey, the more it pays. The more surveys you complete the more rewards points are added to your account. Once you reach a certain threshold, you can then cash those points out for money. Payment is made through PayPal.


What I Don’t Like

My gripe with all survey companies comes with the survey qualifying questions. Let me explain.

When you first receive a survey in your email inbox, you are not automatically qualified to take the entire survey and get rewards points. At the start of the survey you will be asked a series of questions to ascertain whether you are really relevant to the survey. This is fair enough, but some companies really take advantage of this, asking up to 20 or more qualifying questions before telling you that you don’t qualify. This way these companies gather a whole load of data for free, and for the survey taker, that totally sucks. It sucks up your valuable time with no payout at the end of it.

Not all companies take advantage in this way, but some do and it’s something to be mindful of when spending your time taking paid online surveys.

At times the survey platform will glitch out halfway through a survey, leaving you high and dry and unable to complete it. There are no rewards for half completing a survey, so if this happens to you, you will receive nothing for your efforts.

Sometimes payouts can take a while to reach your PayPal account. While some survey companies payout very quickly, generally you will be waiting a while for your requested payment to be processed after cashing out rewards points. The wait could be a month or more.

You won’t get rich doing online surveys. They consume a lot of time, and often you will only make about $5 per hour at best for your valuable time.


Who Is The Target Audience?

It’s a good way to get started making some money on the internet. I think paid surveys can be pretty useful for college students to earn a few extra bucks in their spare time, retired folk, or anyone that just wants to make a bit of extra pocket money on the side. If you plan to make some real money online, then forget doing online surveys. They will consume far too much of your time for very little reward.


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The Pros

  • Paid surveys are quite easy
  • Anyone can do surveys
  • Useful part-time cash


The Cons

  • The rewards are miniscule
  • Cash payouts can take a long time
  • Too many companies take advantage of the qualifying questions
  • Survey taking – especially the long ones – becomes really tedious
  • Surveys sometimes glitch out
  • You won’t get rich or make a living doing surveys


Tools and Training

There’s nothing to this way of making money, so there is no training or tools required. Most surveys are a form of multiple choice answers, or simply sitting back and watching some advertising.


How Much Does Global Test Market Paid Surveys Cost?

It doesn’t cost anything to become a member of Global Test Market’s paid survey platform.


Is “Global Test Market” A Scam?

There is no scam here. It’s just not a very profitable way to spend your time if you really need to earn good money. You simply can’t earn a decent hourly rate by taking surveys; even if you had all the surveys you can handle. At best it’s a part-time gig probably most suited to people who are not under any real money pressure.


Do You Want To Make REAL Money Online?

I occasionally still receive the odd survey in my email, and sometimes I take up the offer and complete it. But really, I’m too busy working on my profitable online business to be bothered with survey taking anymore.

These days my primary focus is affiliate marketing – promoting other company’s products and getting paid commissions. The payouts are way higher than those for surveys, and much of the income becomes passive in nature over time.

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