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By Spearmint76 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

By Spearmint76 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

These days everything is all about apps. An app for your business is almost becoming as mandatory as having a web presence or a listing in the phone book. Apps are handy, apps are cheap and often apps are free for the end-user.

However, there can be great money to be made in creating and developing apps. Even if an app is given away for free, if it becomes popular, then there is money in displaying advertising on the free app. Usually a free app requires the user to pay for an upgrade to get rid of the advertising.

Not everyone will upgrade, but many do. Some apps are sold for a small price right from the start. These apps can also do extremely well in the market; particularly if they are a specialised app that someone really wants and needs.

Today you don’t need to know how to code a simple app, nor be a graphic designer. Sure, you can outsource this for specific code and design for a hefty price, or you can develop the app yourself using one of the following app design online platforms.

Below I give a brief rundown of some of the more popular ones, as well as what it costs to use their development platforms.


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Apps Volcano

This site has loads of tutorials running you through the process of how to create apps for different things; such as games, puzzles, business apps, social apps and many more. There are also pre-designed templates you can use to get you started and on the right path. Other tutorials cover more technical aspects of app design, depending on what you want your app to do.

Once you finish your app you can publish it directly to Apple’s App Store, Google Play and Amazon. There are lots of video and graphics to guide you along as you put your app together and it is a fairly simple interface to use.

Prices vary depending on how many apps you wish to create, how many platforms you would like to distribute them on, and whether you’re interested in building a website and hosting it on their servers. Apps Volcano provide all these services as well.

Basic Plan: $9.99/Month

Plus Plan: $29.99/Month

Premium Plan: $49.99/Month

Website: Apps Volcano


Apps Moment

You can try out this program for free before deciding whether it’s right for your needs. In just 2 years on the market this platform has been used to create and publish over 400,000 apps by more than 15,000 users. Either start off from a blank template, or use one of the many different templates on offer.

Whether you’re a car dealership, own a bar or a pet store, there is a template right for you on this platform. They have more than 150 templates incorporating over 120 features. The App Store, Android and Kindle Fire are all covered when you create an app on Apps Moment.

Again prices vary, but the beauty of this platform is you get to create one app for free! The prices are considerably cheaper than Apps Volcano, but there aren’t quite as many hosting and distribution features on offer, nor tuition.

Tester: Free

Starter: $49/Year

Publisher: $29/Month or $197/Year

Website: AppsMoment

Full Review: AppsMoment – Superb App Making Software Online



With more than 100 custom features and templates for just about every design and purpose you could think of, Appszero is the perfect place to get started on making your app and distributing it into the marketplace. Just like with Apps Moment they offer a free tester account where you get to build one app, but with the site’s resources limited.

All three of the main players are covered: IOS/Android/Kindle. They don’t seem to offer anything in the way of tutorials and training, which is one of the major selling points for Apps Volcano, even though memberships are pricier.

Tester: Free

Basic: $49/Year

Unlimited: $24.95/Month or $197/Year




Using the Como Console developers can create all kinds of apps for business, pleasure or social utilising the platform’s array of templates, themes, icons and styles. There are even services to help you market your app once you have it finished and published on the major retail channels.

As with all of these app design platforms there are options for monetising your apps, either with ecommerce options or third party advertising.

Como apps are distributed to all smartphone and tablet operating systems. While there is some decent information in the Help Centre, there are no handy tutorials or videos running you through the process of app creation step by step. Como looks like a pretty well-rounded platform, though.

There aren’t many pricing options for Como, and no different plans, just options to pay monthly, yearly, or 2 yearly.

Monthly: $57/Month

Yearly: $48/Month

2 Yearly: $41/Month



Go Canvas

Go Canvas is a little bit different as they specialise in converting business paperwork and forms into apps so workers, employees and company representatives can log information on the fly and on the road. Saves time, saves paperwork, saves filing and sorting through mounds of papers, and saves the environment in the process.

Once again all types of businesses are covered. Different languages are covered, all types of business documents are catered for and even various countries are covered. Users can either take advantage of an existing app or build their own custom app to suit their individual needs.

Go Canvas is a great concept if you are wanting to do away with all that paperwork, but not really a platform to design apps for other purposes.

Start Up: $13/Month (when paid annually)

Business: $22/Month (when paid annually)

Professional: $31/Month (when paid annually)




Nativ offer the first year FREE for their basic package, which is a huge plus! I must say there is something about their site that I don’t like as much as the other 5 app development sites mentioned above. They have a very easy to use drag and drop app builder which is both intuitive and user-friendly.

Once again there are themes and templates for just about every kind of app you could wish to create. They offer a lot more than some of the others when it comes to tuition on how to create an app using their platform, though not nearly as much as Apps Volcano. As far as devices go Nativ seem to be limited to IOS only, with their basic package targeting only iPhone.

You can use their site in eight different languages.

Basic: 1st Year Free! (then $9/Month)

Premium: $60/Month or $48/Month when paid yearly

The Works: Starting at $200



The Wrap Up

Creating an app isn’t all that difficult, and most of these platforms make the process from creation to publication rather seamless and effortless. Some platforms offer more features or tutorials than others, while some are cheaper on price. It’s really a matter of personal choice. All 6 sites seem easy enough to use, although Go Canvas specialises in converting business software from paperwork to app.

My recommendation is Apps Volcano because of all the training they offer. Knowing what to do and being shown what to do is a big selling point in my opinion.

If you use an app development platform that you are a fan of and it wasn’t mentioned in this post, feel free to let us know about it in the comments below.


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    • Thanks for stopping by, Jack. These days I don’t think building your own app is too hard. The hard part is either finding something that hasn’t already been done, or improving on what’s already out there. All the best.

  2. Thank you, Darren for this information. I had first heard of this from some people I met a Kid Rock concert in Biloxi, Mississippi. It sounded reasonable, but I’m not much on apps and phones as of yet, but the information you provide can quickly get me up to speed and I thank you for that. Think I’ll check out AppsVolcano on your recommendation.

    • Hi Nathan. Apps Volcano definitely seems to be the pick of the bunch. Creating an app is nowhere near as technical as it once was. Just like with website creation software that makes it easier, it’s the same with these app creation platforms. Cheers.

  3. Darren,

    Thanks for sharing your research and analysis on App Maker applications for businesses. I didn’t know that creating an app for a business can be so affordable. The DIY applications which you reviewed all seem to offer some great benefits with a very cost efficient range. The fact that Apps Volcano offers training within their monthly price subscription is great. Do you know whether your app goes down if you stop your subscription? I presume the subscription price includes hosting for your app, and if you happen to cancel the subscription, your hosted app goes with it. All the best to you and thanks for the great post.

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