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In this Chris Farrell Membership review we look into this make money online (MMO) training platform to see what it's all about. Chris makes it all sound pretty easy, but is that really the truth?

Let's take a closer look and see…



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Company Name: Chris Farrell Membership (CFM)


Owner: Chris Farrell

Price To Join: $4.95 to get started

My Rating: 8/10


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Who Is Chris Farrell?

First of all, who is Chris Farrell and why should anyone listen to what he has to say?

Chris began his online marketing career back in 2008 and within 9 months was starting to pull in $1000 per day. In August of 2010 he made over $1 million in sales within a 24 hour period with his program: Affiliate Dot Com. Chris now calls California home, but is originally from London, England. The IMReport Card has voted his program the number one coaching program the past four years in a row (2011-2014). As of this writing Chris is 44, is married and has five dogs.



Overview Of The Chris Farrell Membership Site

Being a member of CFM has many advantages, and Chris has designed his program to help the beginning marketer achieve their online dreams. Step-by-step videos and tutorials show you how to get started the right way, today.

It’s all about affiliate marketing and how to set up a lucrative and long-term business as an online entrepreneur. A Chris Farrell Membership will give you access to everything you need to learn to be successful in this field. Affiliate marketing is not easy, and you will both win and lose on some marketing campaigns. Chris’s aim with his training is to teach you how to be a winner in this industry and minimise losing promotions.

CFM is all about teaching people how to make money online and is targeted at those who are not afraid of learning or a bit of hard work. To date over 23,000 members have gone through the Chris Farrell training, many of them going on to be successful online entrepreneurs.


Who Will Benefit From This program?

I’d say the number one target market for this program are beginner marketers. Those new to affiliate marketing – and especially those who are new to website creation – will find this course invaluable as it takes the beginners through all the steps of creating their first website; which is a must have for online marketing. There would still be things to learn for marketers with a little experience under their belts, but I really believe this program benefits beginners the most.


Tools And Training

  • 10 Minutes To Success: This is the basic training, broken down into videos that are 10 minutes or less in length.
  • I Love Traffic: Updated traffic generation techniques that work in 2015 and beyond.
  • Video Made Easy: Learn how to use video to boost your brand, your credibility and your sales.
  • How To Make Money Online: Chris explains how exactly to make money online by teaching the methods he uses himself to do exactly that.
  • Private Forum: Here you can really get involved and interact with the rest of the membership community at CFM. Members can help solve problems, share insights and learning, and generally just encourage each other on the road to success.
  • Money Making Labs: Here you will learn traffic generation techniques, growth strategies and how to make that all-important online income that all marketers desire.

The above are just some of the tools and training available to members of CFM. Chris’s course covers so much more ground that what’s in this list. He’s a proven online entrepreneur and he shows his members exactly how he went about making his money from affiliate marketing.


The Benefits Of Being A Member

  • Chris Farrell is a likeable guy and he knows his stuff.
  • Much of the course is conducted in step-by-step, easy to follow methodology.
  • It doesn’t cost much to get started and there is an easy payment plan to continue the membership and continue learning.
  • There are loads of video lessons to supplement the learning.
  • You don’t need to be experienced at marketing or be a tech guru to do this course. It’s primarily aimed at beginners and anyone can do this.
  • Unlimited FREE website hosting.
  • Supportive and active community of members.
  • Support, both official from the company and from its active members.
  • Learn how to take full advantage of social media marketing.


CFM Voted Number One


The Cons

  • There is no free trial so you can “try before you buy”.
  • There are upsells that are not included in the initial membership.


Chris Farrell Membership Affiliate Program

CFM has an affiliate program, so you not only benefit from the training by being a member, you can also earn extra money by promoting Chris Farrell Membership to others. To sign on as an affiliate you must first set up an account with digital marketplace affiliate company: Deal Guardian. The account setup process is pretty simple. Once done, simply search the marketplace for Chris Farrell Membership and start promoting on you sites, in social media, via email; however you want to market this program.


Chris Farrell Membership Cost

There is no free trial or the ability to check it out at no cost first, but a mere $4.95 for the first 7 days gets you a look in. After that the price is $37 per month or $297 per year (a 33% saving).

The company offer a 30 day money back guarantee.


My Conclusion

Chris Farrell Membership is a legitimate training program that genuinely teaches you the proper ways to earn an income online. It’s not touted as a get rich quick scheme like so many of the scams flooding the internet today. His courses and training are a steady progression that, combined with a commitment to learning and some diligent work, will lead to members setting up successful online businesses.

If you are relatively new to internet marketing and creating websites, but want to learn how to make money online from affiliate marketing, then I give Chris Farrell Membership my recommendation. For $4.95 you can try it out for 7 days to see if it’s for you. Not much to lose, really, and plenty of knowledge to be gained. Just click on the button below to be taken to the official Chris Farrell Membership site.


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2 thoughts on “Chris Farrell Membership Reviews

  1. Hi there Sherlock,

    The last I heard about CFM is that he focuses on creating landing pages instead of creating content on a website. The thing with this is that most people will end up writing sales page which can look like a lot of scam page out there.

    Do you reckon that this is the best way to get traffic online? Would like to know your thoughts.

    Thank you.

    • Hi Cathy. Thanks for reading and leaving a comment.

      A lot of people swear by the landing page, or one page website approach; not to get ranked in Google, but to drive PPC traffic to a dedicated landing page (often loaded with information) for quicker conversions. I actually know a few people who use this approach, and they actually think I do too much work adding loads of content and building up big websites. I’m more and more looking into the landing page approach more as time goes by.

      You are right when you say a lot of these one page websites looks like scams. Many probably are. On the flipside though, these pages seem to convert fairly well, whether the offer is a scam or not.

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