What Is “Bring The Fresh”? Still Fresh or Gone Stale?



What is Bring the Fresh? A scam? This is a training program that teaches members how to make money online, but does it work and is it worth joining?

Let's take a closer look and find out…



Bring The Fresh LogoCompany Name: Bring the Fresh

Website: www.BringTheFresh.com

Owner: Kelly Felix

Price To Join: $47

My Rating: 7/10



~ The Bring The Fresh Review ~


Who Is Kelly Felix?

Kelly FelixKelly Felix has been around for some 15 years now in the online marketing world and was the creator of a well-known online training program called the “Rich Jerk”. He’s certainly got the experience and has mastered the tools of the trade when it comes to such things as SEO, marketing and making tons of money online. A well-known marketing consultant and entrepreneur, Felix has made millions upon millions of dollars over the years. His latest offering is the Bring The Fresh program, and that’s what we’ll be taking a closer look at in this post. We’ll determine if it lives up to the hype and whether it’s worth the money and time to get involved in this training system.


Overview Of Bring The Fresh

The program now allegedly has over 20,000 active members and has undergone many changes over the past four years. Kelly Felix was originally in partnership with another online entrepreneur, but now runs the program solo.

It is a system that teaches you about affiliate marketing and how to set up a website, get it ranked and get it earning you an income. It includes software to build your sites and training on how to get started, all the way through to running a successful online business. The software was developed to do almost everything for you, enabling you to quickly and efficiently get your business off the ground and up and running in no time.


Who Will Benefit From This program?

Anyone interested in learning how to earn an income online. It is especially targeted at beginning marketers who may not know how to begin, or what steps and direction to take. Bring The Fresh gives beginners that vital direction so they know they are on the right track from the very start.

It is also a good platform for those who have been involved in affiliate marketing for a while, but may not be seeing the results they want. BTF can give those marketers a new focus and fresh perspective, enabling them to finally succeed.


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Tools And Training

Training is delivered in the form of mostly videos and webinars. It’s designed to be step-by-step so it is easy to follow and learn from. Kelly Felix’s reputation speaks for itself. He knows what he’s doing and how to make big money from the internet, and he has designed the training around practices and concepts that he knows are proven to work.

There is software that helps you set up a website from scratch, fill it with quality content, monetise it with affiliate offerings, get it ranked and start earning those all-important dollars.

There are also bonus learning materials, but these come at an extra cost to access.

The tools and training are continually updated as things regularly change in the internet space. Kelly Felix makes sure he keeps the training current, which in turn will ensure your business is operated within the rules of Google and other search engines, as well as keeping your finger on the pulse of the industry.


The Benefits Of Being A Member

  • Quality step-by-step training that enables the learner to really make sense of the process and see regular positive progression.
  • Software that helps you build your site and get going with your online business.
  • The opportunity of upgrades if you want to take your learning and business to a new level, with even greater earning potential.
  • Learn all there is to learn about WordPress and setting up a beautiful WordPress site (the most popular site building platform on the globe).
  • An active community forum of members where you can share ideas, get answers to your questions, seek advice and encourage one another to greater success.
  • Training is regularly updated to keep it current.
  • There are interviews with top affiliate marketers, giving away their secrets to success online.
  • Bring The FreshReady-made and fully optimised WordPress templates to build your affiliate sites around, getting you going super fast and on the road to success.
  • Support that comes in the forms of the community forum, the site administrator and via the FAQ page.
  • Kelly Felix has an exceptional track record in the industry, so you can be assured you are learning from someone who knows what he’s talking about.
  • There is a 60 day money back guarantee if you decide BTF is not for you after signing up.


The Cons

  • The are a lot of upsells to access other training modules and features.
  • No web hosting is included in the membership price.
  • There is no free trial, so you can’t try before you buy. There is not even a discounted trial period, just the money back guarantee.
  • When you first join you may feel overwhelmed and experience a sense of information overload.


Bring The Fresh Affiliate Program

As with most affiliate marketing training courses out there, BTF has its own affiliate program where members (and even non-members) can promote the Bring The Fresh system for a commission on sales. As an affiliate you want opportunities like this to be able to promote something you know about, and something you can testify works.


Bring The Fresh Cost Of Membership

There used to be a $7 trial offer, but that seems to have vanished from the system now. When you click on the button to sign up you are met with a payment screen asking for your first payment of US $47. That is a one-off payment and gives you access to the entire course and community. However, there are a lot of upsells to take things further, but they are totally optional.

And don’t forget about the 60 day money back guarantee!


My Conclusion

All in all this is a great training package for those who want to learn affiliate marketing the right way. As I’ve said Kelly Felix has been an internet entrepreneur for a long time now, and a hugely successful one at that. He knows his stuff, knows what works and what is a waste of time. For the cost of a measly $47, that’s dirt cheap training to give you the knowledge to access such a potentially lucrative industry.

My advice: Give Bring The Fresh a try. You’ve got nothing to lose with their money back guarantee.

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4 thoughts on “What Is “Bring The Fresh”? Still Fresh or Gone Stale?

  1. Thanks for this review. It is relatively cheaper than a lot of affiliate marketing programs out there as a start-up. What is turning me off is the upsell systems where I had a series of bad experience with a lot of affiliate programs in the past.

    I was surprised they do not give hosting services as part of their program. But the 60-day money back guarantee does sound attractive and perhaps I should give it a try. You mentioned there are interviews with top affiliate marketers but are they accessible for questions and advice anytime?

    • It is a pretty good price, and the 60 day money back guarantee is a bit of a safety net. They do have a few upsells, but the training is good and covers most of what you need to know to get started and build a solid business.

  2. Interesting, I have read both good and bad about this program and it’s owner.
    I hate the upsells, they are too pricey and you really can not get a site to make money without using them so they do have you there.
    All in all the program does deliver I guess, but I really did not care for it much.
    Thanks for the review and I am just wondering, are you a member there?


    • Hi Shawn. I’m not a member there now as I signed up with Wealthy Affiliate and like their training better. Plus, no upsells other than the initial offer to go from free member to Premium (which is well worth it). Bring The Fresh is pretty good, though. At least it’s not a bogus training system like so many out there. They teach some good stuff.

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